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1 New defence against dengue and emerging mosquito-borne viruses
2 Research establishes antibiotic potential for cannabis molecule
3 Diamonds are a cell's best friend
4 Microba, University of Queensland Partner to Study Gut Microbiome in Parkinson's Disease
5 Donors give $600m to the University of Queensland
6 Snakes evolve a magnetic way to be resistant to venom
7 Long-term study reveals harm in regular cannabis use
8 Kakadu food scraps provide ancient rainfall clues
9 CBD can kill gonorrhea bacteria: University of Queensland study
10 UQ philanthropic campaign raises $600m
11 Twice-yearly shearing leads to better returns, University of Queensland and Elders study finds
12 Cracking a tough nut for macadamia growers
13 Truly astronomical: over half a billion celestial objects mapped
14 'World's most famous undergraduate' returns to study but vows to keep up human rights' work
15 Indigenous lands: A haven for wildlife
16 Donald Hall has died
17 Uni of Queensland macadamia research to boost industry profits
18 Rapid population growth in South-East Queensland prompts $400 million spend on five new state schools
19 Macquarie, UQ Business School Soar In 2021 The Economist MBA Rankings
20 Revealed: Full list of uni course ATAR cut-offs
21 Continuous monitoring of proteins a game-changer for patients with deteriorating health
22 Botanix collab with UQ confirms antimicrobial potential of CBD
23 IIT Delhi and Queensland University's joint PhD programme aims to reach 300 students in 3 years
24 Hundreds of smokers fined after lighting up in cars with kids
25 A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible
26 New discovery could lead to faster and more effective treatments for chronic health complications
27 Three Central Qld students vie for top state resources award
28 Young physicist 'squares the numbers' on time travel
29 Index reveals integrity issues for many of the world's forests
30 Update on UQ COVID-19 vaccine
31 How spitting cobra venom evolved to be a ‘defensive chemical weapon’
32 Expect more mega-droughts
33 Hidden DNA fragment the 'trigger switch' for male development
34 Spider venom key to pain relief without side-effects
35 UQ students showcase child protection research
36 Rice has many fathers but only two mothers
37 Press Release: Microba partners with UQ to tackle Parkinson's Disease by mining the gut microbiome
38 UQ tech could offer 'faster, cheaper and mobile' COVID-19 diagnosis
39 Putting a future avocado apocalypse on ice
40 Queensland-made proteins and sophisticated antibody test for COVID-19 detection
41 US Defense supports UQ pain research
42 Crikey! Massive prehistoric croc emerges from South East Queensland
43 Inflammatory gene provides clue to obesity risk
44 Alzheimer's disease drug may help fight against antibiotic resistance
45 Spitting cobra venoms evolved to cause extreme pain
46 Narcissists are drawn to leadership theories
47 Bound by infection: identifying how COVID-19 interacts with cells
48 Junk food linked to sleep problems in teens
49 Understanding traditional Chinese medicine can help protect species
50 World-first UQ rocket headed to space
51 CSL signs agreement with Australian Government for UQ vaccine supply
52 Physicists create time reversed optical waves
53 COVID-19 patients needed for study
54 Need to be in two places at once? It may be possible
55 UQ researchers solve a 50-year-old enzyme mystery
56 Pots of gold engineered to help with early disease detection
57 UQ and IBM launch Centre of Excellence
58 Netflix Provides a Look at EMS in Queensland
59 University of Queensland partners with IBM to progress data research
60 Tackling disadvantaged children's education post-COVID
61 Looking through the door of meth labs
62 Waiter there's a (black soldier) fly in my soup
63 Device aims to improve balance for hearing impaired
64 Pale melanomas masked by albino gene
65 Supercharged 'clones' spark scarlet fever's re-emergence
66 In a mite-y bit of trouble
67 Natural pest control saving billions
68 UQ vaccine scientists report positive results from pre-clinical testing
69 University of Queensland to ban foreign diplomats from gaining honorary positions
70 Study estimates 200-plus white sharks breed each year
71 UQ joins Age-Friendly University Global Network
72 Uncovering the hidden life of 'dead' coral reefs
73 Funding allows researchers to uncover the secrets of COVID-19 immunity
74 Australian universities plan to ramp up in-person learning in early 2021
75 Confronting Australia's 'history in chains'
76 Secret of plant dietary fibre structure revealed
77 Blueprint to more productive cattle herds
78 Giant spider provides promise of pain relief for irritable bowel syndrome
79 Transforming compassion into passion projects
80 Protection needed for emerging mining hotspots
81 The University of Queensland, CEPI and CSL partner to advance development and manufacture of COVID-19 vaccine candidate
82 WA's first female maths professor lands top award in Australia Day honours list
83 Destiny leads AIBN researcher to UQ
84 International partnership progresses UQ COVID-19 vaccine project
85 UQ opens arms to student refugees and asylum seekers
86 Plants take in less carbon in a warming world
87 Indigenous scientist looks through the weeds to a bigger picture
88 Cancer-curing potential unlocked with valuable research funding
89 Students find sweet positives in carbon-negative hydrogen
90 Early menstruation linked to increased menopause symptoms
91 Research reveals the economic contribution of Queensland's national parks
92 University of Queensland Doses 1st COVID-19 Vaccine Study Participant
93 UQ congratulates Vaxxas on $30m partnership
94 More frequently sheared sheep are happier mothers
95 Tracking Australia's gigantic carnivorous dinosaurs
96 Indonesia's coastal communities shoulder the impacts of ocean plastic
97 UQ on the march in Times Higher Education Rankings
98 Research reveals microplastic content levels in seafood
99 Clinical training facility advances rural health
100 Species 'pushed out of the tropics' by climate change