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Result Content Idea Research
1 Here’s what we know about Earth’s new minimoon
2 Solar astronomers can now predict future sunspots. There should be a big one in a couple of days
3 A High Resolution, Cross-Eyed Look at the Entire Surface of Mars
4 Catch Monday Morning’s Subtle Lunar Eclipse
5 At One Time, This Region of Mars was Inundated by a “Megaflood”
6 Mars Might Have Lost its Water Quickly
7 A New Artist’s Illustration of the Extremely Large Telescope. So Many Lasers
8 A Record Close Shave: Asteroid 2020 VT4 Just Skimmed by Earth
9 Gravitational lenses could be the key to measuring the expansion rate of the Universe
10 Scientists Have Re-Analyzed Their Data and Still See a Signal of Phosphine at Venus. Just Less of it
11 RocketLab Recovers a First-Stage Booster for the First Time: “Return to Sender”
12 Massive stars get kicked out of clusters
13 Arecibo’s Damage is so Serious and Dangerous, They’re Just Going to Scrap the Observatory Entirely
14 China’s Chang’e-5 Probe Is Off to Bring Back a Moon Sample — and NASA Hopes to See the Data
15 Earth’s toughest bacteria can survive unprotected in space for at least a year
16 The Average Temperature of the Universe has Been Getting Hotter and Hotter
17 There Might Be Water On All Rocky Planets
18 New Horizons Saw the Universe With Even Less Light Pollution than Hubble’s View
19 Some of the Milky Way’s oldest stars aren’t where they’re expected to be
20 One of the Building Blocks of Life Can Form in the Harsh Environment of Deep Space Itself. No Star Required
21 What Role do Radioactive Elements Play in a Planet’s Habitability?
22 Most light pollution isn’t coming from streetlights
23 Venus Held Onto its Water Surprisingly Well During its History
24 Titan’s Atmosphere Has All the Ingredients For Life. But Not Life as We Know It
25 Earth and the Moon Might Have Captured an Old Upper Stage Rocket
26 Vera Rubin Should be Able to Detect a Couple of Interstellar Objects a Month
27 One of the Terms of Service For Starlink is that You “Recognize Mars as a Free Planet”
28 From a Tempest to a Trickle: Prospects for the 2020 Leonid Meteor Shower
29 An Extreme Simulation of the Universe’s First Stars
30 A 100-Meter Rotating Liquid Mirror Telescope on the Moon? Yes Please.
31 Fast radio bursts within the Milky Way seem to be coming from magnetars
32 Hubble Sees Dark Shadows That Could Be Cast by a Supermassive Black Hole
33 Even older red dwarf stars are pumping out a surprising amount of deadly radiation at their planets
34 Terrify yourself with LeoLabs’ visualization of satellites and space debris around Earth
35 SpaceX’s Resilience Spacecraft has Lifted Off and is Headed for the ISS!
36 How Will Starlink’s Packet Routing Work?
37 The Driest Place on Earth Could Help Predict How Life Might be Surviving on Mars
38 Brown dwarf discovered with a radio telescope for the first time
39 Based on Kepler Data, There’s a 95% Chance of an Earth-Like Planet Within 20 Light-Years
40 There are Planets So Close to Their Stars That They Have Magma Oceans 100km Deep and Winds that Go 8000 km/h
41 NASA releases new spooky space-themed posters about extreme places in the Universe
42 Galaxies Grew Quickly and Early On in the Universe
43 Boo! A Halloween Blue Moon
44 Scientists in Japan Have Found a Detailed Record of the Earth’s Last Magnetic Reversal, 773,000 Years Ago
45 Europa’s Nightside Glows in the Dark
46 Weekly Space Hangout: November 18, 2020 – Dr. Ralph Lorenz, Planetary Scientist and Dragonfly Mission Architect
47 A hint of new physics in polarized radiation from the early Universe
48 A Second Cable has Failed at Arecibo, Causing Even More Damage to the Radio Observatory
49 Astronomers are ready and waiting to detect the neutrino blast from a nearby supernova explosion like Betelgeuse
50 For the first time, scientists detect the ghostly signal that reveals the engine of the universe
51 An Iceberg the Size of South Georgia Island is on a Collision Course with… South Georgia Island
52 NASA's Roman Space Telescope to Uncover Echoes From Early Universe
53 The universe teems with weird black holes, gravitational wave hunters find
54 Asteroid nearly hit Earth on Friday the 13th
55 The Universe Just Keeps Getting Hotter. That Shouldn't Be Happening.
56 NASA Probe Has Stared Into The Darkness of Space And Found Unexpected Light Sources
57 Your Universe and Your Mission
58 “The Unexpected Galaxy” –Milky Way ‘Twin’ Unveiled Near Dawn of the Universe
59 Asteroid the Size of a 'Small House' Flies Close to Earth, Misses by a Record 250 Miles
60 To explain away dark matter, gravity would have to be really weird, cosmologists say
61 Precise maps of millions of bright quasars show our place in the cosmos as never before
62 Laws and flaws of being human | News, Sports, Jobs
63 Unexpectedly, The Universe Is Getting Hotter And Hotter as It Expands
64 'The Ultimate': Astronomers want to put a huge telescope on the moon to study the Big Bang
65 Judge Esther Salas speaks about law named after her son, killed by a gunman targeting her
66 Why genius Maradona meant so much to us
67 Today in Denmark: A round-up of the latest news on Thursday
68 Mammograms Feel Very Different to A Cancer Caregiver
69 Where Does Morality Come From?
70 Spin Master Expands Existing Relationship with Warner Bros. Consumer Products As New Toy Licensee for Wizarding World
71 Asteroid the size of a small house was about to hit Earth
72 Astronomers are Starting to Find Planets in Much Longer Orbits. Cooler, More Habitable Planets
73 A Rogue Earth-Mass Planet Has Been Discovered Freely Floating in the Milky Way Without a Star
74 A Supernova Exploded Dangerously Close to Earth 2.5 Million Years Ago
75 The Search for Superhabitable Planets. Worlds Even More Habitable Than Earth
76 108-year-old Nyack woman shares her secret to longevity: 'Speak up'
77 What’s Happening with Betelgeuse? Astronomers Propose a Specialized Telescope to Watch the Star Every Night
78 Watch the Incredible Plume of Dust from Africa Cross the Entire Atlantic Ocean
79 First Light Stars at the Dawn of Time, Emma Chapman
80 New Simulation Shows Exactly What Dark Matter Would Look Like If We Could See It
81 If dark matter is a particle, it should get inside red giant stars and change the way they behave
82 Pavilion Data: Our unified storage array is the fastest in the universe
83 Could There Be a Form of Life Inside Stars?
84 A muted 'Celebration'; Cuoco's return
85 Planets Don’t Wait for Their Star to Form First
86 The Last Supernovae
87 We Have No Idea What Makes A Planet 'Potentially Habitable'
88 Wow, Betelgeuse Might Be 25% Closer than Previously Believed
89 Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” X: What is the Firstborn Hypothesis?
90 Bi-state Bridge Committee discuss $2 billion funding shortage in 'conceptual' funding plan for replacement Interstate Bridge
91 We Have the Technology to Retrieve a Sample From an Interstellar Object Like Oumuamua
92 Matter makes up exactly 31.5±1.3% of the Universe
93 We actually don’t know how fast the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole is spinning but there might be a way to find out
94 Blow your child's thoughts with the VR Universe and Invoice Nye's VR Science package for the vacations
95 Did Scientists Just Find Signs of Life on Venus?
96 Wow! An Actual Picture of Multiple Planets Orbiting a Sunlike Star
97 One Theory Beyond the Standard Model Could Allow Wormholes that You Could Actually Fly Through
98 Missions Are Already Being Planned to Figure Out What’s Creating the Biosignature on Venus
99 Video Shows a Meteoroid Skipping off Earth’s Atmosphere
100 The Space Court Foundation is Now in Session!