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Result Content Idea Research
1 COVID-19 Causes USCIS Biometric Appointment Delays
2 USCIS Drops Proposed Immigration Filing Fee Increases
3 USCIS temporarily suspends in-person services
4 USCIS Delays Issuing Receipt Notices for Applications
5 USCIS Warns of Delays Caused by Surges in Petition Filings at Lockbox Facilities
6 COVID-19 is causing significant delays with immigration papers. These tools can help
7 USCIS Provides Insight on Biometrics Delays | Harris Beach PLLC
8 USCIS Replaces H-1B Lottery with Salary-Based Selection
9 Is your U.S. green card about to expire? It’s easier and faster than ever to extend it
10 USCIS Lockbox Update Regarding Receipt Notice Delays
11 USCIS Publishes Final Rule Revising the H-1B Cap Lottery
12 USCIS Withdraws Proposed Filing Fee Increases
13 There’s good and bad news for immigrants waiting for USCIS biometrics appointments
14 USCIS Ending Two Categorical Parole Programs – Homeland Security Today
15 USCIS Modifies H-1B Selection Process to Prioritize Wages
16 OPT Lockbox delays: Students consider taking legal action
17 New USCIS Regulation to Prioritize Highest Paid H-1B Workers is Unlikely to Affect This Year's Cap Filings
18 Another Day, Another Rule to Remember: USCIS Adds New I-9 List A Document Combo
19 At Least One Federal Agency Plans to Begin the Biden Administration Under a Hiring Freeze
20 USCIS Extends Transitional Parole for CNMI Long-Term Resident Status Applicants
21 Owner of Immigration Business Pleads Guilty to Defrauding USCIS and IRS
22 Obama Alums in the Mix for Biden Cyber, USCIS Jobs (Corrected)
23 USCIS Immigration Application Support Center updates
24 USCIS Publishes Final Rule Revising The H-1B Cap Lottery From A Random Lottery To A Wage-Based Selection Process
25 USCIS to Select H-1Bs Based on Offered Wage
26 DHS Nominee Alejandro Mayorkas Testifies On Border, Capitol Riot : Biden Transition Updates
27 USCIS Implements New Procedure to Extend Green Card Validity
28 CMB Regional Centers: It Is Time For A Bipartisan Effort To Reform, Reauthorize and Restore Congress' Intent For The EB-5 Program
29 USCIS Update: Biometrics Appointment Delays
30 Understanding the New USCIS Naturalization Test
31 2021 H-1B “Cap” Registration and Lottery | Davis Brown Law Firm
32 January 2021 Visa Bulletin Published – USCIS to use Final Action Dates
33 Midnight Regulations Spell Trouble for Nonimmigrant Workers & Their Employers
34 US: New ICE unit will be introduced to monitor OPT compliance
35 US immigration filing fee increases scrapped by USCIS
36 USCIS 'Final Rule' for H-1B visas prioritizes wages, effectively ends lottery system
37 OPT backlog in US causing "despair" for applicants
38 Foreign Spouses Lose Injunction Bid In Work Visa Delay Fight
39 US Department of State Releases January 2021 Visa Bulletin
40 Trump Administration Poised to Publish a More Limited H-1B Rule Before Inauguration Day
41 DHS And DOL Team Up On H-1B Visas Against IT Services Companies
42 Employers May Have Better Shot at H-1B Visas by Offering Higher Wages
43 What’s New in the New Year? Initial I-9 Musings & Treasures from 2020
44 Your immigration record can haunt you
45 Visa Delays Hinder Foreign Student Job Prospects
46 Sweeping Change to the H-1B Visa Program
47 Biden's Homeland Security Nominee Vows to Follow US Immigration Law
48 The math behind new H-1B wage rules, and what it means for techies
49 New Regulation Replaces H-1B Random Selection with Wage-Based Selection
50 H-1B Cap Season, Mandatory COVID-19 Testing for All International Air Travelers to the US, and I-90 Receipt Rule
51 COVID prompts USCIS' pivot to video
52 Jan. 15, 2021: National Advocacy Update
53 Immigration agency seeks bailout, plans to charge more for visa applications
54 USCIS Adds Further Uncertainty to Adjustment of Status Applications
55 USCIS Seeks Surcharge to Immigration Applications
56 USCIS postpones planned furloughs
57 Ongoing USCIS Delays in Issuing Receipt Notices | Mintz
58 USCIS anticipates major furloughs
59 USCIS is reopening amid coronavirus. Here are some changes U.S. immigrants will see
60 Judge Blocks USCIS Fee Increases: Here’s Why It Happened
61 USCIS pushes potential furlough date for 13,400 employees back to August
62 Furlough notices arrive for some 13,400 USCIS employees
63 USCIS Extends Recognition of Validity of Employment Authorization Approval Notices for Form I-9 Completion
64 It’s now easier for immigrants to get benefits and become citizens using the USCIS website
65 USCIS to Expand Premium Processing Program, Increase Fee Rates
66 With improved financial outlook, USCIS buys more time to avoid employee furloughs
67 USCIS Announces Fee Increases and Process Changes
68 USCIS cancels furloughs
69 USCIS resumes naturalizations, ushers in 2000 new citizens
70 Immigrant center soldiers on after cuts |
71 USCIS Fees Set to Change on October 2, 2020 | Dickinson Wright
72 There’s some good news for immigrants looking for USCIS benefits, but they’ll have to wait
73 New USCIS Filing Fees May Become Effective October 2
74 USCIS Extends Request Response Flexibility
75 Lawmakers ask DHS leaders to postpone USCIS furloughs
76 USCIS to Increase Filing Fees, Implement Revised Benefit Request Forms
77 USCIS Faces Fee Increase Challenges
78 Standoff over emergency funding leaves 13,400 immigration workers facing furlough
79 The cost of becoming a U.S. citizen just went up drastically. And asylum is no longer free
80 USCIS COVID-19 Response: An Overview of the Resumption of In-Person Services
81 USCIS Introduces Revised Naturalization Civics Test | Gibney Anthony & Flaherty, LLP
82 The U.S. immigration agency needs a $1.2 billion bailout, and negotiations have put Democrats in a bind
83 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) – Premium Processing Fee Increase Effective Oct. 19, 2020
84 USCIS Announces Possible Furloughs of 13,400 Immigration Employees | Cozen O'Connor
85 USCIS Switches To ‘Dates For Filing’ Chart For Employment-Based Adjustment Of Status For October
86 USCIS Offices Planning to Reopen on or After June 4
87 Even with a green card, an immigrant could be denied U.S. citizenship for these reasons
88 Changes to USCIS Fee Schedule and Forms | Cozen O'Connor
89 With deadline looming, USCIS employees brace for furloughs
90 USCIS Offices May Reopen June 4 from Coronavirus Closure
91 USCIS Proposes Changes to the H-1B Lottery
92 USCIS Updates Discretionary Criteria for Case-by-Case Interview Determinations of Adjustment of Status Applications Based on Refugee or Asylee Status
93 DHS Recognizes Small Business Champions – Homeland Security Today
94 USCIS Proposes Replacing H-1B Lottery with Salary-Based Selection
95 USCIS to Resume Implementing Public Charge Rule Nationwide
96 Bill would halt USCIS furlough of 67% of workers August 30
97 With furloughs looming, union pleads for deal on USCIS funding
98 USCIS warns employees of potential furloughs without emergency funds
99 Federal Judge In California Enjoins USCIS Fee Rule Citing Lack Of Acting Secretary's Authority
100 The USCIS Budget Crisis and Its Potential Impact on the U.S. Immigration System