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1 Are aliens real? A lot of evidence has come out this year
2 Japan is now tracking and investigating UFOs
3 Japan's Defense Ministry Launches Protocol for UFO Sightings
4 Japanese military given instructions on UFOs
5 Japan defense chief instructs SDF what to do on UFO sightings
6 Pentagon forms new task force to investigate UFOs
7 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force could be more than punch line | Tom Roeder
8 UFO Spotting Has Replaced Bird Watching as Pandemic Obsession
9 What does the Pentagon's new UFO task force mean? Experts weigh in.
10 New Pentagon task force to investigate UFOs
11 Bob Lazar and UFOs: a reading (and watching) list
12 'People need to open their minds!' – Tom DeLonge on his new career as a UFO expert
13 Unprecedented Public Report On UFOs Requested From Senate Intel Committee
14 US Navy 'UFO task force' exists, Sen. Marco Rubio wants its data on 'aerial phenomena' threats
15 No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public
16 Jasper: The Eyeless, Hairless Cat
17 US Navy Leads New Task Force on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
18 Pentagon's secret, defunct UFO-hunting program may still exist
19 Pentagon admits UFO program still exists. But Navy's alien sightings don't quite add up.
20 US Navy to lead task force to detect unidentified aerial phenomena
21 Navy videos spark renewed interest in UFOs from enthusiasts and Congress
22 See any UFO's in Northwest Florida? Department of Defense officials want to know about it
23 Pentagon to set up UFO task force
24 Inhofe to take aim at bid to give Energy greater role in weapons budget
25 Episode three: Unidentified aerial phenomena — what are the facts, and are they a threat?
26 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,' Better Known as UFOs, Deserve Scientific Investigation
27 pentagon ufo unit
28 AFA grad lauded for exploits against Taliban | Military |
29 Tom DeLonge Feels Vindicated By Navy Acknowledgement of ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena'
30 Pentagon officially releases UFO videos
31 TTSA Announces Support for UAP Task Force Inclusion in Intelligence Authorization Act for 2021
32 News of the weird | National |
33 Pentagon to make some UFO findings public
34 Here Are The Air Force's Reports On Aircrew Encounters With Unidentified Flying Craft
35 Trump calls newly released UFO footage 'a hell of a video'
36 The Pentagon exodus includes top tech officials
37 Newly released incident reports detail US Navy's 'UFO' encounters
38 United States Navy confirms Unidentified Flying Objects videos were not to be released to public
39 UFO Hunter Luis Elizondo Was Right All Along. So What Happens Now? | GEN
40 Military health system faces massive cuts
41 Virus will rewrite priorities in NDAA
42 Russian astronaut on the ISS claims to see UFOs in new footage
43 Decoding the US Navy’s ‘confirmed’ UFO sightings
44 Are the aliens us? UFOs may be piloted by time-traveling humans, book argues
45 Here Are The Navy Pilot Reports From Encounters With Mysterious Aircraft Off The East Coast
46 Pentagon Releases Videos of ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena'
47 Lawmakers near deal on defense policy bill that brings millions to Colorado Springs
48 The five-domains update | The Strategist
49 DPD Chief addresses violent crime uptick, Royal Oak approves cannabis sales, Whitmer's COVID press conference
50 Area 51 Veteran And CIA Electronic Warfare Pioneer Weigh In On Navy UFO Encounters
51 Senior Financial Controller
52 These 5 UFO Traits, Captured on Video by Navy Fighters, Defy Explanation
53 UFO Legacy: What Impact Will Revelation of Secret Government Program Have?
54 'What is that, man?' Navy confirms videos of flying objects
55 Podcasts to Listen To: Hysteria 51 and the best UFO and alien podcasts to listen to
56 British 'X-Files' of UFO sightings is going public
57 Competitors in 25 states woo U.S. Space Command, but local leader remains confident
58 NORAD chases Russian bombers off; biggest Arctic showdown in years
59 The Pentagon's Secret Search for UFOs
60 We May Not Be Alone, Former Pentagon UFO Investigator Says
61 With new Space Force, welcome 'SPOC,' 'STARCOM' and 'deltas | Tom Roeder
62 Robot tanks at Fort Carson could blaze trail for Army future | Tom Roeder
63 Air Force Academy senior faces up to 15 years in drug court-martial
64 When Top Gun Pilots Tangled with a Baffling Tic-Tac-Shaped UFO
65 Drone mystery solved? Wichita group might be responsible for some sightings
66 New leaders take command of Colorado Springs-based NORAD, U.S. Northern Command, U.S. Space Command
67 Air Force seeking smarter drone with 'Skyborg' program | Tom Roeder
68 Air Force Academy cadets offer contrast to the fearful images of American youth | Tom Roeder
69 PHOTOS: The National World War II Aviation Museum
70 Vice President Pence to visit Air Force Academy graduation amid virus lockdown
71 Washington (But Not Trump) Suddenly Taking UFOs More Seriously
72 Internal Air Force Emails Show Confusion And Concern Over Colorado's Mystery Drones
73 Why Have There Been So Many UFO Sightings Near Nuclear Facilities?
74 Fort Carson medical troops head to Texas to help battle coronavirus
75 110 Containers of Toxic Waste Intercepted at Tanjung Pelepas
76 Naming Ceremony Held for Costa Smeralda
77 NORAD intercepts snooping Russians — despite coronavirus | Military
78 Too-friendly cadets sent marching at Air Force Academy
79 Late Peterson Air Force Base commander fondly recalled as a caring leader
80 Air Force Academy reeling after 2 seniors die in suspected suicides
81 Jay Raymond's role atop Space Force formalized at White House ceremony
82 U.S. Navy drafting new guidelines for reporting UFOs
83 Fort Carson Special Forces soldier charged with rape, sexual assault of child
84 Pikes Peak region military bases close facilities, nix large formations
85 Spin Control: State GOP considering a write-in for lieutenant governor
86 Pentagon says Qassem Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers
87 With symposium scuttled, local leaders taking fight for U.S. Space Command to D.C.
88 US Senator Ted Cruz and Colleagues Send a Letter to President Trump to Reject State Bailouts
89 Spotted UFO? Japan Defense Ministry is All Ears as Govt Sets up Task Force to Probe Sightings
90 When will we see more UFO news from the Pentagon? – Film Daily
91 US-Japan wary of "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena"
92 Here's how Japan wants its military to deal with UFOs
93 Everything you need to know about The Pentagon's 2020 UFO task force
94 U.S. to disclose UFO findings from Pentagon task force
95 UFO Documentary THE PHENOMENON Lands On October 6
96 UFO Sighting in New Jersey? People confuse a blimp airship to be a UFO
97 'Was it an Alien?': Mysterious Lights in South Carolina Sky Spark UFO Debate
98 Pentagon sets up a new task force to find and study Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
99 UFO spotting becomes pandemic obsession with sightings up 51% compared to the same period last year
100 Does the US government believe UFOs are real?