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1 Is it OK to publish PoC exploits for vulnerabilities and patches?
2 IOTW: Microsoft Exchange, The FBI & A Lack Of Patching
3 Researchers Find Additional Infrastructure Used By SolarWinds Hackers
4 Cybersecurity and heart disease
5 Experts who wrestled with SolarWinds hackers say cleanup could take months
6 SolarWinds hackers have a clever way to bypass multi-factor authentication
7 Vietnamese hacking group OceanLotus uses imitation news sites to spread malware
8 Microsoft warns that Chinese hackers are targeting vulnerabilities in Exchange Server
9 More SolarWinds command and control hacking servers found
10 The Microsoft Exchange Server hack: A timeline
11 SolarWinds hackers' capabilities include bypassing MFA
12 Hacking Spree by Suspected Russians Included U.S. Think Tank
13 A Basic Timeline of the Exchange Mass-Hack – Krebs on Security
14 US Sanctions Russia and Expels 10 Diplomats Over SolarWinds Cyberattack
15 US think tank breached three times in a row by SolarWinds hackers
16 SolarWinds: use of US infrastructure kept NSA out of probe, claims RiskIQ
17 Analysis | The Cybersecurity 202: More hackers jump to take advantage of a widespread Microsoft security flaw
18 A 'Worst Nightmare' Cyberattack: The Untold Story Of The SolarWinds Hack
19 Researchers uncover malicious sites targeting China's Uyghur population
20 How the SolarWinds Hackers Bypassed Duo’s Multi-Factor Authentication
21 Facebook says Chinese hackers used platform to hack Uyghurs abroad
22 Codecov breach raises concerns about software supply chain
23 Organizations Using Microsoft Exchange Mail Server Face Severe Cybersecurity Threat
24 A Guide to Detecting Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Exploits
25 The Russian DNC hackers are now targeting think tanks and NGOs
26 An iOS vulnerability may have been exploited to spy on China's Uyghur population
27 ProxyLogon updates. Operation Diànxùn targets telecoms. Linux vulnerabilities. Malware operator plays innocent.
28 SolarWinds-related cyberattacks pose grave risk to government and private sector, says CISA
29 Critical Microsoft Exchange Security Warning: Chinese Hackers Now Exploiting This Dangerous Flaw
30 Facebook Caught Chinese Hackers Using Its Platform to Target Uyghurs Abroad
31 Amid Its Covid-19 Crisis, China Was Still Hacking Uighurs’ iPhones
32 NSA, CISA Warn of Attacks on Federated Authentication
33 VMware Flaw a Vector in SolarWinds Breach? – Krebs on Security
34 Exchange Week 2 – Ransomware Joins The Fray
35 The Big Hack: What we know, what we don't
36 Russian hackers attack 18,000 organizations worldwide
37 Too Many Exchange Servers Remain Unpatched | Decipher
38 Microsoft Probes Clue That Hackers Cracked Taiwan Research
39 How SolarWinds Is Recovering and Sharing What It Has Learned Over The Last Three Months
40 Perrysburg Township computers hacked | News |
41 Assessing Fallout from the SolarWinds Breach | eWEEK
42 Microsoft reveals 3 new malware strains used by SolarWinds hackers
43 Details About Shadowy Hacking, Cyber Espionage Group Revealed
44 #eWEEKchat Jan. 12: What's Up in Next-Gen Security | eWEEK
45 FireEye CEO: Reckless Microsoft hack unusual for China
46 iOS exploit reportedly used in China to monitor minority group
47 Run an Exchange Server? Hurry Up and Patch This Vulnerability
48 APT Group Exploiting Hacking Team Flash Zero Day
49 Adobe ColdFusion servers under attack from APT group
50 Deep dive into the Solorigate second-stage activation: From SUNBURST to TEARDROP and Raindrop
51 Apple iPhone May Be Vulnerable to Email Hack
52 DHS Warns APT Attackers Exploiting Microsoft Exchange Server Flaw
53 Vietnam's neighbors, ASEAN, targeted by hackers: report
54 Researchers Find 3 New Malware Strains Used by SolarWinds Hackers
55 Newegg Is Latest Retailer to Be a Victim of Magecart Malware | eWEEK
56 Here's How SolarWinds Hackers Stayed Undetected for Long Enough
57 Third malware strain discovered in SolarWinds supply chain attack
58 The SolarWinds cyberattack: The hack, the victims, and what we know
59 Apple, angry at Google, hits back at hack claims
60 Russian and Chinese cyberespionage puts Biden under pressure
61 Hackers Exploit Recently Patched ColdFusion Vulnerability
62 Preparing for Retaliation Against Russia, U.S. Confronts Hacking by China
63 How Vietnam-based hacking operation OceanLotus targets journalists
64 Chinese Hackers Cyber Espionage Campaign Linked To Microsoft Exchange Servers Compromise At Least 30,000 U ...
65 Malwarebytes says SolarWinds hackers accessed its internal emails
66 Amnesty International: Hackers attacking Vietnam dissidents
67 SolarWinds hackers used 7-Zip code to hide Raindrop Cobalt Strike loader
68 Did Vietnamese Hackers Target the Chinese Government to Get Information on COVID-19?
69 Inter: a ‘low bar’ kit for Magecart credit card skimmer attacks on e-commerce websites
70 Tibetans hit by the same mobile malware targeting Uyghurs
71 Confirmed: Google’s Android Suffers Sustained Attacks By Anti-Uighur Hackers
72 Mimecast Finds SolarWinds Hackers Stole Some of Its Source Code
73 Drupalgeddon 2 Vulnerability Used to Infect Servers With Backdoors & Coinminers
74 White House Weighs New Cybersecurity Approach After Failure to Detect Hacks
75 Vietnamese hackers spent years harassing human rights activists with spyware
76 All Fingers Point to the “Cozy Bear” for the “Sunburst” Attacks
77 China’s Software Stalked Uighurs Earlier and More Widely, Researchers Learn
78 Why the Microsoft Exchange hack gives new urgency for enhanced email data protection
79 Russian hacking team The Dukes targeting NGOs and think tanks after Trump victory
80 How to talk to IT and Security about Hafnium
81 Cybersecurity is Topic of SEC Academic Conference
82 CISA: SolarWinds Hackers Got Into Networks by Guessing Passwords
83 Over 350000 Exchange Servers Exposed to Serious RCE Bug
84 Russian hackers accused of post-election attacks on U.S. think tanks
85 82% of Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers Remain Unpatched
86 Adobe Patches Actively Exploited ColdFusion Zero-Day Flaw
87 Attackers crack Newegg's defenses, slurp customers' credit card data
88 Criminal groups are moving to exploit Microsoft email flaws before they get patched
89 China hacked Asian telcos to spy on Uighur travelers: sources
90 Is it time to move to hosted Exchange? Considerations for IT
91 Russian Hackers Sent Phishing Emails From Fake Harvard Email Address | News
92 How a Chinese attack on Microsoft escalated into a “reckless” hacking spree
93 Microsoft Server Hack Has Victims Hustling to Stop Intruders
94 What is Magecart? Credit card-stealing malware proves hard to stop
95 What We Can Learn From the 2021 Microsoft Data Breach
96 US urges IT network firms to secure controls after cyberattack
97 Inside the campaign that tried to compromise Tibetans’ iOS and Android phones
98 Vietnam-linked Hacking Group Targets Toyota, Other Companies
99 How to avoid becoming the next victim of a Magecart attack
100 Microsoft Serves Security Updates as Attacks Cook