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1 Fungus Commits Floral Fraud to Fool Insects into Spreading It
2 Amino Acid Helps Shore Up Defenses of Swine
3 Compound from Soil Bacterium Gets Reboot as Antibiotics Super Booster
4 Model Filter System Removes Antibiotics from Wastewater
5 Asian Giant Hornets Arrive for Study and Preservation at Agricultural Research Service and Smithsonian Biorepository
6 John M. Laflen Obituary
7 USDA-ARS Study Analyzes Foodborne Illness Risk in Leafy Greens with SmartWash Boost Pretreatment
8 Western Innovator: Forage specialist helps farmers find 'sweet spot'
9 New undesirable genetic factor ID'd in Jersey breed
10 African genomes reveal biological and migration history
11 Cracking the code of seasonality in leafy green outbreaks
12 ARS Scientists Take on World's Deadliest Animal
13 10 Last-Minute Gifts to Impress Anyone on Your List
14 Office of International Research Engagement and Cooperation
15 ARS Launches Website Highlighting Research Impacting People Around the World
16 Two WSU faculty named AAAS Fellows | WSU Insider | Washington State University
17 USDA-ARS Scientists and Colleagues Find a New Tool to Combat Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat
18 USDA Breaks Ground on New Agricultural Research Technology Center in Salinas, California
19 Space Nematodes: A Giant Leap for Interplanetary Agriculture
20 Commercially Available Cell Line Rapidly Detects African Swine Fever Virus
21 ARS Research Shows Balanced Carbohydrate and Fat Intake Can Prevent Certain Diseases
22 How to Ensure Quality Wheat: Check for Sulfur in the Soil
23 Reconnecting Livestock and Crop Farming to Transform the Use of Manure
24 New ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
25 New Blackberries: Eclipse, Galaxy, and Twilight
26 New Freeze-Resistant Trichinella Species Discovered
27 USDA Announces 2020 Awardees of 1890 Faculty Research Sabbatical Program
28 Oat Genome Available on ARS Website
29 ARS Scientists Probe Pollinator Survival Strategies
30 Plants Give Rise to Biodegradable Base Oils—With Helping Hand from Science
31 Mustard Family Member Seen as Biofuel Source
32 Will There be Enough Grass for Grazing Livestock this Summer? This Tool Can Help
33 Agricultural Research Scientists Honored for Their Federal Service
34 A New Option for Texas: Pima Cotton
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37 Bug Vacuum Captures Unidentified Flying Insects—and Valuable Data
38 Friendly Fungus Protects Against Wheat Scab
39 New Technologies Support Hog Health | Pork Business
40 How Much Science is in Your Shopping Cart?
41 Bioinsecticide-minded Researchers Prospect for Purple-Pigmented Bacterium
42 Software for Teasing Out Food Compound Benefits
43 Microalgae Food for Honey Bees
44 USDA-ARS Turns Food Waste into Edible Wraps
45 ARS Scientists Seek Answers from Spotted Lanternfly Dispersal
46 USDA ARS Takes on Disruptive Pests in Hackathon
47 Building a Better, Biobased Cat Litter
48 Researchers Identify Romaine Lettuces That Last Longer
49 Curbing Phosphorus Losses: There's an App for That
50 USDA ARS Moves Forward with Smoke Exposure Research
51 Successful Detailed Tracking of Major Plant Disease's Global Spread
52 Microbe with Taste for Stale Bread Finds Its Calling
53 MSU, USDA Agricultural Research Service celebrate new partnership, “Atlas” supercomputer housed in Starkville
54 Preparing US Rice for a Parched Future
55 Horned-Face Bees Sublet in a Honey Bee Colony
56 New Hemlock Hybrid Withstands Killing Insect
57 Three Joy Peaches Released
58 USDA-ARS seeks to prolong life of romaine in bagged salads
59 Scary Insects for Halloween: Spider vs. Philolema palanichamyi
60 US National Arboretum Set to Reopen June 8
61 USDA-ARS scientists find new tool to combat major wheat disease
62 Black History Month: ARS Scientist Heads Top Entomology Group
63 NMSU's Physical Science Lab partners with USDA Agricultural Research Service for workshop series
64 Turning Plant Resources into Plastics Makes Peoria Researcher a Fulbright Scholar
65 2020 Agricultural Research Service WO Atwater Memorial Lecturer
66 Asian Giant Hornet Complete Genome Released by the Agricultural Research Service
67 That's a Wrap! ARS's 2019 Highlights
68 USDA-ARS develops leafhopper- and drought-resistant bean
69 Helping Honey Bees Make It Through Winter With Early Cold Storage
70 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
71 ARS Image Gallery
72 1890 Faculty Research Sabbatical Program
73 USDA ARS and CSHL research probe ways to increase yields of sorghum — and other crops
74 Dr. Alfonso Clavijo Named Director Of USDA National Bio And Agrio-Defense Facility
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76 ARS Develops Calculation Correction for Grain Quality Test
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79 ARS Cotton Advance Helps Launch Wound Dressing
80 UVM and USDA's Agricultural Research Service Will Partner to Identify Factors That Help Small Farms Succeed
81 Analyzing Genomes to Improve Disease Control in Poultry
82 ARSUserFiles/ott/New Website/Office of Technology Transfer
83 Four Scientists Named to Agricultural Research Service Science Hall of Fame
84 USDA ARS plans new building on WSU campus
85 New Tool Improves Beekeepers' Overwintering Odds and Bottom Line
86 Three USDA Scientists Win Presidential Early Career Awards
87 Microbes on the Menu for Bee Larvae
88 From Research to the Marketplace: USDA Scientist Invents New Uses for Produce and Grains
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90 Pheromones Give Nematodes a Boost in Controlling Pests
91 New Cotton Gauze Stops Bleeding Fast
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93 The Office of Scientific Quality Review
94 Burning Invasive Western Juniper Maintains Sagebrush Dominance Longer
95 USDA Continues to Implement Program Changes to Benefit Farmers
96 USDA-ARS gets $900K to fund hops research
97 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Honors Scientists of the Year
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99 USDA-NIFA tackles harmful citrus disease with $45 million in research grants
100 Bringing up Better Biofuel