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1 Vladimir Putin Sheds the Last Pretenses of Legitimacy to Extend His Rule
2 Will there be another 16 years of Vladimir Putin in Russia?
3 Vladimir Putin's power play paves the way for 16 more years — but not without challenges
4 Why does Putin allow Kadyrov to kill whomever he wants?
5 Vladimir Putin strongly hints he will run again for president
6 Xi tells Putin: we should stand firm against unilateralism
7 Investors in Russian bonds relaxed about extended Putin rule
8 Putin’s Empire Strikes Back
9 Putin's rating is collapsing as anger grows in Russia
10 Putin makes first public appearance in weeks of lockdown in Russia
11 Are Chechen assassins roaming Europe
12 Did Vladimir Putin Support Anti-Western Terrorists as a Young KGB Officer?
13 Putin Gives Clearest Sign Yet He’ll Seek to Extend Rule in 2024
14 Only known jointly signed picture of Trump and Putin on sale for $32,500
15 Some Russian voters back a ploy by Putin to rule until 2036
16 Putin Admits Taking SATs for Trump
17 Putin Plots a Parallel Internet
18 Russian President Vladimir Putin slams new US sanctions aimed at 'suffocating' Syria
19 Russia 'has something on Putin's puppet' Trump, shock claim
20 The Book That Exposes Putin's KGB Takeover of Russia
21 By this time next week, Vladimir Putin will probably be president for life, says Bill Browder
22 Vladimir Putin: Russia’s weak strongman
23 Russia stages grand WWII parade ahead of vote on Vladimir Putin reforms
24 Putin rewrites World War II history -- and does battle over historical memory
25 Putin Extends His Rule to 2036 After Russian Constitutional Referendum Gets Approved
26 Russia: Putin urged to ban ‘secret gay propaganda’ Rainbow ice-cream
27 Putin Says U.S. Is in ‘Deep Internal Crisis’
28 Russia denies plan for Putin to attend G7 summit
29 Rep. Devin Nunes reacts to brief on Russian bounties: Vladimir Putin is 'dangerous,' intel community has 'r...
30 Opinion: Vladimir Putin uses homophobia for votes in Russia
31 Putin’s message on World War II
32 Mike Pompeo doesn't rule out inviting Russia's President Vladimir Putin to expanded G7 summit
33 Russia Denies Allegations It Paid Militants To Kill U.S. Troops As 'Nonsense'
34 Is Vladimir Putin’s Referendum Victory Good for Yandex Stock?
35 Vladimir Putin Reaches Out to Khabib Nurmagomedov Following Death of His Father
36 ‘You know your audience’: Russia’s internet stars turn away from Vladimir Putin
37 Russia says it will reciprocate after UK ‘Magnitsky’ sanctions
38 Coronavirus Vaccine, Vladimir Putin, TikTok: Your Tuesday Briefing
39 Biden Says Putin Carries Trump Around 'Like a Puppy'
40 Report: Vladimir Putin offers Khabib Nurmagomedov 'deepest condolences' for father's death
41 Vladimir Putin continues his amazing winning streak
42 Crab companies tied to Oleg Khan petition Putin for clemency
43 Putin's agents fuel crackdown fears with reporter treason case
44 Obama aide recalls tense meeting between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin
45 Russian oligarchs win case over ‘Trump dossier’ ties to Putin
46 Perspectives | Vladimir Putin's twisted politics of history
47 Are you watching, Putin? UK sends hunter-killer sub to Arctic in warning to Russia
48 Putin Considering Not Running Trump for Reëlection
49 Russian bounty scandal: Is President Trump a traitor?
50 Putin’s poll spectacle and Pakistan’s defence budget hike during pandemic & other Covid news
51 Why India and Russia Are Going to Stay Friends
52 From pandering to Putin to abusing allies and ignoring his own advisers, Trump's phone calls alarm US officials
53 Containing the Kremlin: Why the West must rethink policy towards a revisionist Russia
54 Why Vladimir Putin's tax hike for the rich won't bother Russia's oligarchs
55 Holding on to power: World's longest serving leaders
56 Putin voices 'firm support' for China's security law for Hong Kong
57 Lindsay Lohan Demanded a Private Jet, $860K, and a Meeting with Vladimir Putin to Appear on a Talk Show
58 Russian Mining Giant Contests Fine for Massive Arctic Spill
59 Vladimir Putin: 20 years in 20 photos
60 Most Americans believe Russia targeted U.S. soldiers, want sanctions in response
61 Vladimir Putin has a popularity problem — and the Kremlin knows it
62 Russian government resigns as Vladimir Putin plans future
63 Vladimir Putin Positions Himself to Become Russia’s Eternal Leader
64 Spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin hospitalized with coronavirus
65 Russian President Vladimir Putin, After 20 Years of Rule
66 The man who helped make ex-KGB officer Vladimir Putin a president
67 Citing virus, Putin delays vote that would extend his rule
68 Vladimir Putin's two decades at the helm have remade Russia and its place in the world
69 Vladimir Putin follows a long Russian tradition of enlightened autocrats
70 The Coronavirus Could Hit Putin Most of All
71 'Stop waiting for Putin': Russian president takes backseat in crisis
72 Russia’s Highest Court Opens Way for Putin to Rule Until 2036
73 Putin’s not-so-excellent spring
74 Vladimir Putin has grown into a Russian hero – so where does he go from here?
75 Has Putin already disrupted the 2020 elections?
76 Will Vladimir Putin become Russia’s prime minister after 2024?
77 Analysts discuss the 20-year rule of Vladimir Putin
78 Why is Vladimir Putin racing to amend Russia's constitution?
79 Putin’s Long War Against American Science
80 How Vladimir Putin Has Continued To Remain Popular In Russia
81 It's been a banner year for authoritarian leaders. Especially Vladimir Putin
82 Why Vladimir Putin is angry at Poland
83 Putin dismisses rumours he uses body doubles for security
84 Trump and Putin Discuss Russia’s Attendance at G7, but Allies Are Wary
85 Saying ‘no’ to Vladimir Putin
86 Pandemic brings Putin down to size
87 Putin, a criminal and incompetent president, is an enemy of his own people
88 Russian President Vladimir Putin Is in Some Deep Trouble
89 Russia’s Richest Man Gets To Work While Confidence In President Putin Falls Flat
90 Joint Statement by President Donald J. Trump and President Vladimir Putin of Russia Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Meeting on the Elbe
91 Vladimir Putin extends Russia’s coronavirus shutdown to May 11
92 Vladimir Putin says coronavirus situation in Russia has stabilized
93 Vladimir Putin keeps political plan on track despite virus crisis
94 Vladimir Putin has no view on proposed new title of 'Supreme Leader', the Kremlin says
95 Putin's Russia: Do Russians care what president does next?
96 Putin fast-tracks effort to extend his rule in Russia
97 Who is Vladimir Putin, the Russian president and ex-KGB officer?
98 Vladimir Putin is following a familiar autocratic playbook, analysts say
99 Putin as Russia’s supreme leader? A constitutional rewrite brings out some ‘crazy’ ideas.
100 Vladimir Putin hands new PM mandate to begin spending spree