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1 COVID-19 vaccine candidate based on UCPH research ready for testing on humans
2 University of Copenhagen: Researchers discover how to control zinc content in plants
3 University of Copenhagen in strong showing on world subject ranking
4 University of Copenhagen: UCPH gathers medical anthropologists for a conference on chronic conditions
5 University of Copenhagen: Danish research institutions join the leading European network of cultural heritage
6 University of Copenhagen department abolishes game following complaints it is racist
7 University of Copenhagen: Ancient Egyptian manual reveals new details about mummification
8 University of Copenhagen: UCPH researchers hold their breath ahead of Mars landing
9 Copenhagen University Cancels Age-Old Dress-Up Game Over Racism Accusations
10 University of Copenhagen: The wars in Former Yugoslavia continue in the classroom
11 AI can make accurate assessment of whether a person will die from COVID-19, study finds
12 MIT and Danish university students unite to envision a more sustainable future
13 Researchers discover how to control zinc in plants: Could help the world's malnourished
14 Denmark Imprisons Chinese Student for Overstaying Visa, After She Failed to Graduate on Time Due to COVID-19
15 Egyptologists translate the oldest-known mummification manual
16 Oldest known mummification how-to guide reveals gruesome embalming details
17 Insight into how plants sense zinc could help cultivate more nutritious crops
18 University of Copenhagen: The Milky Way may be swarming with planets with oceans and continents like here on Earth
19 New discovery explains antihypertensive properties of green and black tea: Study results may lead to new blood pressure-lowering medications
20 Danes don’t have a minimum wage. We have something even better.
21 University of Copenhagen: Skin tissue samples from 3,000 patients to give researchers new insights into psoriasis and eczema
22 How robotics will affect humanity and nature in future
23 The body produces new satiety factor during prolonged exercise
24 Bavarian Nordic Reports Encouraging Preclinical Data for COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Ahead of First-in-Human Trial
25 University of Copenhagen – University of Copenhagen
26 Beauty is in the Brain: AI Reads Data, Generates Personally Attractive Images
27 On International Women’s Day, these atmospheric scientists inspire us
28 Food waste researcher: We must learn that brown fruit isn't bad fruit
29 Genes identified that increase the risk of obesity but also protect against disease
30 Watch now: A $1 million gift has been given to Illinois State University. Here's what it will fund.
31 Eos Energy Enterprises Strengthens Leadership Team with Two Key Hires
32 Proceed and progress, perchance to prosper
33 Bavarian Nordic reports encouraging data for covid-19 vaccine candidate
34 Artificial Intelligence can predict whether you will die from COVID-19
35 Ancient papyrus holds the world's oldest guide to mummification
36 Oldest Known Mummification Manual Reveals How Egyptians Embalmed the Face
37 The Oldest Known Mummification 'Recipe' Has Been Unearthed, And It's Intense
38 The Milky Way may be swarming with planets with oceans and continents like here on Earth
39 Killing weeds in a sustainable way using a autonomous robot with laser vision
40 Arctic permafrost releases more CO2 than once believed
41 Liva Healthcare Attracts Top Medical Scientific Leaders to Global Advisory Board
42 Artificial intelligence can figure out which faces the human brain finds beautiful
43 Researchers identify genes that increase risk of obesity but also protect against disease
44 Why Denmark’s “corona passport” is more of a promise than a plan
45 Scientists made an AI that reads your mind so it can generate portraits you’ll find attractive
46 'Elite' researchers dominate citation space
47 University of Rochester again named a top Fulbright producer
48 We're more like primitive fishes than once believed, new research shows
49 Women's Soccer Travels to #21 Georgetown
50 All Planets Are Wet And Our Galaxy May Be Swarming With Ocean Worlds Like Ours Say Scientists
51 $1 million estate gift creates Dale M. Shulaw and Gladys G. Shulaw Presidential Scholarship in Physics
52 University of Copenhagen and CEA-Leti Collaboration Leads to Quantum Computing Milestone
53 What you need to know after rise in Denmark coronavirus cases
54 Factors behind Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action grant wins
55 Kaare Lund Rasmussen | MENAFN.COM
56 Researchers develop algorithm to find possible misdiagnosis
57 Migraine masters
58 Denmark imprisons international student at migrant facility after visa overstay
59 Statins in High-Risk Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Outpatients | COPD
60 Frosted Flakes: Big Ten Baseball Opening Weekend, Face Condoms, and an Expensive Bowl
61 Tandler, Bernard | Obituaries |
62 How To Mummify A Dead Body, According To Earliest Ancient Egyptian Manual Found Yet
63 Postdoc position in advanced imaging and genomics of genome
64 Sweden's largest test bed for electromobility to be built at Castellum-owned Säve
65 Hollywood A-list photographers teach you their craft through Photo School
66 2021 International Women's Day Celebrating Achievements
67 Women's Soccer Welcomes UConn To Anderson Stadium For The 2021 BIG EAST Opener
68 Danish and Chinese tongues taste broccoli and chocolate differently
69 Triple star recipe for supersized stellar-mass black holes
70 Women Of Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints To Hold Women's Day Of Service
71 Q&A: Climate monitoring, pandemic insight, decomposition – what insects do for us
72 Two tough fungi discovered in Denmark: Devour flies from within
73 Major breakthrough: Copenhagen researchers can now achieve 'quantum advantage'
74 Why Does Europe Oppose GMOs?
75 Bed dust microorganisms may boost children's health
76 Dr Sandro Demaio receives the Monash Distinguished Alumni Award for our Faculty
77 Whitefish Pilot
78 Microsoft and University of Copenhagen collaboration yields promising material for quantum computing
79 Hard physical work significantly increases the risk of dementia
80 Surge of interest in theology due to COVID-19 pandemic
81 University of Copenhagen: Danish and Chinese tongues taste broccoli and chocolate differently
82 Tactical shift: Europe seeks vaccine 'overdrive' to catch up
83 Skin tissue samples from 3000 patients to give researchers new insights into psoriasis and eczema
84 University of Copenhagen behind promising COVID-19 vaccine
85 Texas' grid tug of war
86 Researchers: drop the notion that more hours spent studying guarantees higher educational quality
87 University of Copenhagen to teach more classes in English – proposal
88 The latest on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines: Live updates
89 NASA's Perseverance Rover Gives HD Panoramic View of Landing Site
90 The Latest: WH: Listen to health experts on masks, virus
91 The timeless, complimentary taste of oysters and champagne -- explained
92 Science Round-Up: Currently warm enough, unless you want your winters Canadian?
93 Loneliness hits young people harder during lockdown
94 The climate changed rapidly alongside sea ice decline in the north
95 Born to be an Eagle: Brentwood girl is among first-ever to achieve Boy Scouts' highest honor
96 Galaxies in the very early universe were surprisingly mature
97 University of Copenhagen: Misguided sense of balance exacerbates climate scepticism
98 University of Copenhagen warns illegal logging in Cambodia
99 There are six Portuguese women in the list of the Top 100 Social Entrepreneurs – Valley Bugler Newspaper
100 Mobility In A ‘15-Minute City’ – Think Of It Like Water From The Tap