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1 Vladimir Putin allegedly has a secret lovechild with cleaner now worth $100M
2 Putin holding off on US presidential congratulations
3 Putin Warns That U.S. Will Be Controlled by Americans
4 Putin’s problem with Biden is likely to be personal as well as political
5 Russia on brink: Putin ‘should be nervous’ as Moscow’s plan to ‘conquer world’ exposed
6 So, what is Vladimir Putin thankful for?
7 Kremlin slams reports of Putin resignation as 'complete nonsense'
8 Russian President Vladimir Putin Opens COVID Drug Plant Amid Record Cases
9 Russia moves to protect Putin from prosecution
10 Biden Must Ignore Bad Advice on Putin and Russia
11 Kremlin: Putin won't take Russian COVID-19 vaccine until approved
12 A new Putin worse than the old Putin? | TheHill
13 China’s Xi Finally Congratulates Biden on Election Win; Putin Holds Off
14 Vladimir Putin's 'gymnast lover' earns '£7.5m as media boss'
15 Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and other world leaders who have not acknowledged a Biden win
16 Kremlin Denies Vladimir Putin Plans to Quit in 2021 as Rumors Swirl About His Health
17 Russia President Vladimir Putin Congratulates Mastery Of ATP Finals Champ Daniil Medvedev
18 Putin Finally Clocks Up a Diplomatic Win
19 Vladimir Putin guard shot himself dead while on shift inside the Kremlin
20 Not wanting to be outdone by Pfizer, Putin says Russia is about to register a third Covid vaccine
21 Armenian President seeks Putin's help
22 How Will a President Joe Biden Approach Russia?
23 Putin Discusses Nagorno-Karabakh With Armenian, Azerbaijani Leaders
24 Vladimir Putin Reaffirms Azerbaijan's Sovereignty Over Nagorno-Karabakh Region
25 Russia loses patience with Belarus dictator Lukashenka
26 President Vladimir Putin Greetings on the 90th anniversary of Moscow State Linguistic University
27 As Biden's victory is hailed, some prominent world leaders remain silent
28 Surfers ask Vladimir Putin to take closer look at rocket fuel version of Kamchatka eco disaster
29 Vladimir Putin signs law raising income tax for high earners
30 Putin stresses need to harmonize post-Soviet security bloc’s anti-terror laws
31 Presidential Guard Dies by Suicide Inside Kremlin – Reports
32 President Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the participants, organizers and guests of the 17th Moscow Meets Friends International Festival
33 With 2020 Called A Success, Big Questions Lie Ahead For Election Security
34 Skand Tayal | Are ‘virtual’ summits of any real use?
35 OPEC+ opens talks on whether to extend oil cuts or gradually hike output
36 President Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law ratifying Protocol on the Protection of Industrial Designs to the Eurasian Patent Convention
37 Vladimir Putin sent his Greetings to the XXV Radonezh International Festival of Films and TV Programmes
38 Russian President Vladimir Putin praises Daniil Medvedev for ATP Finals campaign
39 'Mercenary' donor sold access for millions in foreign money
40 OPEC meets over whether to extend oil cuts as virus hits demand
41 The Trump You've Yet to Meet
42 Letter: Putin must enjoy seeing America's self-destruct
43 Editorial: Why President Trump’s pardon of Michael Flynn is even dirtier than the rest
44 Russian voters overwhelmingly back a ploy by President Vladimir Putin to rule until 2036
45 Biden picks Antony Blinken: Good news for Ukraine?
46 Obama Blackface Skit on Kremlin-Funded TV Sparks Outrage
47 Vladimir Putin strongly hints he will run again for president
48 Vladimir Putin Sheds the Last Pretenses of Legitimacy to Extend His Rule
49 Putin 5.0?
50 Spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin hospitalized with coronavirus
51 Vladimir Putin Thinks He Can Get Away With Anything
52 Chinese leader Xi Jinping congratulates Biden on winning election
53 The Failure of Putin’s Grand Plan
54 Putin says Russia has approved 'world first' Covid-19 vaccine. But questions over its safety remain
55 Is Putin about to make a costly mistake in Belarus?
56 Vladimir Putin has a popularity problem — and the Kremlin knows it
57 Russians Were Urged to Return to Normal Life. Except for Putin.
58 Putin, Russia’s Man of Action, Is Passive, Even Bored, in the Coronavirus Era
59 From Interference Abroad To Repression At Home: Examining Vladimir Putin's Power Plays
60 A Coercive History Lesson From Vladimir Putin
61 Russia's Vladimir Putin says he has noted Joe Biden's 'sharp anti-Russian rhetoric'
62 The thugocracy of Vladimir Putin
63 Putin Endorses Brazen Remedy to Extend His Rule, Possibly for Life
64 Russian President Vladimir Putin, After 20 Years of Rule
65 Russia’s Highest Court Opens Way for Putin to Rule Until 2036
66 The pandemic shows that Putin is not a strong leader
67 Vladimir Putin's Presidency for Life Strategy Comes Straight From the Playbook of Central Asian Dictators
68 Vladimir Putin Throws A Lifeline To Belarusian President
69 The Coronavirus Could Hit Putin Most of All
70 'Stop waiting for Putin': Russian president takes backseat in crisis
71 Vladimir Putin has got his own problems | Editorial Columns
72 Pandemic brings Putin down to size
73 Citing virus, Putin delays vote that would extend his rule
74 How Putin Got Into America’s Mind
75 Vladimir Putin doesn’t need to be president to stay on top
76 Trump says he likes Putin. US intelligence says Russia is attacking American democracy.
77 Russia's Vladimir Putin proposes yearlong extension of New START nuclear treaty with U.S.
78 Putin rejects Trump's criticism of Hunter Biden's business
79 Vladimir Putin, president until 2036?
80 Has Vladimir Putin poisoned his pet pipeline project?
81 Trump and Putin Discuss Russia’s Attendance at G7, but Allies Are Wary
82 If Donald Trump channels Vladimir Putin, what might this president do if he truly fears losing?
83 'Disinfection tunnel' set up to protect Vladimir Putin from coronavirus
84 Vladimir Putin proposes online summit on coronavirus vaccines
85 Vladimir Putin’s latest trick for making Russia look like a democracy
86 Vladimir Putin says coronavirus situation in Russia has stabilized
87 U.S. Debate, Vladimir Putin, African Art: Your Thursday Briefing
88 Op-ed: Keep your eyes on Russia for an August surprise of Putin's making
89 Why Vladimir Putin is unlikely to invade Belarus
90 How Vladimir Putin's dirty power grabs made him a modern czar
91 Putin finally sheds all democratic appearances
92 Alexei Navalny blames Vladimir Putin for poisoning him
93 Belarus: Vladimir Putin has Alexander Lukashenko just where he wants him
94 Where Is Russia’s Strongman in the Coronavirus Crisis?
95 Exclusive: Former Kremlin insider recounts Putin’s moves to retain power
96 Putin Gives Clearest Sign Yet He’ll Seek to Extend Rule in 2024
97 Trump eyes Putin meeting before November election, say four people familiar with discussions
98 Putin Wants a Truce Between Russia and U.S. in Cyberspace
99 Putin still plays by the ruthless rules of the Cold War. Because Trump lets him.
100 Why is Vladimir Putin racing to amend Russia's constitution?