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Result Content Idea Research
1 USTC Realizes Coherent Storage of Light over One-hour
2 Nio Joins Hands With Elite Chinese University To Further Research On Smart Electric Vehicles
3 University of Science and Technology of China develops soft-bodied robots
4 Dan-Bunkering appoints new CEO
5 USTC Acquires 60% Stake in CM Biomas
6 Bunker Holding Parent USTC Acquires Digital Brokerage BunkerEx
7 Researchers develop comprehensive pregnancy care management plan among Chinese pregnant women type 1 diabetes
8 Voice Analysis Software Market size, Witness Highest Growth in near future by 2027 | Agnitio, Google, Apple, Anhui Ustc Iflytek, Baidu – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
9 Global Voice And Speech Recognition Software Market Report 2020: Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc., Agnitio SL,, Inc.,, Apple, Inc., Anhui USTC iFlytek o., Ltd., etc.
10 University of Science and Technology of China
11 Olympic Trials II: Taking it One Race at a Time on Tuesday
12 Scientists Achieve More Stable, High-Precision Time-Frequency Comparison
13 USTC develops ultrahigh-performance plasmonic metal-oxide materials
14 automotive speech recognition system Market Will Reflect Significant Growth Prospects of US$ Mn during 2021-2026 with Major Key Player: Nuance, Microsoft, Alphabet, Harman, Apple, etc – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
15 USTC detects a sharp rise in detection rate of broad absorption line variations
16 USTC obtains Pd-Pt tesseracts for oxygen reduction reaction
17 USTC makes security analysis and improvement of quantum random number generation
18 China science, technology news summary -- May 2
19 The Next Generation Takes Ownership in USTC
20 USTC acquires 60% of wood pellet trader CM Biomass
21 USTC-heir makes first move to adjust the organization
22 Voice Analysis Software Market Projections, Opportunities & Growth Factors Analyzed until 2027 | Agnitio,Google,Apple,Anhui Ustc Iflytek,Baidu,Castleos Software – The Courier
23 USTC buys pellet giant CM Biomass to further green trading ambitions
24 Light-Based Quantum Computer Exceeds Fastest Classical Supercomputers
25 Coronavirus Impact Editon of Voice And Speech Recognition Software Coronavirus Impact Editon of Key Players Advanced Voice Recognition Systems Inc., Agnitio SL, Inc.,, Apple Inc.
26 USTC strengthens organisation with HR and Communications
27 Sound Recognition Market to Set Phenomenal Growth from 2021 to 2026 – Clark County Blog
28 Researchers realize efficient generation of high-dimensional quantum teleportation
29 Scientists snap molecular building blocks of brain computing
30 USTC demands saving academic building
31 Bunker Holding owner hunts new golden eggs to diversify business
32 Voice and Speech Recognition Market Business Analysis 2020 by CAGR, Share, Revenue and Prominent Key Vendors to 2025 | Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc.,Agnitio SL,Amazon, Inc.,,Apple, Inc.,Anhui USTC iFlytek Co., Ltd. – BeverageManager .Net
33 Hypothermia Therapy Apparatus Market 2021 In-Depth Insights and Business Scenario, Analysis by 2027 – BeverageManager .Net
34 Is Now The Time To Buy Stock In Ocugen, Tilray Or Nio?
35 Photonic Platform Sports a Quantum Advantage
36 Building bridges between atoms and making catalysts of high quality
37 New COO Joins USTC’s Executive Board
38 Determining structural and chemical heterogeneities of surface species at the single-bond limit
39 Speech Recognition Engine Market Size And Forecast (2020-2026)| With Post Impact Of Covid-19 By Top Leading Players- Nuance, Microsoft, Alphabet, Harman, Apple – Jumbo News
40 Liver type 1 innate lymphoid cells develop locally via an interferon-γ–dependent loop
41 Voice Analysis Software Market Insights on Trends, Application, Types and Users Analysis 2021-2026| Agnitio, Google, Apple, Anhui USTC iFlytek
42 USTC strengthens organisation by absorbing Bunker Holding HR & Communications
43 USTC realizes the first quantum-entangling-measurements-enhanced quantum orienteering
44 Researchers detects chiral structures using vortex light
45 Scaling the heights of quantum computing to deliver real results
46 EUROPE: New ownership structure at USTC
47 Pathways leading to the extramedullary development of tissue-resident lymphocytes found
48 Waste to treasure: Crayfish shells to store energy
49 Sound Recognition market share to record robust growth through 2026
50 Moiré engineering applicable in correlated oxides by USTC researchers
51 Scientists realize real-time GW-BSE investigations on spin-valley exciton dynamics
52 Uni-Tankers will hunt for acquisitions in 2021
53 WUSCHEL triggers innate antiviral immunity in plant stem cells
54 All-optical reversible single-photon isolation at room temperature
55 Six years in 120 pages: Researchers shed light on Ricci flows
56 Engineered electrode material moves battery research closer to 'holy grail'
57 Quantum computational advantage using photons
58 Chinese researchers to send an 'uncrackable' quantum message to space
59 New catalyst upgrades carbon dioxide to fuels found by USTC |
60 Next generation joins executive team in Østergaard-Nielsen's USTC group
61 Practical nanozymes discovered to fight antimicrobial resistance
62 Black phosphorus composites with engineered interfaces for high-rate high-capacity lithium storage
63 Researchers use AI to estimate focal mechanism parameters of earthquake
64 Huami Establishes a Brain-computer Interface Joint Lab with Top Chinese University
65 Sequential C–F bond functionalizations of trifluoroacetamides and acetates via spin-center shifts
66 Science vs. the state: a family saga at the Caltech of China
67 Study reveals how the tips of plants block viruses •
68 Pain differs: Researchers unveil distinct neural circuits
69 Quantum interference between spin-orbit split partial waves in the F + HD → HF + D reaction
70 Stent Grafts Market Set to Witness Adamant Growth and Forecast 2021-2025 – BeverageManager .Net
71 Bio-inspired spiral hydrogel fiber qualified to be surgical suture
72 Is China leading the quantum computing race?
73 The imaginary part of quantum mechanics really exists!
74 Solar powered purification helps meet need for clean water
75 USTC swoops again as BunkerEx platform added to group
76 Torben Østergaard's holding company reports growing profit
77 Scientists report gastrointestinal manifestations and mechanisms of COVID-19
78 Zero–trade-off multiparameter quantum estimation via simultaneously saturating multiple Heisenberg uncertainty relations
79 Diagnostic accuracy of serological tests and kinetics of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 antibody: A systematic review and meta‐analysis
80 Metasurface enabled quantum edge detection
81 Cooling and entangling ultracold atoms in optical lattices
82 USTC develops a family of bioinspired artificial woods by traditional resins
83 A single-molecule electrical approach for amino acid detection and chirality recognition
84 Uni-Tankers considers investments in eco-design ships
85 Photocatalytic efficiency in photocatalysis found to be site sensitive
86 Leaf-derived ABA regulates rice seed development via a transporter-mediated and temperature-sensitive mechanism
87 Global Voice And Speech Recognition Software Market 2026 The leading Industry Players : Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc., Agnitio SL,, Inc. etc. – Jumbo News
88 Voice and Speech Recognition Market: Driving Factors, Industry Analysis, Investment Feasibility & Trends 2026 | Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc.,Agnitio SL,Amazon, Inc
89 How suspicions of spying threaten cross-border science
90 Chromatin accessibility analysis reveals regulatory dynamics of developing human retina and hiPSC-derived retinal organoids
91 Covid-19: How gut symptoms manifest in patients | Health24
92 Chinese Company Launches Origin Pilot (OS) for Quantum Computing
93 3-D magnetotelluric imaging reveals magma recharging beneath Weishan volcano
94 Circular RNAs from BOULE play conserved roles in protection against stress-induced fertility decline
95 Developing a population-state decision system for intelligently reprogramming extracellular electron transfer in Shewanella oneidensis
96 ISC 2020 Student Cluster Competition: The Winner Is….
97 Drive to recover Goyanachhara canal
98 As China Leads Quantum Computing Race, U.S. Spies Plan for a World with Fewer Secrets
99 USTC bunker hedging unit makes banker its chairman
100 Mystery solved: How do tips of plants stay virus-free?