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1 Potential COVID-19 vaccine has re-energized anti-vaccination groups, health experts warn
2 New Brunswick legislators defeat controversial mandatory vaccination bill
3 Anti-vaccine group, 5 moms launching legal challenge to Ontario's child vaccination law
4 Anti-vaccine billboard 'played upon the fear of parents,' violated ad accuracy rules
5 The coronavirus vaccine frontrunners have emerged. Here's where they stand
6 The thorny issue of mandatory vaccinations under discussion
7 Anti-vaccination group to challenge New Brunswick mandatory immunization bill
8 Hidden cameras capture misinformation, fundraising tactics used by anti-vaxx movement
9 Canada PM Justin Trudeau faces probe over C$900 million charity contract
10 Halifax will not cancel screening of anti-vaccination movie later this month
11 Green MLAs hit with 'social media storm' following vaccination bill abstentions
12 One Toronto mom's epic battle with the anti-vaxxer mob
13 Trudeau, and an unexpected Trump, urge COVID-19 co-operation at vaccine summit
14 Facing the facts: Covering mouth, nose best shield against virus, experts say
15 When 511 Epidemiologists Expect to Fly, Hug and Do 18 Other Everyday Activities Again
16 A look at how provinces plan to emerge from the COVID-19 shutdown
17 Vaccine hesitancy is a global threat. Experts say watch out for coronavirus misinformation
18 Alberta health advocates alarmed by anti-vaxx documentary screened in theatres, libraries
19 ICMRA statement about confidence in vaccine safety and effectiveness
20 5 takeaways from hearings on mandatory vaccinations
21 New Brunswick uses notwithstanding clause in 2nd bid to pass vaccination bill
22 B.C. pulls funding for health charity that spread anti-vaccine claims
23 As coronavirus surges across South and West, Texas mayors plead with residents to wear masks
24 National | CBA National
25 EDITORIAL: Vaccinate your kid
26 Anti-vaxxers protest recommendation to remove non-medical exemptions for Ontario students
27 Anti-vaccination billboards in Toronto being removed, company says
28 PressProgress
29 Anti-vaxx politicians under fire as coronavirus spreads
30 COVID-19 update for July 4: Here's the latest on coronavirus in B.C.
31 The Latest: White House steps up effort to downplay coronavirus concerns
32 Scholars say religious vaccine objections can't be traced to Biblical sources
33 World economy on track for worst recession in a century, OECD says
34 BLIZZARD: Make sure your kid is vaccinated
35 Vaccine hesitancy on the rise in Ontario, says head of the Ontario Medical Association
36 Letters to the Editor: Justice system unfair to victims' families
37 Should a vaccine for COVID-19 be made mandatory in Canada, once it's created?
38 PAUL W. BENNETT: Nova Scotia should stop vacillating on child vaccination
39 CHARBONNEAU: Stop the misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine now
40 A ‘good hook’: Why some people listen to anti-vaccination messages
41 High rate of vaccination refusal at 12 Toronto alternative schools creates measles risk, officials say
42 Anti-vaccine message campaign rolls through the Okanagan
43 Anti-vaccine film screening spreading misinformation: Chief Medical Officer
44 Hearings on mandatory vaccines for students draw speakers on both sides of issue
45 Government, pharmaceutical companies deny 'intense lobbying' over Bill 39
46 New Brunswick education minister warns against anti-vaccination message
47 Anti-vaccination film screenings cause controversy
48 China joins S'pore-NZ initiative to keep supply chains open
49 Top U.S. scientists left out of White House selection of COVID-19 vaccine short list
50 117 million children risk missing measles vaccines due to COVID-19 pandemic
51 A majority of vaccine skeptics plan to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine, a study suggests, and that could be a big problem
52 'It's a war around the truth': Health experts, Facebook and YouTube play catch-up with anti-vaxxers
53 Speed coronavirus vaccine testing by deliberately infecting volunteers? Not so fast, some scientists warn
54 'We have no choice.' Pandemic forces polio eradication group to halt campaigns
55 Polio, measles, other diseases set to surge as COVID-19 forces suspension of vaccination campaigns
56 When parents say 'no' to HPV shots, teens have no choice. Some states are changing that.
57 This Italian scientist has become a celebrity by fighting vaccine skeptics
58 Anti-Vaxxers Are Terrified the Government Will 'Enforce' a Vaccine for Coronavirus
59 False advice on refusing vaccines circulates during COVID-19 pandemic
60 Kenney has ‘no intention’ of making COVID-19 vaccine mandatory if one becomes available
61 Cardy hopes to pass contentious vaccination bill by summer
62 Clover Biopharmaceuticals Covid-19 vaccine could have upper hand
63 Conspiracies are spreading over coronavirus vaccines before one even exists
64 Covid-19 vaccine trial on humans starts as UK warns restrictions could stay in place until next year
65 One will live, one will die: How Canada is preparing for tough coronavirus choices
66 Top Israeli immunologist accused of promoting antivaccine views
67 'They’re Chipping Away.' Inside the Grassroots Effort to Fight Mandatory Vaccines
68 The $1 billion bet: Pharma giant and U.S. government team up in all-out coronavirus vaccine push
69 March 16 coronavirus news
70 Doubts greet $1.2 billion bet by United States on a coronavirus vaccine by October
71 Scientists are moving at record speed to create new coronavirus vaccines—but they may come too late
72 Unveiling 'Warp Speed,' the White House's America-first push for a coronavirus vaccine
73 Operation Warp Speed selects billionaire scientist's COVID-19 vaccine for monkey tests
74 Can a century-old TB vaccine steel the immune system against the new coronavirus?
75 London-linked professor eyeing coronavirus vaccines urges Canadians to stay home
76 With record-setting speed, vaccinemakers take their first shots at the new coronavirus
77 'Our parents didn't have a choice': Vaccinate your children, polio survivors plead
78 For all the debunking, anti-vaxxers keep finding an audience. They always have
79 Malicious Bots and Trolls Spread Vaccine Misinformation
80 Ontario reports 381 new cases, 34 deaths; Canada's first COVID-19 vaccine trials approved; more help possible for Air Canada
81 A third of Canadians say science on vaccines isn't 'quite clear': poll
82 Canada Boosts Coronavirus Vaccine Research, Saskatchewan Plans Gradual Reopening
83 Lockdowns shouldn't be fully lifted until coronavirus vaccine found, new study warns
84 Trudeau to join global COVID-19 vaccine fundraiser amid calls for fair access
85 Flu Vaccine Selections Suggest This Year's Shot May Be Off the Mark
86 Unveiling vaccine effort, Trump says country will be back with or without one
87 Polio eradication program faces hard choices as endgame strategy falters
88 Merck, one of Big Pharma's biggest players, reveals its COVID-19 vaccine and therapy plans
89 To streamline coronavirus vaccine and drug efforts, NIH and firms join forces
90 World leaders pledge billions for virus vaccine research
91 MANDEL: Divorced Toronto dad pushes ahead in vaccination fight
92 Residents who suffered side effects of vaccines rally for right to opt out of new requirements
93 End most vaccine exemptions, Toronto board of health urges province
94 'It's a razor's edge we're walking': inside the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine
95 'Harmful' billboards from anti-vaccine group in Toronto coming down | News
96 Another HIV vaccine strategy fails in large-scale study
97 Anti-vaxxers on Vancouver Island protest B.C.’s mandatory reporting for kids in school
98 B.C. government granted $428K to group that spreads anti-vaccine claims
99 Malicious bots and trolls spread vaccine misinformation – now social media companies are fighting back
100 Would We Have Already Had a COVID-19 Vaccine Under Socialism?