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1 VAXXED II — anti-vax movie with a devoted following shown at the State Theatre
2 Lawsuit filed against Merck on behalf of young man allegedly injured by Gardasil
3 Release of Vaxxed sequel prompts fears dangerous propaganda will spread again
4 'Vaxxed II' Bus Rolls Into Clovis. Wants to Hear Stories.
5 Anti-Vaccine Documentary Sequel to Secretly Screen in 19 U.S. States
6 Vaxxed II Release Raises Fears
7 How to beat anti-vaxxers at their own game
8 Vaxxed, Too
9 Alberta health advocates alarmed by anti-vaxx documentary screened in theatres, libraries
10 Health Minister slams anti-vaxxer tour coming to southeast Queensland
11 Anti-vaccination film is to be shown at a council-owned venue
12 Halifax will not cancel screening of anti-vaccination movie later this month
13 NSHA slams planned screening of anti-vaccination film in Halifax
14 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is sneaking another anti-vaxxer film onto screens
15 Would You Trust Your Child With This Anti-Vax Ex-Doctor?
16 'Are Vaccines Really As Safe and Effective As We've Been Told?' Asks Documentary
17 Masks Fall When Antivaxxers Congregate | Office for Science and Society
18 Controversial anti-vaccine documentary set for 'secret' screening in Edinburgh
19 Anti-vaccine film screening spreading misinformation: Chief Medical Officer
20 Secret screenings of anti-jab film could risk kids’ lives: Health Minister
21 Anti-vaccination film screenings cause controversy
22 How many lives will it take for anti-vaxxers to give up?
23 Protesters gather outside Bedford, N.S. screenings of controversial anti-vaccination film
24 ALLY GARBER: HRM should have no part in anti-vaxxer movie that stigmatizes autistic people
25 7 things about vaccines and autism that the movie ‘Vaxxed’ won’t tell you
26 One Night Only: Controversial Anti-Vax Film Screens at the Roxy
27 DR MICHAEL FITZPATRICK: 'Anti-vaxx' film must be shown so its lies can be exposed
28 Fact-checking Judy Mikovits, the controversial virologist attacking Anthony Fauci in a viral conspiracy video
29 'Dangerous': Researchers note 'massive uptick' in anti-vaccination activity
30 Anti-Vax Views Have Gone Viral at the Ohio Statehouse
31 Why anti-vax campaigners are keeping location of controversial film screening in FNQ a secret
32 Thousands rally in Washington for vaccine injury awareness
33 Coronavirus vaccine and quarantine protesters in America form an unholy COVID-19 alliance
34 Anti-vaccine film sparks debate about Halifax's policy on booking venues
35 Controversial anti-vaccine movie screening at Scottish village hall cancelled
36 Jan 6 | The People's Truth
37 Autism advocate speaks out against anti-vaccination movie showing at HRM facility
38 Screening of vaccine film 'Vaxxed' to be held in Union
39 Rape threats to campaign mum after criticising unproven information about MMR jab
40 Misleading public health propaganda must be stopped
41 Vaxxed review – one-sided film leaves the elephant in the room
42 Amazon Vaxxed documentary: why it's junk science
43 The HPV vaccine is on trial as anti-vaxxers mobilize against effective cancer prevention
44 When anti-vax supporters would face jail for refusing jag
45 Sonoma International Film Festival begins July 30 with remote screenings
46 Anti-vaxxers have no place in the Black Lives Matter movement
47 Pulled From Festival, Anti-Vaccination Film Will Run in Theater
48 Andrew Wakefield claims vaccines are making measles 'more dangerous'
49 As measles returns, Indiegogo joins other tech platforms in banning Anti-Vaccine campaigns
50 SIFF 2020: Feature, Documentary And Short Film Lineup
51 Anti-Vaccine Doc 'Vaxxed': A Doctor's Film Review
52 'Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe': Closer to horror film than documentary
53 'Vaxxed': STAT watched the documentary so you don't have to
54 Padilla on Census, Voter Fraud, and His Future
55 Parents In Southern California Demand School Board Declare District a Sanctuary Community For Parental Rights
56 Controversial vaccination documentary 'Vaxxed' comes to the L.A. area Friday
57 Lorraine Webb: Open letter to Nevada County
58 Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement
59 Four vaccine myths and where they came from
60 Indiegogo bans anti-vaxxers from crowdfunding on its platform
61 tRump's America
62 Measles outbreak 2019: YouTube and Facebook crack down on vaccine misinformation
63 Does controversial film 'Vaxxed' fan vaccination fears with discredited science? (poll)
64 Think Facebook has an anti-vaxxer problem? You should see Amazon
65 Vaxxed Australia screening location being kept secret until two hours before start
66 The new anti-vaxx film backed by disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield that’s fuelling UK movement that could k
67 Fears grow over lack of measles suppression during Covid-19 outbreak
68 Coronavirus hits state budget season
69 ‘Vaxxed’ producers interview Lethbridge parents found guilty in meningitis death
70 MKR star Pete Evans should just admit it: he’s anti-vax
71 RFK Jr. Is Our Brother and Uncle. He's Tragically Wrong About Vaccines.
72 National Autistic Society Responds To 'Vaxxed' Film After Andrew Wakefield Attends London Premiere
73 How Netflix, Amazon and other tech giants are addressing anti-vaxxers: Today's talker
74 Controversial Anti-Vaccination Documentary Gets Release From Cinema Libre (EXCLUSIVE)
75 When Public Participation Is Public Theatre
76 Amazon Pulls Anti-Vaccination Documentaries From Prime Video After Congressman’s Inquiry to Jeff Bezos
77 If you watch Vaxxed, know you're buying into the manipulation of a disgraced fraud
78 COVID-19 antibody tests are readily available, but medical experts warn of their inaccuracy
79 Doctor's anti-vaccine claims create PR firestorm for Cleveland Clinic
80 Controversial film linking vaccines and autism to premiere in Pittsburgh
81 'I come here with a lot of anger'—doctor crashes Vaxxed screening
82 Dr. Frankovich Talks About Current COVID Concerns, Humboldt County's Risk Level, Antibody Testing and More
83 Douglas County enters Phase 1 reopening today, here's what that will look like
84 Davis: Why the debate? Vaccines do work
85 CDC Scientist: 'We scheduled meeting to destroy vaccine-autism study documents'
86 Anti-Vaxxers Use Holocaust-Era Symbol To Promote Their Agenda
87 Coronavirus: US now leads the world for most infected with more than 100,000 cases
88 Robert De Niro reverses course, yanks anti-vaccine film from Tribeca lineup
89 Coronavirus: At least six months before UK 'can get back to normal', Deputy Chief Medical Officer says
90 Contact dermatitis: potential new treatments
91 After "Vaxxed," here comes another antivaccine "documentary"
92 At the Courthouse Friday, a Group Protested Against Stay-at-Home Orders
93 Letter to the editor: 'I believe that all individuals deserve the right to freedom of medical choice'
94 Best Movies of the Decade: Top Movies of 2010s
95 Unhealthy debate: Medical experts debunk claims by anti-vaccination advocates
96 Bracing for Measles
97 Robert DeNiro Just Broke My Heart
98 This Texas Attorney Is Becoming An Anti-Vaxxer Star
99 'The 12th Man': Film Review
100 Raging Bullsh*t, part 3: Antivaccine celebrity Robert De Niro says he's teaming up with Harvey Weinstein to make a vaccine documentary