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1 Talk of 'herd immunity' alarming for UA COVID-19 researchers
2 COVID-19
3 UArizona Health Sciences Study Shows SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Provide Lasting Immunity
4 UArizona Partners with State to Provide COVID-19 Antibody Tests
5 UArizona Partnership with State Begins COVID-19 Antibody Testing
6 Photo Gallery: White House Coronavirus Task Force Leader Deborah Birx Visits UArizona Labs
7 Researchers Identify New Target for Developing Flavivirus Vaccines
8 UArizona Health Sciences seeks new way to understand human aging
9 University of Arizona expands coronavirus antibody testing throughout state
10 OPINION: I got the antibody test. Here's how it went.
11 U Arizona Announces In-Person Classes for Fall as Campus Plans for More COVID-19 Testing
12 UA scientist receives $4.5 million to study stressors' impact on aging
13 Backlash begins against University of Arizona's acquisition of Ashford University
14 Immune System Changes May Cause High Blood Pressure in Postmenopausal Women
15 UA Arthritis Center's virtual fundraiser includes panel talk, reception
16 UA expands free COVID-19 antibody testing
17 UA's development of COVID-19 antibodies test comes amid immunity questions
18 UA expands COVID-19 antibody testing to more essential workers
19 Will Arizona get hit by a second wave of COVID-19? Here's what we know
20 Early results from UA's antibody tests show Arizona remains 'virgin territory' for coronavirus
21 This virus actually may boost -- not weaken -- our immune system
22 UArizona Health Sciences researcher seeks safer, more effective leukemia treatment
23 UA plans in-person courses for fall semester
24 COVID-19 Cytokine Storm Mechanism
25 Arizona to test healthcare workers, first responders for COVID-19 antibodies
26 Working a reopening on Main Gate Square
27 Coronavirus antibody testing, explained
28 Make Face Masks Fit Better With This Quick Trick
29 UA Immunobiology Chief awarded $1.5 million grant to study threat of Chikungunya to elderly
30 Are you immune from coronavirus after you contract it?
31 Ripperger lending hand in COVID-19 studies
32 Immunity questioned with antibody testing
33 First COVID-19 At-Home Test
34 Political Notebook: City manager to employee parking complaints: 'Cheese with that whine'
35 UA expert signs off on Pac-12 COVID-19 testing but questions football kickoff before 2021
36 Tucson school leaders call for clear COVID-19 data targets to reopen campuses
37 ASU researchers develop cheaper, faster saliva test for COVID-19
38 How testing and tracing can help combat COVID-19
39 Meet University of Arizona Arthritis Center researchers | AZ Jewish Post
40 COVID Immune Responses Explained
41 Stem cell therapy for COVID‐19: Possibilities and challenges
42 Hansen's Sunday Notebook: Pac-12 football games are inevitable. Let the risk-taking begin.
43 UCLA Scientists Pioneer SwabSeq Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic
44 The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 in Europe and North America
45 Can you get coronavirus twice? Promising new studies say probably not
46 Arizona coronavirus news in brief, April 3
47 On the move at Crafco, Waltz, NexMetro, Wells Fargo, UA
48 Virus That Might Actually Boost Our Immune System
49 Latest Drug Regimens Provide 'Lazarus Effect' for HIV Patients
50 To Stay Updated on Coronavirus, Follow These Health Experts | Elemental
51 Boosting Immunity in Older Adults: UA Health Sciences Unmasks New Infection-Fighting T Cells
52 Black Microbiologists Push for Visibility Amid a Pandemic
53 How Fauci, 5 other health specialists deal with covid-19 risks in their everyday lives
54 Hansen's Sunday Notebook: Questions about safety, schedules could scuttle high school football season
55 Fitness: Can exercise boost your immunity?
56 Boosting immunity in older adults: Study unmasks new infection-fighting T cells
57 William Cance named interim director of University of Arizona Cancer Center as Andrew Kraft steps down
58 Latest Anti-retroviral Drug Regimens Provide 'Lazarus Effect' for HIV Patients
59 $3.6 million NIH grant to UA-led international research consortium seeks precision medicine solutions
60 Developing a better, faster diagnostic for cryptosporidiosis
61 Upcoming Events 6th Annual Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio Conference
62 UA researchers: brain liquefaction after stroke is toxic to surviving brain
63 From watching for hungry bats to recording rainfall, locals can help with science
64 Everything you need to know about Science City
65 Lifelong virus actually strengthens older immune systems
66 National DNA Day highlights the importance of studying genetics
67 What is Your Immune System? Here's What You Need to Know
68 On the move at Banner Health, Jaburg Wilk, Isola, PRMI, UA
69 From parking to tickets, everything you need to know before the Tucson Festival of Books
70 21 experts you should follow if you want to make sense of the pandemic (and a bonus)
71 UA study: Brain liquefaction after stroke is toxic to surviving brain
72 Bald Eagles Found Nesting in Arizona Saguaro Cactus for First Time in Decades
73 'Lung-on-a-Leaf' May Aid Studies into Pulmonary Diseases, From...
74 What is Your Immune System and How Does It Work?
75 2 Stylists Had Coronavirus, but Wore Masks. 139 Clients Didn’t Fall Sick.
76 Can Gliadin Nanoparticles Cure Celiac Disease in Humans?
77 $8.9 million collaborative grant to understand how dangerous virus 'hides' to attack another day
78 When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready?
79 C.D.C. Tells States How to Prepare for Covid-19 Vaccine by Early November
80 People in Action | People In Action
81 Is 14 days enough?
82 Liquefied brain tissue post-stroke could harm healthy parts: study
83 Uncharted territory: Legal experts weigh in on the COVID-19 outbreak
84 Yale Scientists Develop a New Experimental Method to Study Infection and Disease, Including COVID-19
85 How Dr. Fauci protects himself against the coronavirus
86 Hong Kong researchers confirm first Covid-19 reinfection
87 Researchers working to weaponize copper against bacteria
88 Cellular-level interactions that lead to the cytokine storm in COVID-19
89 The Alex Manfull Memorial Fund: Supporting Research, Education and Treatment of PANDAS in Adolescents and Young Adults
90 Not immune: Nevada man infected again with COVID-19, report shows
91 Mighty Microbes: Bacteria Filaments Can Bundle Together And Move Objects 100000 Times Bacterium's Body Weight
92 UA researchers produce new guidelines for Valley Fever
93 Time to Hire a Housekeeper?
94 UAB biotechnology aids hunt for novel COVID-19 DNA vaccine
95 Genetic variation linked to respiratory disease
96 Learning from a virus: Keeping genes under wraps
97 Brazil trials of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine show promising results
98 Moderna stock surges after releasing promising coronavirus vaccine trial data
99 Coronavirus live updates: Judge nixes Florida's school reopening order; First case of COVID reinfection reported
100 Precigen ActoBio Announces Positive Topline Results from Phase 1b Study of AG019 ActoBiotics™, A Novel Therapy Designed to Address the Underlying Cause of Type 1 Diabetes