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1 Thumbs: Heroes and villains of Texas’ deep freeze
2 10 DC Villains Who Work Better Alone | CBR
3 The Batman Should Focus On DC's Villains, Not Batman
4 Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 5 Villains Confirmed For The Show (& 5 Villains Fans Hope To See)
5 5 MCU Villains That Were Loved By The Fans & 5 That Were Hated
6 10 Marvel Villains Who Debuted In Excalibur | CBR
7 10 Actors Who Have Voiced Villains For Both DC And Marvel | CBR
8 'The Walking Dead' Has New Villains Thanks to Maggie Greene
9 Here Are The Deadliest Yet Most Charming Villains That Bollywood Has Ever Had!
10 5 Redeemable Marvel Movie Villains (& 5 That Are Too Evil)
11 10 Most Dangerous Villains Iron Man Fought Against | CBR
12 10 Times Star Trek Villains Were Right | ScreenRant
13 Punisher: 10 Villains Who Made Things Personal | CBR
14 Bears vanquish Villains to capture NW1A Title
15 WandaVision Episode 8 Finally Reveals The Show's True Villain
16 MCU Villains & Their Star Wars Counterparts | ScreenRant
17 Exiles: How Marvel's Strangest X-Men Wiped Out the Multiverse's Strongest Villains
18 A Wonder Woman Villain Is Using A Trick From Watchmen
19 'Spider-Man 3: No Way Home' theory reveals Marvel's 'Avengers 5' villain
20 The Most Maniacal Villains From the Judge Dredd Universe
21 Letters: Don't exclude amateur sport shooters, villains are those who misuse guns
22 10 MCU Villains & Their Disney Counterparts | ScreenRant
23 10 Marvel Villains Who Are Too Smart For Their Own Good | CBR
24 Batman's Villains Destroy Him in the Last Way Fans Could Have Guessed
25 62nd Precinct: Villains violently rob man outside a bar
26 Op-Ed: Why you should take love advice from classic Disney villains
27 Disney’s ‘City of Villains’ is Batman in a Disney world
28 5 MCU Villains Fans Loved (& 5 Fans Hated) | ScreenRant
29 MCU: 5 Villains Who Were Exactly Like Their Comic Book Counterparts (& 5 Who Could've Been Better)
30 10 Villains More Interesting Than The Heroes They Fight | CBR
31 John Lithgow's 10 Best Villain Performances, Ranked | ScreenRant
32 Snyder Cut Justice League movie trailer brings fresh look at new villains
33 For Patrick Page, it’s Shakespeare’s bad guys who steal the show
34 Justice League: Snyder Cut Has FIVE More Villains Than The Theatrical Cut
35 Why Voyager Failed To Create Good Star Trek Villains
36 10 Anime Villains Who Deserved More Screen Time | CBR
37 Every Major Superman Villain Missing From The Arrowverse
38 Best Villains: Why Bad Girl Style Is So Good
39 5 Superman Villains Who Deserve To Be In The Movies (& 5 Who Don't)
40 My Hero Academia: Some Heroes Don't NEED To Fight Villains | CBR
41 The 10 Best Spider-Man Villains Of All Time, Ranked | Game Rant
42 Bill Thompson: Horrific power shortage leaves no shortage of villains
43 Marvel fans think they know who the true villain of 'WandaVision' is after hints in latest episode
44 Theater to Stream: Shakespeare Villains and Hot-Tub Dreams
45 10 Comic Book Villains Who Headlined Their Own Series | CBR
46 Why Marvel Villains Are Best When It’s Personal
47 Superman And Lois' Showrunner And Star On The Premiere's Villain Twist
48 Cherokee Storytelling, Shakespeare's Villains, and Tea Time: Things to Do in DC, February 4-7
49 Hasbro brings on the bad guys with Marvel Legends super villains wave
50 The 10 Best Dragon Ball Villains Of All Time | Game Rant
51 10 Lovable Anime Villains You're Supposed To Hate | CBR
52 Wind turbines aren't villains in Texas -- Steve Reusser
53 The 10 Best Batman Villains Of All Time, Ranked | Game Rant
54 Green Lantern: Hal Jordan's Ultrawar Just Got Personal With His Classic Villains
55 More ex-teammates defend Artemi Panarin: 'Villains' after Rangers star
56 SSKTJL: Why Superman As A Villain Makes More Sense For Video Games
57 Learn how to draw your favorite comic book superheroes (or villains) with this drawing bundle
58 Pokémon: 10 Best Movie Villains, Ranked | CBR
59 In GameStop Saga, Robinhood Is Cast as the Villain
60 10 Anime Villains Who Actually Turned Out To Be The Hero | CBR
61 The Flash Fans Should Expect a Major Villain Return This Season
62 10 DC Villains Who Are Just Trying To Live Their Life | CBR
63 The Flash Showrunner Teases a "Big" Returning Villain in Season 7
64 Previewing GOP's Biden-era villains
65 Spider-Man: Richest Movie Villains, Ranked By Wealth | ScreenRant
66 The Suicide Squad Movie Nearly Included Scarecrow | CBR
67 10 Most Dangerous Villains Batman Fought Against | CBR
68 Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Who Are the Villains?
69 Mrs. Coulter Is One of the Best Villains on TV
70 10 Most Dangerous Villains Superman Fought Against | CBR
71 10 Anime Villains Who Would Make The Joker Blush | CBR
72 Teen Titans Just Called Out A Weird Problem With DC's Villains
73 X-Men: The Animated Series' Most Hateful Villains Are Targeting Captain America
74 The MCU Hints Endgame's Blip Created New Villains Like Iron Man
75 The DCEU: 10 Times The Villains Gave Surprisingly Good Advice
76 Britney Spears' father no villain, says lawyer
77 10 Controversial Anime Villains Who Shouldn't Be As Popular As They Are
78 Hedge funds resume role as Wall Street’s villains
79 Naruto: 10 Villains Who Aren't Actually Shinobi | CBR
80 Mortal Kombat Makes a Major Change to One of Its Nastiest Villains
81 Review: Shakespeare’s Baddies Convene in ‘All the Devils Are Here’
82 Justice League Snyder Cut's THIRD Villain: Desaad Explained
83 10 Movies With A Villain Protagonist That Are Too Fun To Watch
84 9 Superman Villains Who Would Make Great Captain America Villains
85 Star Wars: 10 Best Villains From The Original Marvel Comics, Ranked
86 One Teen Titan Just Became DC's Strongest Villain | Screen Rant
87 Marvel's Avengers: Five Villains We Want the Game to Add | CBR
88 Shadow and Bone Teaser: Uh-Oh, the Villain Is Hot
89 'I Care a Lot' Misses Its Shot at a Great Female Villain | Time
90 My Hero Academia: 10 Best Quotes From The Villains | CBR
91 Luca Villain Details and Voice Cast Revealed for Pixar's Latest
92 King in Black is Finally Showcasing Captain America's Coolest Villain
93 10 Lovable Marvel Villains You're Supposed To Hate | CBR
94 Marvel villain struggles with work-life balance in preview of Hulu's 'M.O.D.O.K.'
95 ‘He’s wounded’: How Andrew Cuomo turned from COVID-19 hero to villain
96 My Hero Academia: 5 Villains Who Would Make Fine Heroes (If Things Turned Out Differently)
97 How Hulk's Original MCU Villain Died in the Comics | Screen Rant
98 WandaVision Episode 7 Introduces a Hero and Reveals a Villain
99 The 10 Best Movies Where The Lead Character Is The Villain, Ranked According To IMDb
100 Why Wanda Is The Real Villain Of ‘WandaVision’