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1 Varosha ghost town will be ‘pearl of Cyprus’, Turkish vice president says
2 Turkish vice president says Varosha will once again be 'pearl of Cyprus'
3 TRNC's Tatar slams Greek Cypriot leaders for harming UN-led talks | Daily Sabah
4 North Cyprus reopens 'ghost town' beach resort for first time since 1970s
5 India Blasts Turkey's Violations Of UN Security Council Resolutions On Cyprus
6 Varosha and political ineptitude
7 'Bittersweet': reopened Cyprus resort highlights deepening divides across eastern Mediterranean
8 Northern Cyprus set to reopen Cypriot ghost town on ceasefire lines
9 Cypriot ghost town could reopen for first time since 1970s
10 Raab warned not to violate 'red lines' over Cyprus after meeting leader of breakaway north
11 This 'Forbidden' Cyprus Ghost Town Has Been Frozen in the 1970s — and Now It Hopes to Attract Tourists Again
12 Cypriot ghost town Varosha flourishes after 46 years, receives 67K visitors since opening | Daily Sabah
13 Oktay's Famagusta remarks denounced as 'unacceptable'
14 Why TRNC legally right in property debate in reopened Varosha | Daily Sabah
15 Cypriot ghost town Varosha to gradually reopen for settlement, tourism | Daily Sabah
16 New hopes may arise from ruins of Varosha
17 Wanting Recognition, Turkey Plans Reopening Cyprus' Varosha Ghost Town
18 Maraş and Varosha…
19 What Did The German Bundestag Say About Cyprus, Varosha and Turkey?
20 US supports Cyprus solution based on a BBF, USUN Ambassador-Nominee says
21 A ghost town in Cyprus that was abandoned in the 1970s may soon open to the public again — take a look inside
22 Reopening of 'ghost town' Varosha to gain momentum after COVID-19 pandemic | Daily Sabah
23 Locked Down Since 1974, A Mediterranean Resort Town Might Be Re-Opening
24 Occupied Cypriot Town Of Varosha To Illegally Open For Turkish Colonisers
25 Pompeo seeks reversal of 'provocative' North Cyprus move to reopen Varosha
26 Protests As North Prepares To Welcome Erdogan To Varosha
27 State Department on Varosha: Erdogan's visit a 'step in the wrong direction'
28 Ghost town reopening in Northern Cyprus sparks fears of Turkish election interference
29 As Turks Frolic On Abandoned Varosha Resort Beach, Unity Hopes Slide Away
30 Federation, confederation or what?
31 Erdogan visits Northern Cyprus, calls for two-state solution for island
32 Heirs of several properties in Varosha visit fenced city
33 National Security Council to Groups: U.S. Has Called for a Reversal on Varosha
34 Turkey, TRNC reject European Parliament resolution on Varosha, Cyprus | Daily Sabah
35 A Ghost Town is Reopening, After Three Decades
36 Waqf properties make up all land in Varosha, cannot be returned, former Turkish Cypriot official says | Daily Sabah
37 Third way, Greek Cypriot perspectives
38 Far-right Greek Cypriots carry out violent protests against TRNC's Varosha move | Daily Sabah
39 Turkey insists on 'two-state solution' in Cyprus
40 'Turkey favors fair, permanent solution of Cyprus issue'
41 Our view: No one interested in listening to Averof's voice of reason
42 Borrell reiterates criticism of Turkey over Varosha
43 Trump urged to press Erdogan over Varosha
44 Varosha: Ghost resort on Cyprus ceasefire line to reopen
45 Turkey Renames JFK Avenue in Varosha Cyprus Resort for Invasion Leader
46 Varosha town ‘open area’: President of Turkish Cypriots
47 PSEKA expresses dismay in Turkey's illegal reopening of Varosha beach in Cyprus
48 TRNC considers launching dark tourism in Varosha | Daily Sabah
49 Northern Cyprus Ghost Town May Be Opened Soon for Settlement
50 Ghost town haunts future of Cyprus
51 The abandoned town in Cyprus where celebrities used to frolic
52 Neophytou: if UN initiative fails, Varosha will be lost in tsunami of developments
53 2020 reviewed: The year we realised Varosha could be lost
54 Tatar will reopen 'every square metre' of Varosha (Updated)
55 Diaspora in the US sends letter to President Trump over Varosha
56 EU-Turkey tensions mount over Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean
57 Reopening process of Varosha 'on right track,' says Turkish Cypriot FM
58 Erdogan plans 'picnic' in symbolic Cyprus ghost town
59 Northern Cyprus Elects Erdogan Ally
60 Tatar's comments on Varosha an affront to all Cypriots
61 Our view: Latest Varosha moves gratuitously cruel
62 Turkish Cypriot 'ghost town' Varosha to host official meeting after 4 decades | Daily Sabah
63 ECHR to judge value of Varosha properties
64 Our View: If we want to save Varosha we must reach a deal
65 Turkey looking to re-open northern Cyprus ghost town after 46 years
66 President briefs Famagusta local authorities on initiatives on Varosha
67 Geneva meet to discuss possible ground for Cyprus talks
68 Cyprus: Hundreds protest against opening of beachfront in Varosha
69 Turkey may re-open Cypriot ‘ghost town’ Varosha in October
70 FM, municipality discuss Varosha issue
71 Lavrov expresses 'serious concern' over opening of Varosha
72 More than 100,000 visits to Varosha since October
73 More than 80 Greek Cypriots have sought compensation for Varosha properties
74 UN closely monitoring Varosha issue
75 Varosha and dealing with Evkaf
76 After 46 years it's time to open Varosha says Tatar (Video interview)
77 Disy seeks advice from legal experts over Varosha
78 Turkish Cypriots Rally Against Erdogan's Plan for a Picnic at Varosha
79 Turkish Cypriot politicians attack Tatar for not knowing what is going on in Varosha
80 Erdogan's 'picnic' in Varosha
81 Bicommunal group denounces partial opening of Varosha
82 Varosha: the legal aspect of the Turkish move
83 Neophytou briefs ambassadors of P5 on Varosha
84 Fenced-off Varosha has 100,000 visits since 'opening'
85 Upgrading work in Varosha 'impacting search for missing'
86 What the Turkish settlement of Varosha would make clear
87 Populating Varosha is Verboten
88 UN Source: UN stepping up efforts to monitor developments in Varosha
89 Visiting the past: Varosha refugees return for glimpse of home (with video)
90 How a Beach in Northern Cyprus Could Derail Peace Talks
91 More than 70,000 have visited Varosha since October
92 Frozen in time: This ghost town in Cyprus hopes to revive tourism again
93 The Varosha property question
94 The cemented love stories of 1970s Varosha
95 Inside the forbidden tourist resort where time stopped almost 50 years ago
96 News podcast: Erdogan's Varosha picnic and the legal implications
97 Etek says Varosha should be shifted from political to technical arena
98 Varosha high on EU agenda says Borrell
99 The reopening of ghost town Varosha in Cyprus
100 Turkish Cyprus decides to reopen disputed Varosha to tourism