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1 After Arecibo? A Lunar Crater Telescope.
2 New telescope at GBO
3 Ask Ethan: How Does Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry Allow Us To Image A Black Hole?
4 New telescope at Green Bank Observatory will improve localization of Fast Radio Bursts
5 Inner jet of the blazar PKS 1749+096 investigated in detail
6 Sparse modeling software offers novel approach to machine vision inspection
7 Algonquin Radio Observatory Co-Detects Source of Fast Radio Burst
8 How VLBI reveals the universe in amazing detail
9 The Precision Behind Sea Level Rise | Earthdata
10 Using radio telescopes, scientists connected optical atomic clocks across Earth
11 Signals from distant stars connect optical atomic clocks across Earth for the first time: Transportable radio telescopes could provide global high-precision comparisons of the best atomic clocks.
12 This powerful observatory studying the formation of galaxies is getting a massive, $54 million expansion
13 Array of radio telescopes reveals explosion on the surface of a hot dead star
14 Huib van Langefelde New Director of Event Horizon Telescope
15 South Africa Radio Astronomy Observatory Launches e-Learning Platform
16 NASA funds vast radio telescope concept on far side of the Moon
17 Taking a Measure of Sea Level Rise: Land Motion
18 Senior Systems Engineer
19 Transportable Radio Telescopes Used for Precise Comparisons of Best Atomic Clocks
20 World's largest radio telescope needs to hit US$1-billion target
21 More Than Just Astronomy: Radio Telescopes for Geophysics
22 GPS Has Role in Probing Universe's Mysteries
23 High-Energy Signals From Extragalactic Stars Connect Optical Atomic Clocks Across Earth for the First Time
24 New analysis of black hole reveals a wobbling shadow
25 China's Absolutely Massive Radio Telescope FAST Is Now Fully Operational
26 Asia can be leader in future world astronomy projects, says EAO Chief
27 Observations unveil the properties of neutrino-emitting blazar's jet
28 China unveils ambitious moon mission plans for 2024 and beyond
29 There's Now a Radio Telescope in Operation on The Far Side of The Moon
30 How Scientists Captured the First Image of a Black Hole
31 Blowtorch of the Gods Captured by Black Hole Image Makers
32 Surreal Photo of a Black Hole Ejecting Jets of Plasma
33 Event Horizon Telescope Reveals Turbulent Black Hole Evolution: Wobbling Shadow of the M87 Black Hole
34 Black hole 'subrings' could be seen by putting a telescope on the Moon
35 Ghana telescope heralds first pan-African array
36 Quasars, Black Holes and the Origins of Intercontinental Radio Astronomy
37 Where neutrinos come from
38 Electronics Engineer in Cambridge, MA for Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
39 Event Horizon Telescope observes a black hole-powered jet
40 World’s Largest Telescope is Now Operational in China
41 Government supports GAEC’s Radio Astronomy Observatory with vehicle
42 GPS Is Just One Of Astronomy's Many Benefits
43 Multi-Telescope View of Giant Black Hole Is 2 Million Times Sharper than Human Eye
44 Universal interferometric signatures of a black hole's photon ring
45 Xinhua Headlines: World's largest radio telescope starts formal operation
46 Mmegi Online :: BIUST's Prof Totolo Dreams of coal to Liquid plant in Palapye
47 East Asia VLBI Network observations of the TeV Gamma-Ray Burst 190114C
48 UR #26: Measuring the Radio Corona of Young M Dwarf Stars
49 John Ball, longtime Haystack Observatory scientist, dies at 83
50 Orolia technology synchronizes black hole photo telescopes
51 China’s 500-Meter FAST Radio Telescope is Now Operational
52 Fast radio burst tracked down to a nearby galaxy
53 Atomic Clocks So Accurate That They're Being Used To Measure… Elevation
54 Why Japan is emerging as NASA’s most important space partner
55 The Inside Story of the First Picture of a Black Hole
56 China's largest radio telescope is now fully operational and hoping to find aliens
57 Real-Time Measurements of Earth's Spin and Tilt
58 Our new view of the Milky Way
59 'Imiloa presenting scientist representing Very Long Baseline Array
60 Black Hole Size of Our Solar System Unveils Movie of Observable Universe
61 Tuning in to Reveal Stellar Wobbles | astrobites
62 Geodetic Infrastructure Needs Enhancements, Continued Maintenance to Answer High-Priority Scientific Questions About Climate Change, Earthquakes, Ecosystems Over Next Decade
63 Astronomers track source of mysterious repeating radio burst to far-away galaxy
64 Old Communications Dish Born Again as Radio Telescope in Africa
65 Geophysics: A first for a unique instrument
66 Fortnite flashback: Just how accurate was the black hole that launched Chapter 2?
67 SA MeerKAT telescope to be expanded by 20 dishes at a cost of R800 million
68 Sensing The Earth's Wobble In Time
69 A mysterious repeating radio signal has been traced to a nearby galaxy
70 Milky Way map with highest resolution unveiled
71 South Okanagan radio telescope expanding following revolutionary discoveries | Penticton News | iNFOnews
72 For the First Time, Radio Telescope Detects Regular Bursts Every 16 Days
73 Nature Communications Article Features LO-94, First Lunar-Orbiting Ham Radio Spacecraft.
74 All black holes should sport light rings
75 Scientists investigating mystery radio signals from a galaxy far, far away | ITV News
76 Ghana converts obsolete telecomms dish into radio telescope
77 Binding Radio Telescopes with Telecom Fiber
78 Astronomical Mystery Deepens After Fast Radio Burst Detected From Unknown Source
79 Ask Ethan: How Does The Event Horizon Telescope Act Like One Giant Mirror?
80 Lifting The Veil On The Black Hole At The Heart Of Our Galaxy
81 Repeating Fast Radio Burst Localized to Massive Spiral Galaxy | Astronomy
82 See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon: China's Lunar Radio Observatory
83 Advances in Test & Measurement: Photonic advances to dramatically improve astronomical interferometry in the next decade
84 Optical Atomic Clocks Are Ready to Redefine Time
85 Event Horizon Telescope: An Earth-Size Black Hole Camera
86 Giant Radio Telescope Scaled Back to Contain Costs
87 West Side grad behind first-ever picture of black hole gives Purdue behind-the-scenes look
88 Researchers share first-ever photo of black hole
89 Relativistic jet of the blazar S5 0836+710 investigated in detail
90 Russian Astrophysicists Trace Neutrinos – Mysterious “Ghost Particles” – From Where No One Had Expected
91 Infinite Visions Were Hiding in the First Black Hole Image’s Rings
92 China is moving ahead with lunar south pole and near-Earth asteroid missions
93 By Linking Telescopes, Astronomers Make the Sharpest-Ever Observation of a Distant Object
94 SpaceX to test Starlink “sun visor” to reduce brightness
95 Pairing lasers with microwaves makes mind-bogglingly accurate electronic clocks – a potential boon for GPS, cell phones and radar
96 World's Largest Radio Telescope Network Goes Live
97 Building a planet-sized telescope – Physics World
98 If 'Planet Nine' is a primordial black hole, could we detect it with a fleet of tiny spacecraft?
99 How to hunt for a black hole with a telescope the size of Earth
100 An image of a black hole stunned the world, but how it was taken is just as fascinating