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1 Marked improvement in pollution emission figures
2 Inflexible Fossil Fuels: Why Starting And Stopping Coal & Gas Power Costs Big Bucks
3 Coal Ash Repositories report raises alarm
4 Vales Point coal plant drops controversial bid for government funding
5 Council urges action on coal ash report
6 How coal baron Trevor St Baker turned a $1m power plant into a money-making machine
7 Vales Point told to apply for $8.7m coal upgrade grant, weeks after it was announced in federal budget
8 Vales Point Power Station Pollution Fine “Chump Change”
9 $8.7 million gift for Vales Point Coal: Pesky grant applications a mere formality
10 Budget week is looming – as are electric shocks over power prices and reliability
11 Push to get taxpayer funds for Vales Point coal plant upgrade rejected
12 Coal plant closures loom large as NSW backs hydrogen for the Hunter
13 Vales Point says pollution breaches reflect dirty Lake Macquarie water
14 Coalition likely to give $11m to Vales Point coal-fired power station for upgrade
15 Anger as public funds extend life of dirty Vales Point power station
16 Vales Point Power Station receives $11M grant despite being fined for pollution
17 Budget's coal grant 'disrupts market' and deters energy investments, industry says
18 Power station’s bid for emissions exemption until 2027
19 EPA to accept public consultation over Vales Point licence renewal
20 Vales Point pollution doubles child asthma
21 Silhouette art project calls for action
22 Eraring and Vales Point coal-fired power stations in the Hunter could close 'earlier than expected'
23 NSW warned on loss of power self-sufficiency
24 Coal power stations going broke: Schott
25 Vales Point power station has applied to extend an emissions exemption for nitrogen dioxide
26 Federal budget funds Vales Point upgrade and CCS, but snubs EVs
27 Up to five coal plants 'unprofitable by 2025'
28 Meeting at power station is not likely to be good news
29 Deadly pollutant surged by 3000 per cent at coal-fired power plant
30 Reserve bank asked to explain $10.9m contract with Trevor St Baker's power company
31 Turbine upgrade to be self funded by Delta Electricity
32 Why a company was fined $30k over a Central Coast power station
33 ‘Dirty and dangerous’: AGL tops list of coal-fired plant breaches
34 EPA needs to consult with the public and health professionals
35 Renewable energy 'tidal wave' tipped to wipe out coal-fired power stations
36 Paltry fine "will not be a disincentive to pollute"
37 Coal barons Brian Flannery and Trevor St Baker fall out over Vales Point
38 How a power station sold for peanuts became a $730 million asset
39 NSW coal ash dams need better regulation, say environment groups
40 Barnaby Joyce, Matt Canavan and David Gillespie take the National Party message to Mandalong underground and Vales Point power station
41 Deal of the century does nothing for local community
42 Renewables boom prompts calls to start planning for Yallourn coal closure, community groups say
43 300 tonnes of pollutants will leach into Lake Macquarie
44 Coal boss threatens legal action over $32b renewables plan
45 Closing Liddell power plant to have only short-term effects: report
46 NSW Inquiry Tackles Coal Ash Issue
47 Evidence of heavy metal pollution in Lake Macquarie to be presented
48 Out Of The Ashes II – The Coal Ash Threat In NSW
49 Renewable energy boom could force coal power to close early, says new report
50 At least 60 million tons of coal ash needs to be removed
51 Environmental groups blast $8.7 million Vales Point turbine upgrade
52 Budget lifeline for coal fired power, dam building and the environment
53 Massive increase in toxic emissions at Australian coal power plant
54 Vales Point power station privatisation put before auditor-general
55 Delta Electricity to extend life of Vales Point coal-fired power station
56 Barnaby Wants CEFC To Invest In Coal Power
57 NSW pumped hydro project fast-tracked to help replace ageing coal-fired power stations
58 Government finalises $3.6m Collinsville coal power plant grant despite disallowance motion
59 Coal’s deadly legacy in Australia and the US
60 Coal generation kills 800 a year in Australia, says new report
61 Increase in fine particle emissions blamed on filter replacement
62 PM2.5 particles have been found in NSW that originated in South Australia
63 Action looms over 'steep, unexplained' spike in power plant pollution
64 Trevor St Baker says Collinsville coal plant would need shielding from climate policy change
65 Angus Taylor and Matt Kean: Both Liberals but on opposite sides of the electricity debate
66 Coal waste found to be a 'ticking time bomb' across Australia
67 Delta signs 10-year contract for new solar farm at Vales Point coal plant
68 Origin boss wants smooth exit for NSW coal power
69 Coalition of environment groups alleges Delta Electricity has breached its environment protection licence for Vales Point Power Station
70 Health, environment & community groups make legal complaint to EPA News
71 REZ legislation will lead to massive investment in renewable energy
72 Coal projects fast-tracked...
73 Covid caused a coal-killing carbon crunch, and it could be permanent
74 End Coal | CoalWire 358, February 25, 2021
75 Coalition split over new coal power station
76 National party Senators want to build coal fired and nuclear power stations but Kerry Schott, Chair of the Energy Security Board says coal fired power stations will close early as renewables makes them unprofitable
77 Reserve Bank to buy just 20 pct GreenPower in deal with Delta Electricity
78 Coal-fired power plants could be responsible for 800 premature deaths in Australia
79 Morrison defied Treasury's advice to reject help for Liberal donor's power company
80 Grant of $3.3m for Shine Energy approved despite not being entirely appropriate, auditor general finds
81 Coal ash has become one of Australia's biggest waste problems — and a solution is being ignored
82 Emissions Reduction Fund review considers opening the scheme to coal-fired power stations
83 Renewable energy to beat Labor's 50 per cent 'wrecking ball' target
84 End Coal | CoalWire 353, January 14, 2021
85 Australian power stations among world's worst for toxic air pollution
86 Yallourn deal threatens other generators
87 'Scandal': NSW coal power plants will kill thousands before they close
88 Profits to keep Vales Point coal-fired power station going for another 20 years
89 How Can AGL Energy Broaden Its Appeal? – ShareCafe
90 AGL cuts earnings guidance after Liddell outage
91 Chain Valley and Mannering collieries to go under one development approval
92 Canavan 'desperate' for coal-fired power in pledge to back projects
93 'Backwards' federal budget: Morrison government never fails to disappoint on climate action
94 Australia’s biggest coal state could reach 100 pct renewables by 2030, Reputex says
95 One 'very small' coal plant on Scott Morrison's list of 12 energy projects
96 Coal barons say the darndest things: St Baker rattles off dubious claims about future of coal
97 The government's electricity shortlist rightly features pumped hydro (and wrongly includes coal)
98 Forcing gas generation into NSW is a loser policy
99 New inquiry to assess coal ash impacts
100 Solar farm approved at Vales Point power station