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1 It hatched: Universal Orlando officially announces Jurassic World VelociCoaster
2 Universal Orlando’s Raptor Encounter highlights Velociraptor Awareness Month
3 Jurassic World: 10 Hidden Details in Camp Cretaceous Everyone Completely Missed
4 Hidden 2021 Ram 1500 TRX Easter Egg Shows T-Rex Chomping on a Raptor
5 UWO research debunks 'Jurassic Park' image of velociraptors
6 Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru takes over Waukesha County Expo
7 Velociraptor relative had a much stronger grip than its cousins
8 Velociraptor arrives at Universal Orlando’s future roller-coaster site
9 UPNT Weekly Recap: More Reopenings at CityWalk Hollywood, Velociraptors on the "Velocicoaster," New Scary Foods from the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store, #HHNForever Playlist, and More!
10 ‘Jurassic World Aftermath’ Looks Like ‘Alien Isolation’ with Velociraptors, Coming Soon to Quest
11 Hasbro PulseCon 2020 Reveals with Voyager Optimus Primal, RED Cheetor, Prime Anniversary and More!
12 Did velociraptors hunt in packs? ‘Jurassic Park’ may be wrong
13 Jurassic Park got another thing wrong about velociraptors
14 'Warrior' Velociraptor Cousin May Have Been Among The Last Surviving Raptors
15 'Warrior' dinosaur with nasty gouge mark on claw uncovered in New Mexico
16 New Raptor Fossils Make Jurassic Park’s Dinosaur Even Less Accurate
17 Warm-blooded velociraptors? Fossilized proteins unravel dinosaur mysteries
18 Ram 1500 TRX Easter Egg Shows Raptor In The Jaws Of A T-Rex
19 'Jurassic Park' got this wrong about velociraptors
20 Vicious Velociraptor: tales of a turkey-sized dinosaur
21 Gillette Stadium hosts Jurassic Quest event in Foxborough
22 Curious Kids: did the velociraptors have feathers?
23 Spielberg wanted 'Jurassic Park' velociraptors to have forked tongues
24 The Evolving Story of the Utahraptor | Science
25 Jurassic World: Camp Creaceous Review
26 Google now lets you see dinosaurs in the real world through augmented reality
27 Jurassic World's Velociraptor Pack Names (& What They Mean)
28 Universal hauls velociraptor statue over unannounced ‘Jurassic Park’ roller coaster: report
29 New Baby Velociraptor Introduced at Universal's Raptor Encounter
30 Newly discovered 115-million-year-old 'fire born' theropod looks like a feathered velociraptor
31 Raptors May Have Hunted In Packs In Hollywood, Just Not In Real Life
32 Jurassic World Aftermath VR Game Coming to Oculus Quest –
33 Colin Trevorrow says people are 'underestimating' returning stars in 'Jurassic World: Dominion'
34 Photos: Dinosaur replica on display in Radford | Gallery |
35 Velociraptor: Facts About the 'Speedy Thief'
36 Google 3D dinosaurs: how to see AR Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops in your living room
37 Baby raptor discovered in Alaska may have been a permanent resident of the ancient Arctic
38 A Velociraptor Hunts Friends in a Ghost Town in Trailer for Creature Feature 'Claw' [Exclusive]
39 ‘Jurassic World Aftermath’: A New VR Adventure with the Jurassic World!
40 Oldest known Velociraptor relative in North America discovered
41 Review: The Hennessey VelociRaptor Ranger Is the Midsize Raptor Ford Won't Bring Here (Yet)
42 We’re “underestimating” the importance of the original Jurassic Park cast in Jurassic World: Dominion
43 Jurassic Park Got It Wrong About Raptor Behaviour, Scientists Claim
44 10,000 RPM VelociRaptor Hard Drive Still Relevant with $45 Deal
45 OpenCore Computer courts Apple's wrath with Velociraptor Hackintosh desktop PC
46 A dino-mighty experience: Gillette Stadium adds dates to drive-thru Jurassic Quest event
47 What Velociraptors are really like
48 How Jurassic Park Made Velociraptors the Most Beloved Dinosaur
49 After 75 million years the Velociraptor gets recognition for the killing machine it was
50 Fan spots error in Jurassic Park scene, 27 years after the film’s release
51 Agile, sickle-clawed new species of velociraptor-like dinosaur unearthed in Patagonia
52 Reopening the art world in a time of COVID
53 Fossil of terrifying megaraptor, with 14-inch claws, discovered in Argentina
54 New Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Velociraptor-Like Machine Possibly Revealed
55 The Velociraptor has a cousin and it’s even more formidable
56 Hellcat-Powered 2021 Ram TRX Easter Egg Pokes Fun at Ford Raptor
57 Brainy Velociraptor 'hunted in packs'
58 Coronavirus: ‘Jurassic Park’ tops weekend box office; ‘Jaws’ right behind
59 New LEGO Jurassic World sets for summer 2020 now available in the Americas [News]
60 This 2017 Hennessey F-150 VelociRaptor 500 Certainly Makes A Statement
61 How to Fight a Velociraptor (and Win)
62 Universal Studios Velociraptor Encounter Orlando | WOMX
63 Move over Velociraptor, there's a bigger, badder raptor in town!
64 Full therapod skeleton discovered in Dinosaur Provincial Park
65 Dinosaur find: Velociraptor ancestor was 'winged dragon'
66 'A scientific gold mine': Alberta fossil sheds new light on how raptors evolved
67 Let's Talk About the Color of the Jurassic Park Velociraptors (They're Not Green)
68 'Jurassic Park' got many on-screen dinosaurs wrong, experts say
69 How to Train Your Velociraptor, 'Jurassic World' Style
70 Burnaby dad brings animatronic velociraptor to son's school for Halloween
71 Photo Update: Jurassic Park 'Velocicoaster' makes amazing progress
72 Canon Deep Dive: The Three Subspecies of Velociraptor in Jurassic World and Where to Find Them
73 Why Are the Velociraptors in 'Jurassic World' So Big?
74 Film Fan Spots Jurassic Park Velociraptor Blunder 27 Years After Film's Release
75 Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous' Dark Ending & Movie Connections Explained
76 Wrong answer, Jurassic Park—raptors didn’t gang up on prey, but went it alone
77 Dr. Grant's entire Jurassic Park backstory explained
78 Apparently This Is What a Swimming Dinosaur Looks Like
79 Jurassic Park Coaster track topped off at Islands of Adventure
80 Celebrate National Velociraptor Awareness Day with 25 Ferocious Tattoos
81 Velociraptor, move over: New dinosaur's keen nose made it a formidable predator
82 Raptors of a Feather
83 Velociraptors Likely Hunted Solo, Despite Pop Culture Depiction
84 Turn Your Home Into 'Jurassic Park’ With Google’s New Dinosaur Feature
85 Velociraptors' Killer Claws Helped Them Eat Prey Alive
86 Barnestorming: If you must stay home, there is lots to celebrate, like velociraptors and dancing chickens
87 Machine Learning Has Had Prejudice Problems, So Why Would An AI Velociraptor Be Immune?
88 Researchers Explain Evolutionary Differences Of Raptors In Separate Continents
89 13 best movies leaving Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon in October 2020
90 Velociraptor Frozen in Time Scavenging a Larger Dinosaur
91 This Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6 Can Be Yours for $366,000
92 Paleontologists discover complete Saurornitholestes langstoni specimen: Discovery provides valuable insight into evolution of theropod dinosaurs around the world
93 'Superlungs' gave dinosaurs the energy to run and fight
94 Forget all you know from Jurassic Park: For speed, T.rex beats velociraptors
95 Jurassic Empire brings dinosaurs to life in Victorville
96 Here's what it would be like to be eaten by a vicious velociraptor
97 Elaphrosaur: Rare dinosaur identified in Australia
98 Photo Update: Universal's 'Velocicoaster' pushes ahead amid closures
99 Real velociraptor claw is way better than a 'Jurassic World' toy
100 What Happened To Camp Cretaceous' Kids After Jurassic World? Every Theory