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1 UT-Southwestern Study Suggests High Sugar Consumption May Be Linked To Colitis
2 All weight loss isn't equal for reducing heart failure risk
3 Genetic mutation could worsen heart function in Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients
4 Study finds low risk of pregnancy complications from COVID-19
5 COVID-19 patient outcomes affected by cardiovascular risk
6 Immunotherapy side effect could be a positive sign for kidney cancer patients
7 Overweight and obese younger people at greater risk for severe COVID-19
8 Breaking It Down: How Cells Degrade Unwanted MicroRNAs
9 Bio Boom: Dallas-Fort Worth Is Emerging as a Hub for Biotech and Life Sciences
10 UT Southwestern Expanding COVID-19 Study Online
11 Former NFL players may not suffer more severe cognitive impairment than others, study indicates
12 The Leader to Watch in 2021
13 Researchers Chronicle Sex Differences in Origin of Chronic Pain at Cellular Level
14 College of Medicine dean leaves behind legacy, championing racial equity in medicine
15 UT Southwestern Medical Center ranks among the top 50 hospitals
16 Edith O'Donnell, praised for belonging on 'a Mount Rushmore' of Dallas philanthropists, dies at 94
17 UT Southwestern and Children's Health to build first joint project in RedBird Mall
18 Caris Precision Oncology Alliance Welcomes UT Southwestern Medical Center
19 More health workers are getting COVID-19, but UTSW says they're safer on the job than out and about
20 Q+A: PSA Management Founder Patrick Aliu on the Firm's Projects
21 UT Southwestern Medical Center Begins Study to Better Understand the Spread of COVID-19
22 UT Health East Texas offers free virtual sleep seminar
23 ‘Alarming’ trend of Dallas County COVID-19 cases could worsen by Fourth of July, UTSW experts say
24 UT Southwestern, Texas Health Launch Collaborative Study on COVID-19 Prevalence in DFW
25 Study: Low Risk of Pregnancy Complications from COVID-19
26 UT Southwestern Receives INSIGHT Into Diversity HEED Award
27 Scientists at UT Southwestern Investigate Possible COVID-19 Treatment
28 UT Southwestern Scientists Investigate Pneumonia Drug as Possible COVID-19 Treatment
29 UT Southwestern Levels The Playing Field For Testicular Cancer Patients
30 President of UT Southwestern Medical Center details changes, challenges COVID-19 has brought to healthcare
31 UT Southwestern Researchers Build COVID-19 Modeling Tool
32 UT Southwestern leads national efforts around childhood blood disorders
33 UT Southwestern Scientists Look for COVID-19 Answers
34 Cancer-fighting gene restrains 'jumping genes'
35 UT Southwestern Announces Open Enrollment For At-Home COLCORONA Clinical Trial
36 UT Southwestern Analyzes State Of Coronavirus In North Texas, Forecasts What May Be Next
37 The Largest COVID-19 Prevalence Study in the Nation is in DFW
38 Life Behind a Mask in UT Southwestern's COVID Unit
39 Five UT Southwestern faculty in quarantine after exposure to new coronavirus
40 Researchers show how mutations in DNA packaging machines cause cancer
41 Four UTSW faculty elected to prestigious National Academy of Sciences
42 UT Southwestern hauls in $12 million from CPRIT to recruit three new cancer researchers
43 Revised clinical trial rules during COVID-19 pandemic may benefit patients, survey shows
44 UT Southwestern is Putting COVID-19 Providers Up in Hotels
45 Blacks, Hispanics Had Higher Rates of Hospitalization, Mortality from COVID-19
46 One of DFW's newest public companies broadens board with addition of two women
47 Four UTSW Researchers Named to The National Academy of Sciences
48 UT Southwestern Study Suggests Massive Spike In Coronavirus Cases If Social Distancing Relaxed
49 Gov. Abbott hosts roundtable on upcoming flu season at UT Southwest Medical Center
50 Hematologist Srikanth Nagalla, M.D., joins Miami Cancer Institute as Chief of Benign Hematology
51 UTSW Nurses Question Mask Cleaning, Recycling When Hospital Is Not Overwhelmed
52 Postdoctoral Position in Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Diseases |
53 About 5% of D-FW residents have been exposed to COVID-19, say experts at UT Southwestern and Texas Health
54 UT Southwestern models show COVID-19 surge in Dallas-Fort Worth by July
55 UT Southwestern Medical Center Headed to Redbird
56 UT Southwestern sounds alarm on COVID-19 surging in Dallas-Fort Worth
57 Which holiday activities put you at the greatest risk of contracting COVID-19? The Texas Medical Association ranks them
58 Cancer Metabolism Researcher Ralph Deberardinis Elected to The National Academy of Medicine
59 UT Southwestern to bring new medical facility, jobs and investment to RedBird Mall
60 New Drug Trials For Moderately Ill COVID Patients Begin In Dallas
61 UTSW Pilots Innovative Tech to Improve Surgical Skills, Patient Outcomes
62 A New Heart Attack Blood Test to Reduce ER Wait Times
63 UTSW Researchers Discover Human Protein That Could Stop Coronavirus
64 UT Southwestern Finds Coronavirus Vulnerabilities; CPRIT Gives $21M
65 Study Finds Type 2 Diabetes Means High Risk for Fatal Heart Attack
66 UTSW donor info included on growing list of data hacked in third-party ransomware attack
67 Children's Health Returns to Southern Dallas With Red Bird Expansion
68 UT Southwestern Creates AI Computer to Tell Them if Antipressants Help
69 UTSW and AmeriGroup Solve Network Dispute
70 Dallas County could see summer surge in COVID-19 cases, UTSW scientists say
71 UT Southwestern has these sources for your reporting on the Chinese coronavirus
72 UTSW Performs First HIV-Positive-To-HIV-Positive Organ Transplant in Texas
73 UT-Southwestern Doctors Develop New Approach To Single Breast Reconstruction
74 A surprising opportunity for telehealth in shaping the future of medicine
75 Texas Academic Medical Center Links Many Health Workers' Illnesses To Community Contact, Not Workplace
76 UT Southwestern predicts increase in infections in Dallas, Tarrant counties if prevention measures remain the same
77 The secret of lymph: How lymph nodes help cancer cells spread
78 UT Southwestern, Children’s Health join forces to create new pediatric powerhouse
79 Taysha Teams with UT Southwestern to Develop Gene Therapies for Rett, Other Disorders
80 New heart attack testing protocol expedites treatment in ER
81 Dr. Daniel Podolsky: "This Is a Place Where You Belong, No Matter Who You Are."
82 Gov. Abbott calls for massive medical expansion around Parkland, UT Southwestern
83 Factors inherent to obesity could increase vulnerability to COVID-19
84 North Texas startups, renowned UTSW researcher attract $21 million from Texas cancer-fighting agency
85 Former Sears Department Store to Get New Life as UT Southwestern Medical Center
86 Pinpointing the cells that keep the body's master circadian clock ticking
87 UT Southwestern ranked No. 1 hospital in DFW by U.S. News & World Report, adding to multiple recognitions in 2019
88 Casting call: why immobilizing helps in healing
89 Can science predict the coronavirus? UT Southwestern thinks so.
90 Dallas hospital to receive face shields made by Toyota
91 Viewing dopamine receptors in their native habitat
92 Obesity patients report health challenges during shelter in place
93 Mother transmitted COVID-19 to baby during pregnancy, UTSW physicians report
94 Children's Health, UT Southwestern name pediatric enterprise CMO
95 To honor his father, this man will donate 12,000 N95 masks to UT Southwestern
96 HHMI Investigator/NAS member Dr. Beth Levine Director of UT Southwestern Center for Autophagy Research: 1960-2020
97 North Texas Family-Owned Business Donates N95 Masks to UT Southwestern in Honor of Former Patient
98 Volunteers still needed to test variety of COVID-19 vaccines
99 Why UT Southwestern and Children’s Health had to join forces: to start rowing in the same direction
100 BIDMC researchers reveal how genetic variations are linked to COVID-19 disease severity