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1 Release of Vaxxed sequel prompts fears dangerous propaganda will spread again
2 Andrew Wakefield: Disgraced — but not in the eyes of his US fans
3 Controversial anti-vaxxer bus rolls in to Gympie
4 Facebook won't flag anti-vaxxing misinformation, says Mark Zuckerberg
5 VAXXED II — anti-vax movie with a devoted following shown at the State Theatre
6 Vaccines — lessons from three centuries of protest
7 Screening of vaccine film 'Vaxxed' to be held in Union
8 'Vaxxed': STAT watched the documentary so you don't have to
9 Amazon Vaxxed documentary: why it's junk science
10 'Vaxxed II' Bus Rolls Into Clovis. Wants to Hear Stories.
11 7 things about vaccines and autism that the movie ‘Vaxxed’ won’t tell you
12 How Negative is Information About Vaccines on Popular Web Platforms?
13 'Vaxxed': an explainer on vaccines and a controversial new film
14 What You Must Know In regards to the Act of 1986
15 How to beat anti-vaxxers at their own game
16 "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe" the Most Controversial Film in America Launches a Nationwide Bus Tour on August 6th
17 Anti-Vaccine Documentary Sequel to Secretly Screen in 19 U.S. States
18 Vaxxed, Too
19 'Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe': Closer to horror film than documentary
20 Meet the Uber driver on a mission to troll the 'Vaxxed' anti-vaccine road trip
21 "Vaxxed," anti-vaxx documentary, cancelled in UK
22 Vaxxed: Tribeca festival withdraws MMR film
23 Director of controversial Vaxxed film calls Tribeca snub a free speech issue
24 Alberta health advocates alarmed by anti-vaxx documentary screened in theatres, libraries
25 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is sneaking another anti-vaxxer film onto screens
26 Anti-vaccination film is to be shown at a council-owned venue
27 Vaxxed 2 returns to Fort St. John
28 Would You Trust Your Child With This Anti-Vax Ex-Doctor?
29 Anti-Vaccine Doc 'Vaxxed': A Doctor's Film Review
30 Controversial film 'Vaxxed' opens in metro Detroit
31 Film Review: ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe’
32 Controversial vaccination documentary 'Vaxxed' comes to the L.A. area Friday
33 'Vaxxed' producer to speak in Alexandria: Local chiropractor planning vaccination conference
34 ‘Vaxxed’: Andrew Wakefield’s Controversial Anti-Vaccine Documentary Set for Secret Cannes Screening
35 'I know my dad loved me': Dean Jones' young son's heartbreak
36 Notes on Vaxxed (Or, Not Lying But Being Wrong)
37 Vaxxed II Release Raises Fears
38 AstraZeneca CEO says participant had neurological symptoms, could be discharged today
39 Guest Column: A response to criticism of the movie "Vaxxed"
40 National Anti-Vaccine Tour VAXXED Visits Long Beach
41 Anti-vaxxer mothers launch bus tour discussing effects of immunisations
42 Controversial Anti-Vaccine Doc 'Vaxxed' Gets Secret Cannes Screening
43 Are these Aussies our worst COVID threat?
44 Anti-vaxxing: 3 hidden ways not getting vaccinated damages your health
45 'Dangerous': Researchers note 'massive uptick' in anti-vaccination activity
46 Wakefield responds to criticism as ‘Vaxxed’ set to screen in Eureka
47 A message to Whakatāne about Vaxxed, from a microbiologist and parent
48 Does controversial film 'Vaxxed' fan vaccination fears with discredited science? (poll)
49 'Are Vaccines Really As Safe and Effective As We've Been Told?' Asks Documentary
50 Popular Queensland holiday park kicks out controversial anti-vax group
51 'Vaxxed' to be screened
52 Controversial Andrew Wakefield film Vaxxed will be screened in Vancouver
53 Anti-vaccine documentary ‘Vaxxed’ is wrong about autism
54 Robert De Niro: 'I'm not anti-vaccine, I want safe vaccines'
55 'Vaxxed' film producers to host Q&A Wednesday
56 NSHA slams planned screening of anti-vaccination film in Halifax
57 ‘Vaxxed’: Controversial Anti-Vaccine Documentary Set To Open Wider in the United States & Will Head To Asia
58 Controversial Anti-Vaccination Documentary Gets Release From Cinema Libre (EXCLUSIVE)
59 Controversial anti-vaccine documentary set for 'secret' screening in Edinburgh
60 If you watch Vaxxed, know you're buying into the manipulation of a disgraced fraud
61 Vaxxed – make up your own mind
62 How to Talk to Anti-Vaxxers After They Watch"Vaxxed'
63 Vaxxed: A view from both sides of the debate
64 ‘Vaxxed’ brings debunked autism claim to Sacramento’s Tower Theatre
65 Harkins cancels Peoria showing of controversial 'Vaxxed' documentary
66 Halifax will not cancel screening of anti-vaccination movie later this month
67 'The film they don't want you to see'….Vaxxed
68 Vaxxed screening prompts rally
69 Vaxxed pulled from cinemas due to anti-vaccine controversy
70 Anti-vaccination film screenings cause controversy
71 To fix anti-vaxxing, climate change, and white supremacy, we 'have to fix Facebook and Google': Roger McNamee
72 DR MICHAEL FITZPATRICK: 'Anti-vaxx' film must be shown so its lies can be exposed
73 Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement
74 Former doctor Andrew Wakefield rises from the ashes of his career with Vaxxed, a vendetta against vaccines
75 What is 'Vaxxed' really about?
76 Why there's more to the anti-vaxxing narrative than meets the eye
77 Parents warned on Perth screening of anti-vaccination film, Vaxxed
78 'I come here with a lot of anger'—doctor crashes Vaxxed screening
79 Masks Fall When Antivaxxers Congregate | Office for Science and Society
80 Secret screenings of anti-jab film could risk kids’ lives: Health Minister
81 Junk Science Week: Robert De Niro gets Vaxxed
82 ‘Vaxxed’ Director’s Book ‘Callous Disregard’ in Development as Movie
83 Anti-vaccination groups still crowdfunding on Facebook despite crackdown
84 Vaxxed Australia screening location being kept secret until two hours before start
85 Anti-vaccine film Vaxxed will be given Cannes screening
86 VEXXED BY VAXXED | Controversy surrounds upcoming screening of anti-vaccination film at Ventura College
87 Anti-Vaccination Doc 'Vaxxed,' Booted From Tribeca, Is a Tragic Fraud
88 How many lives will it take for anti-vaxxers to give up?
89 Anti-vaccination film Vaxxed spreading 'myths' at NZ screenings, expert says
90 Kristen Bell: Wanna hold my baby? Get vaxxed!
91 Anti-vaccine film screening spreading misinformation: Chief Medical Officer
92 Letter: Like Vaxxed, Unplanned film full of false claims
93 Controversial anti-vaccine documentary coming to Glenwood Arts
94 Why anti-vax campaigners are keeping location of controversial film screening in FNQ a secret
95 "Busloads of touring conspiracy theorists" are not welcome in the Blue Mountains,
96 ‘Vaxxed’ producers interview Lethbridge parents found guilty in meningitis death
97 “Powerful” film Vaxxed raises important questions | Scoop News
98 How Netflix, Amazon and other tech giants are addressing anti-vaxxers: Today's talker
99 "Vaxxed" producers share belief that MMR vaccine causes autism
100 VAXXED OUT: A Look Inside Mississippi’s Vaccine Rights Movement and the Doctors Who Oppose It