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1 The unusual social habits of East Africa's vulturine guineafowl
2 Vulturine Guineafowl Found to Live in Multilevel Societies | Biology
3 Vulturine guineafowl's complex societies overturn scientific assumptions
4 Complex society discovered in the vulturine guineafowl
5 Vulturine Guineafowl Exhibits Behavior Reflective of a Multilevel Society—Something Uncommon to Birds
6 Not so bird brained: The guinea fowl's complex society
7 These Beautiful Blue Turkey-Like Birds Have Tiny Brains and Huge Social Networks
8 Small-brained birds live in surprisingly complex societies
9 A poetic response to the pandemic
10 Discovery of Birds With a Complex Society Shows Mammals Aren't as Unique as We Thought
11 Guinea Fowl: The best security guard you can employ
12 Preserving Dead Parrots in Order to Save the Living
13 The 25 Weirdest Birds You've Never Heard of But Need to Know
14 KRA seizes guinea fowl and butterfly trophies from Tanzania
15 Some birds, it turns out, live in complex societies
16 Fathers, Nigeria has a male problem (1)
17 The Dracula Parrot Is a Rare Bird Found in New Guinea's Rainforest
18 NJ Assembly Passes Ban On Stranger-Originated Life Insurance
19 Birds of a feather: Elegant close ups amplify the beauty of bird plumes
20 Feathered Friends Large And Small Flock On Cornell's 'Wall Of Birds'
21 The Dracula Parrot Is Both Beautiful and Terrifying
22 The Dracula Parrot Is Hauntingly Beautiful but Dwindling As Poachers Hunt for Their Feathers
23 Quail wave hit us hard, but we hatched a more beautiful deal
24 Biweekly Binge: Bacurau- An intoxicating force of resistance
25 “Bråtebrann”: Kvelertak’s New Song Will Set Your Wood on Fire
26 10 Dark Crystal Concept Art Pictures You Need To See | CBR
27 Draugnim – “As In Hunger, So In Demise” (Stereogum Premiere)
28 Conserving the dead to protect the living
29 How to Explore Athens, Greece
30 Listen: This could be the loudest bird on Earth
31 Exploring Nature: Ugly Birds
32 NJ Assembly OKs Ban On 'Stranger' Life Insurance Policies
33 Cyberpunk thriller Cloudpunk is out now for PC
34 It's not just humans and apes who help each other. Parrots do too
35 Sexual Violence: India's Serious Problem, Its Men
36 Terence Stamp's Glory Days
37 South Africa traffics thousands of endangered wild animals to China in ‘corrupt and growing’ trade, investigation finds
38 Take a wildlife safari on this Karachi street
39 CLOSED: Win a six-night safari in the Maasai Mara
40 couple make fortune from ornamental bird farming
41 “Jawline,” Reviewed: A Chilling Look at the Making of a Teen Influencer
42 Women playing men, and men behaving badly, in the fun-house mirrors of ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ and ‘Into the Br
43 Zoo outraged by ‘stupidity and disrespect’ of visitors who scratched names into rhino’s back
44 Robber flies only prey on insects
45 Scientists create gene-edited mutant lizards for first time
46 Half of UK children can’t identify stinging nettles, study finds
47 Hurricanes help aggressive spiders spread, study finds
48 Battle to stop PNG's unique and beautiful wildlife from being caught and sold off
49 Tiny Owl Getting Talking-To From Sheriff Has Huge Appetite
50 Woman strangles swan to death sparking RSPCA investigation
51 Bat bites two-year-old boy in cot in ‘incredibly rare’ incident
52 Hiker scares off approaching cougar 'with Metallica music'
53 Those who want university lecturers to dieOpinion
54 Raising Guinea Fowl on Your Farm
55 American hunter in viral photo of dead giraffe says she's 'proud to hunt delicious' animal
56 Monroe ranch has about 35 exotic specimens
57 Period property in London: Malplaquet House
58 Elephant extinction in Africa would ‘speed up climate crisis by letting more greenhouse gases escape’
59 'Extinct' Woodpecker Found in Arkansas, Experts Say
60 Correctional Officers – Working with Fear
61 UTC lists of over 1061 species of birds in Uganda
62 Thanks to new discoveries, dinosaurs at Milwaukee Public Museum get feathers
63 Elephant tramples security guard to death at mine outside Kruger National Park as he keeps watch for roaming lions
64 Explore the unexplored on St. Helena
65 Gordon Stuckless Receives More Prison Time For Maple Leaf Gardens Scandal
66 The Trail up to Ecuador’s El Altar Is a Journey Back in Time
67 Bird of the week – Chukar – The Northern Myth
68 'Pinocchio' Frog and 'Gargoyle' Gecko Discovered
69 Curtis Bashaw, The Chelsea, Carl Icahn and the EDA
70 Hosepipe ban needed immediately to prevent England's rivers drying up, campaigners warn
71 Appeal court increases sentence for Maple Leaf Gardens abuser to 10 years
72 Mummy's boy: Bonobo mothers make sure their sons find fertile females
73 Fort Wayne Children's Zoo opens Saturday with new animal faces to see and more
74 Nothing seems sacred anymore as R1bn drought relief fund joins captured list – Herbst
75 Vultures – fascinating facts about these misunderstood raptors
76 Ed Herbst: Junk status SABC stuck with 1980s Betamax as cash crisis deepens
77 In Louise Erdrich's 'LaRose,' parents make an impossible bargain
78 Making Sense of a Father’s Death (With Baudelaire’s Help)
79 Louise Erdrich examines tragedy, sacrifice, redemption in ‘LaRose’
80 Agent151: Anyone for a section 114?
81 Swan Lake Reloaded, London Coliseum
82 Feedback: Melon farming do’s and don’ts
83 Under Modi, a resurgent middle India is coming to smash the Left-liberals’ ivory bunkers
84 From propping up the bar to working at the Samaritans – how I learned to listen
85 'Wittenberg' review: A pop culture Hamlet primer
86 The pilgrim way to Santiago is clogged by throngs of egos
87 Living the pelagic life: of oil, enemies, giant eggs and telomeres (petrels part II)
88 Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change and what to do about it
89 World Penguin Day: an Antarctic cruise that offers the chance to celebrate these brave birds
90 I keep crocodiles and birds to attract tourists, farmer
91 Beyond beauty: Ornamental birds turn in tidy sum for farmer
92 Bedding down on the wild side at Safari West in Santa Rosa
93 Accountable government is what Nigeria urgently needs
94 'Ebola is man-made', and other crazy conspiracy theories
95 'My granddad would be so pleased his name is shining bright over Soho once again': Fawn James on her grandfather Paul Raymond’s business empire
96 First rule of Fight Club: no one talks about the quality of the writing
97 John Mraz: Yes, my email was on Ashley Madison's server. So what?
98 Accountable and responsible government is what Nigeria urgently needs
99 Farm murders and double standards – a tale of political shame; Herbst
100 Album Of The Week: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne ColleGrove