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Result Content Idea Research
1 Measure squeezing in a novel way
2 The sixth sense of animals: An early warning system for earthquakes?
3 Economic alien plants more likely to go wild
4 Northern Arizona University study abroad programs canceled for the fall
5 Physics principle explains order and disorder of swarms
6 Tiny Vibrating String Reveals Squeezing
7 Dolphins Can Learn New Fishing Tricks From Their Pals
8 Can artificial intelligence lead scientific discoveries?
9 Human presence weakens social relationships of wild giraffes
10 The Anthropause: How the Pandemic Gives Scientists a New Way to Study Wildlife
11 Dolphins learn to use tools from peers, just like great apes
12 How to calm yourself in just 15 minutes
13 A new social role for echolocation in bats that hunt together
14 Researchers Investigate Role of AI in Fundamental Research
15 Electronics at the speed of light
16 New foraging skills appear in WA dolphins
17 Visualization tool for illustration of critical care bed capacities
18 Two ERC Starting Grants for the University of Konstanz
19 Uncovering the origin of symbiosis
20 Konstanz-based CRC 969 to receive additional funding
21 Scientists dissect the complex choices of animals
22 2007, 2012, 2019: University of Excellence in Konstanz
23 Acute stress may slow down the spread of fears
24 Konstanz researcher Iain Couzin wins the 2019 Lagrange Prize
25 Real-time observation of enzymatic processes on DNA
26 Konstanz scientists among the world's most influential
27 Electronics at the Speed of Light – Using Light Waves to Move Electrons at Sub-Femtosecond Speeds
28 Stress Changes How We Deal with Risk Information
29 University of Konstanz gains new insights into development of the human immune system
30 Chromosomal speciation in wild house mice
31 'Climate change is a disability rights issue'
32 Dictators' love-hate relationship with digital communication technology
33 University of Konstanz researchers create uniform-shape polymer nanocrystals
34 Alzheimer's and an unusual molecular chaperone
35 A pair of Czech holidays commemorating saints and a reformer kick off summer this weekend
36 Scientists Use Light to Transport Electrons at Ultrafast Speeds | Physics
37 Total synthesis of the complex taxane diterpene canataxpropellane
38 Immune to influence: How attitudes toward the flu vaccine are shaped by online sources
39 Sofja Kovalevskaja Award brings superconducting spintronics expertise to Konstanz
40 Complex society discovered in birds
41 Brain measurements reveal success of public health campaigns
42 Degradable plastics
43 Cichlid fish loves exaggerated shells
44 The mechanism of Hsp90-induced oligomerizaton of Tau
45 University of Konstanz develops first genetic switch for C. elegans
46 New method improves measurement of animal behaviour using deep learning
47 Visualization tool enables doctors to get an overview of critical care bed capacities
48 New protein-sensing mechanism discovered
49 Former University of Birmingham Professor Michael Wakelam dies after suspected coronavirus infection
50 Uncovering hidden protein structures
51 Homo economicus 2.0
52 ICARUS has been switched on: Testing has started
53 Excellence funding for Inequality and Collective Behaviour cluster initiatives in Konstanz
54 Germany Selects German "Ivy League" Universities
55 Uncovering hidden intelligence of collectives
56 Insights from European CEOs: EPIC interviews Oliver Prochnow, VALO Innovations
57 Climate concerns and the disabled community
58 Heat transport through single molecules
59 Understanding the genomic signature of coevolution
60 Scientists learn how vampire bat strangers make friends
61 New protein spin labelling technique
62 How climate change disproportionately impacts those with disabilities
63 Surrounded by low achievers -- High on positive emotions?
64 Rapid evolution: New findings on its molecular mechanisms
65 Universality and diversity in human song
66 Bacteria enhance coral resilience to climate change effects
67 Chemists make arrays of click chemistry–ready azides efficiently and safely
68 The politics of cyberattacks
69 Big brains or big guts: Choose one
70 The orphan nuclear receptor LRH-1/NR5a2 critically regulates T cell functions
71 Using artificial intelligence to understand collective behavior
72 From asymmetrical to balanced genomic diversification during rediploidization: Subgenomic evolution in allotetraploid fish
73 Brood parasitism in fish
74 German University Tells Elsevier 'No Deal'
75 A German Photographer Captures Ordinary People Adapting to Life Under Lockdown
76 CRC-TRR 161 on visual computing approved for second funding period
77 Microscopic swimmers with visual perception of group members form stable swarms
78 Pipetting in space
79 The positive and negative role of LRH-1 during inflammation
80 The Power of Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Konstanz
81 Bacteria boost coral resilience in warming oceans •
82 Deaths in the family | Notre Dame Magazine | University of Notre Dame
83 Selective antibiotics following nature's example
84 Football through the eyes of a computer
85 Tens of thousands of scientists are redeploying to fight coronavirus
86 Joint research program on perovskite solar cells
87 Sonus Complete Review: Hard Facts Revealed
88 'Left-handed' fish and asymmetrical brains
89 Protein complex may help prevent neurodegenerative diseases
90 More diversity than before: Indications for recovery after ecosystem pollution
91 Three Konstanz researchers win prestigious Human Frontiers grants
92 Evolutionary biologists solve puzzle of evolutionary relationships among vertebrates
93 The causes and effects of violence
94 Supercomputers without waste heat
95 Smelling the forest -- not the trees
96 Group formation and cohesion of active particles with visual perception–dependent motility
97 News > Science > Key step forward in tackling neurodegenerative diseases
98 Germany: Chances of refugees gaining asylum depend on where they apply
99 Novel enzyme discovered in intestinal bacteria
100 Evolution does repeat itself after all: How evolution lets stripes come and go