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Result Content Idea Research
1 COVID Global Death Tally Approaches One Million
2 US Judge Halts Government Ban on TikTok
3 New York Times Report Thrusts Trump Taxes Into 2020 Election Spotlight
4 Cambodian Dissidents Sentenced as Crackdown Continues
5 Paris Attacker Says he Was Targeting 'Charlie Hebdo' Magazine
6 Ghana's Used Clothing Market Falters as COVID Bans, Poverty Intersect
7 Cameroon Campaigns for Schools Reopening
8 Trump Questions Biden’s Debate Performances
9 UN Secretary General Welcomes Yemeni Prisoner Release Pact
10 UN Human Rights Experts Demand Release of Nigerian Muslim Singer Facing Execution
11 America prepares for the Presidential debates
12 Sri Lanka Returns Hazardous Waste to Britain
13 300 Chinese Fishing Ships Off South America Coast Raise Food Security Worries
14 Rabbis Ponder COVID-19 Queries of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Life
15 Chief Afghan Peacemaker Visits Pakistan
16 US Special Envoy: Millions in Aid Aim to Help Fragile Sahel Region
17 Hot Baths Can Ward Off Cardiovascular Diseases, Study Shows
18 Why Facebook Suddenly Closed 155 Accounts Targeting the Philippines
19 Poland Rejects Letter From Diplomats Urging Tolerance for LGBT People
20 Yemen’s Warring Parties Agree on Prisoner Exchange
21 Lebanese Politician Bassil Infected with Coronavirus, His Party Says
22 3 Arrests, Little Violence at Far-Right Group’s Portland Rally
23 Martial Law, Total Mobilization in Armenia, Azerbaijan After Clashes Over Nagorno-Karabakh Enclave
24 CDC Adds Breathing to Ways Coronavirus Spreads
25 Trump's Health Care Executive Order Short on Details, Experts Say
26 California Wine Country Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Hospital, Hundreds of Homes
27 Tobacco Causes One in Five Deaths from Heart Disease
28 Proposed US Visa Changes Explained
29 Mexico Issues Arrest Warrants on Sixth Anniversary of Disappearance of 43 College Students
30 About 3,500 US Companies Sue Over Trump-Imposed Chinese Tariffs
31 World’s COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise
32 Sweden Keeps Ban on Large Gatherings as COVID-19 Cases Rise
33 UN Marks 75th Anniversary in Atmosphere of New Challenges
34 VOA Interview: Belarus Opposition Leader Tsikhanouskaya
35 PG&E Shuts Power to 11,000 Customers to Prevent Wildfires
36 Breonna Taylor Protesters March Anew: ‘No Justice, No Peace’
37 NASA Says It Added $64 Billion to US Economy in 2019
38 UN Human Rights Chief Calls for Venezuela Reforms
39 US Imposes Curbs on Exports by China's Top Chipmaker SMIC
40 What Does Beijing Want From Berlin?
41 China Data Leak Points to Massive Global Collection Effort
42 China Freezes Visa Renewals for Journalists with US-Based News Outlets
43 Afghan Rivals Begin Historic Peace Talks; US Cautiously Optimistic
44 Why China Suddenly Wants Rules for a Disputed Sea
45 US Rapper Kanye West Makes Surprise Visit to Haiti
46 Arctic Ocean Ice Shrinks to Second Lowest Level on Record
47 WHO: European COVID-19 Mortality to Rise in October, November
48 Puerto Rico Reopening Beaches on Saturday Amid Drop in Coronavirus Cases
49 Newspaper: Facebook Tells Irish Court That Probe Threatens Its EU Operations
50 Palm Oil Labor Abuses Linked to World’s Top Brands, Banks
51 Climate Change Making Western Wildfires in US Worse
52 Journalists Say They Were Barred from Traveling to Cover Ethiopian Regional Election
53 As Trump Campaigns on Law and Order, Barr Rolls Out Crime-Fighting Initiatives
54 Pakistan Begins Phase 3 Trial of Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine
55 DRC, Congo Face Risk of Ebola Spreading Across Border
56 COVID, Bad Economy Push Soaring Numbers of Young Americans Back Home, Study Finds
57 S. Korea Urges North to Further Investigate Death of Fisheries Official
58 China, US Vie for Sympathy Among Wary Southeast Asian Leaders
59 France’s Macron Pivots to Mideast, Triggering Speculation
60 Breaking Another Barrier, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is First US Woman to Lie in State
61 Don't Ignore North Korea Human Rights, UN Says
62 AP Explains: US Debt Will Soon Exceed Size of Entire Economy
63 Transgender Americans Face Voting Barriers in 2020 Presidential Election, Study Finds
64 Taliban Want 'Islamic System' of Government as Focal Point of Afghan Talks
65 Everyday Grammar: 'To' and Place Adverbs
66 Trump Urges Iran Not to Execute Wrestler for 2018 Murder Confession Apparently Made Under Torture
67 Ethiopia Begins Circulation of New Currency
68 The Price of Beijing's Vaccine Diplomacy in Southeast Asia
69 Zimbabwe Teachers Union Rejects UNICEF Push to Keep African Schools Open During Pandemic
70 US Passes 6 Million Cases of Coronavirus
71 Republican Senate Report on Biden's Son Alleges Conflict of Interest
72 Belarus Opposition Leader Appeals to UN to Stop Human Rights Abuses in Her Country
73 Antifa Protester Implicated in Killing of Trump Supporter in Oregon
74 US Sanctions Companies for Allegedly Supporting Iranian Petrochemical Company
75 Japanese Ship Operator to Put $9.4M Toward Mauritius Oil Spill Recovery
76 Report: US Global War on Terror Has Displaced Up to 59 Million People
77 Solar Mamas Brighten Rural Malawi
78 Gunmen Overrun Police Base in Northern Nigeria
79 Cameroon Separatists Turning to Cattle Rustling, Ranchers Say
80 China’s 'Coercive Diplomacy' Backfires as Czech Senate Delegation Visits Taiwan
81 WHO: World Must Learn from COVID, Prepare for Next Pandemic
82 Macron to Lebanon's Leaders: Make Changes in 3 Months or Face Sanctions
83 Sudan's Government Agrees to Separate Religion and State
84 New Voice of America overseer called foreign journalists a security risk. Now the staff is revolting.
85 Former Vice President Biden Making 3rd Attempt for US Presidency
86 White House Slams Voice of America; VOA Fights Back
87 Asia Leads in Press Freedom Breaches Tied to Pandemic Reporting
88 New US Broadcast Chief Fires Agency Heads
89 Trump's VOA Criticism Shows US-Funded News Doesn't Mean US-Approved
90 COVID-19 Pandemic
91 Visa Delays Could Hamper VOA News Coverage, Journalists Say
92 Democratic Lawmakers ‘Outraged’ at New USAGM Chief’s Dismissals
93 VOA Journalists Fly Home After USAGM Fails to Renew J-1 Visas
94 Pack Expands Purge at US Global News Agency
95 A Statement from VOA Director Amanda Bennett
96 VOA Urdu Service Investigated Over Biden Video
97 USAGM Reviewing Foreign Journalist Visas
98 Temporary Visa Reprieve for VOA Thai Journalist
99 US Now Leads World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases
100 Lawsuit Contests Legality of Firings at US Agency for Global Media