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1 Biden's son introduced him to Ukraine energy official, New York Post says
2 Timeline: Allegations and evidence surrounding Hunter Biden's business dealings
3 Hunter Biden and Ukraine: Did he use his dad's name for shady deals?
4 Anti-Biden Disinformation Decried by Disinfo Experts, Social-Media Giants
5 Rubin: ‘Bombshell’ echoes false propaganda about the Bidens
6 Shokin To Appeal Against Closure Of Case Involving Possible Interference In His Work By Ex-U.S. Vice President
7 Fact check: Biden leveraged $1B in aid to Ukraine to oust corrupt prosecutor, not to help his son
8 It’s not just Hunter Biden: Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., and others in the Trump clan have questionable f…
9 Sorry, Republicans. Social media companies aren’t obligated to spread your lies.
10 Completely Dismissing the NY Post's Joe Biden Claims Is a Mistake
11 Fact vs falsity vs opinion — let's review | Columns
12 Questions raised about conflicts of interest around Biden son-in-law | TheHill
13 Real Clear investigation: Joe Biden’s boosters wrote his prodigal son’s entire resume
14 Hunter Biden: What was he doing in Ukraine and China?
15 Joe Biden's Ukraine Scandal Is Escalating
16 Trump Tries to Make ‘Laptop From Hell’ the New Hillary Emails. It Won’t Work.
17 'Nothing was unethical': Joe Biden defends Hunter Biden under pressure from Trump in debate
18 Facebook Banned An Alleged Russian Agent Spreading Disinformation About Joe Biden
19 Hospitals gave Gov. Andrew Cuomo a campaign booster shot: Devine
20 What is the voice of the American people? Ask FOX, CNN.
21 How Trump is Working with Russian Intelligence – Byline Times
22 Biden hoping to evade questions regarding the Hunter email scandal 'right until election day'
23 Lyons: Fact versus falsity versus opinion — let’s review
24 Big Tech eroding freedoms
25 Donald Trump's accusations about Hunter Biden | Fact Check
26 Hunter and Joe Biden, Burisma, and Trump’s stunningly hypocritical attacks
27 Daines: Twitter, Facebook are Suppressing Trump Campaign
28 Hunter Biden laptop: Pressure mounts on AG Bill Barr to open investigation
29 Trump to press Biden on Hunter Biden email stories if debate moderator doesn't, adviser says
30 Ukraine court forces probe into Biden role in firing of prosecutor Viktor Shokin
31 Ukraine Opens Case Involving Former Prosecutor General
32 Senate Judiciary Committee votes to subpoena Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg
33 The Republican Senate Report on Hunter Biden, Explained
34 GOP's invented Hunter Biden scandal isn't going away: Are they shooting for 2022 already?
35 COMMENT: What did Hunter Biden do in Ukraine and why was he hired?
36 Fact-checking the first Trump-Biden presidential debate
37 Viktor Shokin: The inside story on Ukraine’s ‘very good’ prosecutor at centre of Trump scandal
38 Trump called this ex-Ukrainian prosecutor ‘very good.’ But he resigned in disgrace.
39 Backing president who was unfairly treated
40 Here's the simple truth about the fake Hunter Biden scandal Team Trump wishes was a 'smoking gun'
41 Why Was Ukraine's Top Prosecutor Fired? The Issue At The Heart Of The Dispute Gripping Washington
43 Facebook, Twitter, Google can’t be good censors of politics, Niall Ferguson says
44 This Story Will Shock You: The System is Rigged
45 Ukraine Ousts Viktor Shokin, Top Prosecutor, and Political Stability Hangs in the Balance
46 Why Republicans are afraid to call a key witness in the impeachment inquiry | TheHill
47 Explainer: Biden, allies pushed out Ukrainian prosecutor because he didn't pursue corruption cases
48 Giuliani promises to publish evidence on murder attempt on Shokin as main witness of Poroshenko, Biden corruption
49 Shokin Demands Criminal Probe Of Joe Biden In Declaration To Kyiv Prosecutors
50 Court obliges Prosecutor's Office to look into Biden's possible interference in work of ex-Prosecutor General
51 Ukraine's former prosecutor general claims survived mercury poisoning
52 The 'Good Censors'
53 Ron Johnson’s pursuit of Joe Biden, Burisma investigation raises red flags
54 Shokin Asks Police To Question Ex-U.S. Vice President Biden In Connection With Case Involving Interference In
55 Envoys pushed to oust Ukraine prosecutor before Biden
56 Solomon: These once-secret memos cast doubt on Joe Biden's Ukraine story | TheHill
57 Raymond A. Hult: Biden's actions justified by concern for corruption. Trump's weren't.
58 Biden audio first shared by 'Russian agent' thrives online
59 ‘Cache of diamonds’: Trump-Biden impeachment fight originates with corrupt chauffeur
60 Republicans know they face a sweeping defeat in two weeks. But their latest pseudo-scandal may have 2022 in mind
61 How Ukraine’s top prosecutor went after Marie Yovanovitch, step by step
62 Police Close Case Involving Possible Interference In Ex-Prosecutor General Shokin’s Work By Ex-U.S. Vice Presi
63 Fact check: 4 things Trump's attorney left out of her arguments about Biden and Burisma
64 Debunking 4 Viral Rumors About the Bidens and Ukraine
65 Ukraine says it intercepted $6 million bribe to stop probe of Burisma founder
66 Republican senators request meetings of State Department personnel in Burisma investigation
67 Giuliani's case rests on two Ukrainians with checkered pasts and suspect motives
68 The level of mercury in Shokin's body exceeded the norm 5 times and was lethal – surgeon Korpan of Rudolfinerhaus
69 Ukraine intercepts attempts to bribe anti-corruption investigation
70 Trump’s View of Ukraine Prosecutor Contradicts Historical Record
71 Giuliani asked for visa for ousted Ukraine prosecutor
72 Trump retweets purported audio of Biden call with Ukraine
73 GOP’s Hunter Biden report doesn’t back up Trump’s actual conspiracy theory — or anything close to it
74 Ukraine widens probe against Burisma founder to embezzlement of state funds
75 Exclusive: Giuliani associate willing to tell Congress Nunes met with ex-Ukrainian official to get dirt on Biden
76 No, there’s still no Biden-Ukraine scandal
77 Ukraine's prosecutor hailed by Trump achieved little
78 Ukrainian ex-prosecutor in Trump scandal tries to regain top job
79 Police Interrogated Shokin In Case Upon Alleged Interference Of Former US Vice President Biden In His Activity
80 Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin 'targeted by sniper'
81 Bidens in Ukraine: An Explainer
82 Giuliani: Nunes should have met with Shokin
83 Azarov, Shokin, Lutsenko: A trio that only certain foreign journalists find credible | KyivPost
84 Top aides to Ukraine’s Zelensky outline plans to make tape leaks illegal
85 Senate Republicans’ Probe of Joe and Hunter Biden Nears Completion
86 Biden brought his people in Ukraine's Prosecutor General's office to cover his son's business,
87 You Decide: Who Does Russia Really Want to Win Nov 3? [OPINION]
88 Greek Law Enforcers Investigating Alleged Poisoning Of Ex-Prosecutor General Shokin With Mercury
89 Shokin Considering Filing Lawsuit Against Biden For Insulting
90 Donald Trump ad misleads about Joe Biden, Ukraine and the prosecutor
91 Did Hunter Biden Get $3.5 Million From Moscow Mayor's Wife?
92 The Ukrainian Prosecutor Behind Trump’s Impeachment
93 Presidential debate moderator just another hostile interrogator
94 Tapes of Derkach: What Biden told Poroshenko?
95 Updates and analysis from Day 2 of the Republican National Convention
96 USA Refuses To Issue Visa To Shokin
97 Betsy McCaughey: Joe Biden must explain his Ukraine dealings
98 MCT: Sunday, October 25, 2020 – Anderson Valley Advertiser
99 Biden campaign touts Ukrainian anti-corruption activist who previously called Hunter Biden's actions 'very ...
100 The gaping hole in Trump’s impeachment defense