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Result Content Idea Research
1 Over 40 Countries to Present SDG Plans during HLPF 2021 | News
2 Mix of First, Second and Third-Time Presenters Filling 2021 VNR Slate | News
3 Volvo Trucks Wins Award to Deploy 70 Class 8 VNR Electric Zero-Emission Trucks
4 Volvo receives funding to deploy 70 VNR Electrics
5 Volvo Trucks awarded $21.7M to deploy 70 Class 8 VNR electric trucks
6 Angus VNR: Cattle Sense
7 NFI Begins Piloting Volvo VNR Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks in Southern California
8 Angus VNR: Connecting With Beef Consumers
9 Volvo awarded $21.7 million to launch nation's largest deployment of zero-emission electric Class 8 trucks
10 Malaysia to take part in UN high-level political forum
11 As it happened: Detective testifies Smelser's hold on Valenzuela was too long, not correct
12 If the youth are the future, the world is accountable to them
13 VNRVJIET students develop Covid information website
14 A look back at the life of Pele as he turns 80
15 VNR: Holden And Triple Eight Race Engineering Partner One Last Time
16 US grants to accelerate Volvo electric truck uptake | News
17 DESA Brief Reflects on COVID-19 Impacts on VNR Preparation | News
18 VNR Planning Underway for HLPF 2021 | News
19 Thermo King launches cold storage solutions for vaccine distribution
20 Former LCPD officer Smelser to stand trial for Valenzuela homicide
21 Forty-eight VNRs Anticipated in Revised HLPF Schedule | News
22 Mānoa: VNR: Pioneering wireless technology ALOHAnet recognized as engineering milestone
23 Former Las Cruces Police officer Christopher Smelser to stand trial
24 Volvo LIGHTS wins 2020 Innovation Award | FleetOwner
25 Fifty-one Countries Preparing Voluntary National Reviews for 2020 HLPF | News
26 Strapping a rocket to Bangladesh's economy
27 Partners for Review Releases Analysis of 2019 VNRs | News
28 [VIDEO] Volvo Electric Truck Leads 'Clean Truck Parade'
29 DESA Issues Handbook for Countries Preparing 2020 VNRs | News
30 Five Countries to Present Voluntary National SDG Reviews in 2021 | News
31 GRI Reports on Target 12.6, Makes Recommendations for VNRs | News
32 SoCal Fleet Pilots Volvo VNR Electric Trucks
33 Experts Highlight Best Practices in Post-VNR Follow-up | News
34 Finland's Second VNR Presents Civil Society Assessments of Progress | News
35 ECLAC Hosts Meeting for Countries Presenting VNRs | News
36 Renting a Volvo VNR Made Easy
37 Angus VNR: Prevention and Preparation Pay
38 Auburn police say neck restraint is a safe alternative to lethal force
39 CSO Coalition Finds Greater Focus on “Leaving No One Behind” in National SDG Planning | News
40 Event Considers VNRs as Tool to Integrate Vienna Programme, 2030 Agenda | News
41 Publication Reflects on Role of National Review to Drive SDG Action | News
42 Enhance accountability for voluntary national reviews on S...
43 CEPEI Provides Recommendations on Second Generation of VNRs | News
44 Policy Brief: Governments and Experts Exchange Proposals for Improving HLPF
45 Spiritual notes | News, Sports, Jobs
46 Countries Reach Final Stage of Preparation for 2019 VNRs | News
47 First drive: Volvo’s 24,500lb VNR electric truck drives better than it has any right to
48 Nepal presents VNR report at High-Level Political Forum of UN Economic and Social Council
49 NFI Begins Piloting Volvo VNR Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks
50 UNDP, TAP Network Developing Post-VNR Resource on SDG 16 | News
51 Volvo deploys first electric VNR
52 California freight operator to demonstrate two Volvo Trucks electric model
53 NFI Pilots Volvo VNR Electric as Part of LIGHTS Project
54 47 Countries to Date Planning to Present VNRs at HLPF 2020 | News
55 First Volvo VNR Electric Truck hits the road
56 15 Countries (to Date) Preparing to Present VNRs in 2020 | News
57 1 local law enforcement agency trains deputies to use ‘vascular neck restraints’
58 Test driving the Volvo VNR electric semi truck
59 As Decade of Action Has Become a Decade of Recovery, HLPF Focuses on Pandemic Response | News
60 DHE begins piloting Volvo VNR Electric heavy-duty trucks in SoCal fleet
61 Pacific SIDS Prepare to Submit 3 VNRs in 2020 | News
62 Dependable Highway Express begins piloting electric Volvo VNR
63 Fleets showcase natural gas trucks in clean truck parade
64 Clean Truck Procession Opens New Port of Long Beach Bridge
65 HLPF Participants Reflect on Four Years of VNRs | News
66 Amazon VNR Fiasco: Aiding Reporting or Crossing the Transparency Line?
67 CCJ Daily Dispatch, June 22: Volvo Trucks deploys first VNR Electric truck
68 Network Reviews Challenges for National SDG Planning During Pandemic | News
69 21 Countries Volunteer (to date) to Present National SDG Progress in 2021 | News
70 NFI begins piloting Volvo VNR electric trucks in Southern California
71 UN Secretariat Issues Questions and Answers on 2019 VNRs | News
72 Volvo Trucks deploys first pilot all-electric VNR truck at TEC Equipment
73 Volvo VNR Electric semi truck first drive: More than just a truck
74 Inclusive Virtual Modalities Needed to Make HLPF a Success, Say 460 CSOs | News
75 VNR 2018 Main Messages Available for 45 Countries | News
76 African Countries Stress Need for Data, Financing in VNR Main Messages | News
77 Global Workshop Launches Preparations for 51 VNRs in 2019 | News
78 DESA Issues Handbook to Guide Preparation of 2019 VNRs | News
79 Guest Article: Grassroots Action for SDG Implementation When Your Government Isn't Taking Action
80 HLPF Side Event Explores Role of Community-driven Data for Leaving No One Behind | News
81 Honolulu Police To Temporarily Halt Use Of Vascular Neck Restraints
82 Georgia’s Voluntary National Review on 2030 SDG Agenda Implementation
83 Seven Countries Present Second Voluntary National Review of SDG Implementation | News
84 42 Countries to Present VNRs to HLPF 2019 | News
85 Inside the Volvo Trucks electric VNR
86 Guest Article: Towards Second-Generation Voluntary National Reviews
87 Stakeholders Report on Engagement in SDGs, VNRs at National Level | News
88 CEPEI Assesses Three Years of VNRs in Latin America and the Caribbean | News
89 47 Countries to Present VNRs in 2018, with 8 Already Preparing for HLPF 2019 | News
90 VNR Compilation Highlights National SDG Progress and Challenges | News
91 MEDIA ADVISORY*** VNR with Spanish SOTs
92 Volvo debuts new VNR model with shorter BBC
93 Guest Article: A Place for Nature at the High-Level Political Forum
94 Volvo takes big step toward commercializing zero-emissions electric trucks
95 ‘India to focus on marginalised groups to assess impact of SDGs’
96 DESA Issues VNR Handbook, Revised Voluntary Guidelines | News
97 Confce on ‘VNR 2020 of Bangladesh Positioning NonState Actors’ on March 11
98 Eastern European Countries Release VNR Main Messages | News
99 UNESCO hold the consultation meeting on Voluntary National Review (VNR) of Access of Information and Journalists Safety [EN/AR]
100 UN Releases 2020 HLPF Website | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD