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Result Content Idea Research
1 Fast radio burst observations deepen astronomical mystery
2 Array of radio telescopes reveals explosion on the surface of a hot dead star
3 Fast Radio Bursts from a Spiral Galaxy Challenge Theorists
4 Repeating Fast Radio Burst Localized to Massive Spiral Galaxy | Astronomy
5 Astronomical Mystery Deepens After Fast Radio Burst Detected From Unknown Source
6 Origin of Repeating Radio Signal Discovered in Nearby Galaxy Deepens Astronomical Puzzle
7 Radio Astronomy driving new competences and innovation on the European scale
8 The odyssey and new hopes of Herouni's telescope
9 Wobbling shadow of the M87 black hole
10 Astronomers capture first image of a black hole
11 SA’s first MeerKAT antenna launched
12 First MeerKAT antenna launched: pictures