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1 Going Supernova: The swan song of a dying star
2 Discovery of a fast radio burst that pulses at regular intervals
3 First Woman to Ever Win Canada’s Top Science Award is Astrophysicist Victoria Kaspi
4 Victoria Kaspi, neutron star researcher at McGill, wins $1M Herzberg medal
5 Dr. Victoria Kaspi, McGill University
6 CHIME telescope Fast Radio Burst project earns spot in Nature 2019 list
7 Interview with Victoria Kaspi
8 McGill researchers awarded $1.5 million in NRC collaborative funding
9 Stargazing professor earns prestigious accolade for stellar discoveries
10 Astrobites at AAS 237: Day 3 | astrobites
11 The first magnetar flare detected from another galaxy was tracked to its home
12 12 times the Arecibo telescope helped us figure out the universe
13 Galactic flash points to long-sought source for enigmatic radio bursts
14 McGill professor wins top Canadian science award
15 Exoplanets . A Cosmic Baby Is Discovered, and It's Brilliant
16 Canadian scientists team up with Barbie to help girls imagine a 'really cool career'
17 Canadian radio telescope takes the search for puzzling fast radio bursts into a new era
18 Jewish McGill prof first woman to win coveted Gerhard Herzberg medal
19 McGill astrophysicist Victoria Kaspi wins 2016 Herzberg Gold Medal
20 Canada Council announces this year's Killam Prize winners
21 The 4 women on Nature's 'People who mattered in Science in 2019' list
22 Nature's 10
23 Astronomers just discovered the youngest ever 'baby' dead star
24 Renowned scholar Juna Kollmeier named director of U of T's Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
25 Engineering professor who designs gels to mimic human tissues wins Canada's top science prize
26 A fast radio burst tracked down to a nearby galaxy
27 A repeating fast radio burst from an extreme environment
28 Canadian astronomers find 8 more mysterious repeating fast radio bursts from space
29 There aren't enough space explosions to explain strange radio bursts
30 Mysterious cosmic radio bursts found to repeat | Newsroom
31 Exploding neutron star proves to be energy standout of the cosmos
32 Homing in on source of mysterious cosmic radio bursts
33 A homespun Canadian telescope could explain mysterious radio signals from the distant universe
34 McGill researchers among the world's most cited: Web of Science
35 The Cosmic Gift of Neutron Stars
36 Strange, Dense Matter: The Power of Neutron Stars [Video]
37 Part-Time Pulsars Perform 'Cosmic Vanishing Act'
38 Bizarre Cosmic Dance Offers Fresh Test for General Relativity
39 Splatsin Elder receives honorary degree
40 One Giant Leap
41 Canada 150: Its contributions to the world
42 Fast radio bursts: We're finally decoding messages from deep space
43 Montreal universities contributing to Canada's growing space research industry
44 Neutron Star With Radio Pulsar and Magnetar Characteristics
45 Mystery radio waves from space tracked to a surprising home galaxy
46 SJN: Dr. Joe & Dr. Debbie Schwarcz hosted an outstanding Federation CJA webinar on COVID-19
47 The Brightest Radio Wave Burst Ever Detected
48 Fast-Spinning Magnetic Star Has Strange Glitch
49 Telescope detects mysterious sounds heard from space
50 McGill launches new Space Institute
51 Astronomers Find the Justin Bieber of Millisecond Pulsars
52 'Fury' in Melbourne over spike that ruined Australia's COVID-19 recovery: and it's set to get worse
53 Weird Pulsar is Emitting a Mysterious Unexplained Light and Scientists Aren't Sure Why
54 McGill community members appointed to Order of Canada
55 Misbehaving pulsar's sudden slow-down may teach us how they tick
56 Over 150 McGill professors sign open letter condemning BDS
57 Matt Dobbs awarded 2019 Killam Research Fellowship in Natural Sciences
58 Order of Canada appointees include Paralympian, Supreme Court judge and astrophysicist
59 AI researcher, Soviet historian among winners of $100K Killam Prize
60 Molly Shoichet on the importance of creativity, imagination in research
61 Canada's grand plan to explore the mysteries of the cosmos
62 Canada's top science prize won by researcher who spies on shape-shifting proteins
63 Sifting through the sounds of space with CHIME
64 Montreal molecular pharmacologist among winners of $100K Killam Prize
65 Processed foods drive intestinal barrier permeability and microvascular diseases
66 Record-Setting Gamma-Ray Pulsar Beyond Our Galaxy Bursts into View
67 NASA to Announce Spinning Star Discoveries Thursday
68 New Canadian telescope will map largest volume of space ever surveyed
69 Arecibo captures its first 'fast radio burst' | Cornell Chronicle
70 New Telescope Could Solve Mystery Of Deep-Space Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)
71 Repeating Fast Radio Burst Localized to Massive Spiral Galaxy | Astronomy
72 Dr. Jessica Remedios, Tufts University
73 McGill graduate still suffers two years after her assault, court hears
74 Famous Neutron Star Just Glitched in a Huge Way
75 Astronomers find fast-spinning 'clocks in the sky' using gaming tech
76 University of Waterloo rechargeable battery researcher receives $250,000 grant
77 Raising funds for important ISIS and Hamas
78 Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Dr. Yohannes Haile-Selassie wins prestigious honor from journal Nature
79 Film scholar, 'accidental scientist' among winners of $100K Killam Prize
80 Prestigious Killam Prize awarded to Walter Herzog, pioneer in biomechanics
81 Women's contribution to genetics relegated to the footnotes, study finds
82 Daily Kickoff: How Chaim Bloom is preparing for his Red Sox debut + former US ambassadors dish on their old Herzliya home
83 Race to Detect Gravitational Waves Advances with New NSF-funded NANOGrav Physics Frontiers Center
84 Artificial intelligence scientist gets $1M prize
85 Editorial: Celebrating International Women's Day
86 Waterloo black hole researcher to get data from Japanese space mission
87 Weaver sets off fireworks in supersectional win
88 Scientists challenge General Relativity. And Mr. Einstein wins again.
89 Flannagan steps up her game in sectional semifinal
90 Jeff Dahn, battery researcher wins $1M Herzberg Medal
91 Laugh Your Butt Off: Harold and Ryan Abrams to be honoured by McGill IBD Research Group event
92 21 tips every first-year student should know
93 Celebrating the women who inspire us
94 Mystery behind galaxy’s repeating radio bursts
95 Governor General Announces 100 New Appointments to the Order of Canada as Canada Turns 150
96 An A-Z of Women Pushing Boundaries in Science and Tech
97 Radio signals from space just reached Earth: Proof of alien life or is it something else?
98 Obituary: Louise Robic organized Yvette rally, was cabinet minister in Bourassa government
99 Front-line health workers in Canada look back on ‘rollercoaster’ year of COVID-19
100 Greta Thunberg named by Nature in the top ten most influential people in science in 2019