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1 $15 an hour federal minimum wage idea: Capital-Journal readers weigh in
2 Department of Labor Publishes Prevailing Wage Regulation
3 The math behind new H-1B wage rule, and what it means for techies
4 H-1B Cap, Prevailing Wage Rule and International Travel Updates
5 USCIS Modifies H-1B Selection Process to Prioritize Wages
6 H-1B: Trump administration issues new wage mandate after court loss
7 DHS Doubles Down On H-1Bs: Publishes Rule Implementing Wage-Based Changes to the Annual H-1B Lottery (US)
8 Labor Department Issues Another Minimum Wage Rule for High-Skilled Workers
9 The DOL Increases H-1B Wage Minimums, Again
10 Final Rule for H-1B Lottery Aims to Raise Wages for Visa Workers
11 The WAGE Gauge: Official says rise in pay indicates the local economy is headed in the right direction
12 H-1B foreign-worker visa: Fate of Trump’s changes unclear but work ban for ‘H-4 spouses’ unlikely
13 H-1B Cap Lottery May Favor The Highest Paid Foreign Nationals
14 DOL Will Increase Wage Rates For High-Skilled Worker Visas...Or Will It?
15 Pennsylvania's minimum wage is the lowest in the region. Advocates tell lawmakers an increase is overdue.
16 Biden's executive actions for economic relief at a glance
17 Fact-check: Would a $15 minimum wage raise the price of a Taco Bell burrito to $38?
18 Biden Administration Business Immigration Changes
19 USCIS to Select H-1Bs Based on Offered Wage
20 Biden freezes Trump’s last-minute visa rules
21 Labor Department Issues Another Minimum Wage Rule For High-Skilled Workers
22 Only the highest paid will be selected: An expert decodes Trump’s parting shot at H-1B
23 US to modify H1B visa selection process — wages, skill level to get priority over lottery system
24 Citigroup Shrinks Gender Wage Gap a Smidge, to 26% From 27%
25 Walmart CEO Says Wage Hike Should Consider Regional Economics
26 Analysts Explore Restaurant Industry at $15 an Hour | Franchise News |
27 DHS Issues Final Rule Modifying H-1B Cap Lottery with Selection Based on Wage Level
28 Joe Biden's $15 minimum wage plan would mean a raise for nearly 50% of Louisiana's workers
29 How Higher Wages Can Increase Profits
30 Half of U.S. states will raise their minimum wage in 2021—and more pay hikes could be on the way
31 New Regulation Replaces H-1B Random Selection with Wage-Based Selection
32 North Carolina farmworkers already dealing with pandemic stress avoid wage freeze
33 These Fayetteville jobs pay $15 minimum wage or more
34 27 Places Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour
35 Biden's $1.9 Trillion Relief Plan Includes $15 Minimum Wage
36 New Year, new minimum wage: Colorado's hourly rate jumps to $12.32 an hour
37 Trump Administration Increases Salary Requirements for H-1B Visa Holders
38 Proposed minimum wage hike gets mixed reception in Utah
39 Hiking the minimum wage lowers opportunities for poor
40 Congress should use the budget to raise the minimum wage
41 Unilever to insist all suppliers pay living wage by 2030
42 Labor, Employment and Immigration Law Changes to Expect from the Biden Administration
43 Final Rule Signals Major Change in H-1B Selection Process
44 2021 Labor and Employment Outlook for Manufacturers | Robinson+Cole Manufacturing Law Blog
45 District Court Invalidates New DOL Wage Regulations for a Third Time in December 2020
46 This year's H-1B lottery: The Trump legacy of chaos must end
47 Trump Scraps Vital Component Of MBA Talent Pipeline
48 Guest opinion: The continuing impact of the minimum wage increase
49 H-1B workers hope Biden is more pro-immigration than Trump
50 Rising revenues fuel minimum wage hike at Oregon Community Credit Union
51 Continental Drift: The Gap in 'Pro' Cycling
52 Report that President Biden will End Wage Discrimination for People with Intellectual and Cognitive Disabilities: Statement by Robert Stack, CEO of Community Options
53 Greenspoon Marder Immigration Alert: New Developments January 19, 2021
54 New Regulation Creates Wage-Based Selection Process For H-1B Lottery
55 New H1B Wage Rule: Why It’s Tough For Indian IT Employees, Students To Get Jobs In US? (Explained)
56 ND bill could change minimum wage
57 Letters to the Editor: Minimum wage hike part of housing issue
58 2020 Wage & Hour Developments: A Year In Review
59 College majors where the most students go on to graduate degrees
60 Agreeing With A Competitor To Fix Employee Wages Will Get You Indicted. Agreeing Not To Solicit Each Other’s Employees Might Also.
61 How Joe Biden could make housing in Philadelphia more affordable
62 Weekly unemployment claims stay high as new relief arrives
63 Revised COVID-19 Wage Supplement Scheme launched
64 Washington, D.C., could level the playing field for California during the next 4 years
65 No, raising the minimum wage won't lead to $38 burritos
66 Strategies To Build Worker Power in Maine
67 Biden Has a Once-in-a-Century Chance to Fix Capitalism
68 College majors with the biggest jump from early to mid-career earnings
69 EU lawmakers want Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google CEOs at Feb. 1 hearing
70 Biden has promised to reform Social Security — some changes could come as soon as this year
71 Ontario Long-Term Care COVID-19 Crisis: 100 Organizations Send Clear Message to Premier Ford, This is an Emergency, We Need Action Now
72 US modifies H-1B lottery to wage-based selection
73 Summers & Hubbard on a $15 Minimum Wage: Roundtable Responds
74 Amazon could face a new union push and antitrust scrutiny under the Biden administration
75 Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa
76 Rethinking immigration policies for STEM doctorates
77 Aldi gives 30,000 staff a pay rise
78 Assessing the Department of Labor's Rule Raising Wage Requirements for H-1B Workers
79 Wage Calculations for H-1B, H-1B1, E-3 Visa and PERM Programs
80 DOL's Sudden Mandatory Pay Increase Rocks H-1B Worker Employers
81 Proposal to Prioritize H-1B Petitions with Highest Wage Levels
82 Restructuring of H-1B/H-1B1/E-3 & PERM Wage Levels Litigation
83 DHS ditches H-1B visa lottery for wage-based selection process
84 USCIS Proposes Replacing H-1B Lottery with Salary-Based Selection
85 2021 State Tax Changes, Effective January 1, 2021
86 100% of H-1B Employers Offer Average Market Wages—78% Offer More
87 DOL's New H-1B Wage Rule: Lawsuit Seeks Injunction
88 DOL Issues Foreign Worker Wage Final Rule
89 Pandemic will push down global wage levels
90 H-1B visa pay boost: Historic win for foreign workers or ‘mess’ doomed to fail?
91 White House Parsing Wage Rule for H-1B, Other High-Skill Workers
92 DHS Proposes Wage-Based Changes to H1-B Program
93 New Regulation Significantly Increases Prevailing Wage Requirements for H-1B and Green Card Petition...For Now
94 Second Injunction Issued on H-1B Rule Changes as DOL Releases Plan to Address Wage Level Issues
95 Trump Minimum Wage For H-1B Visa Holders Could Reach $250,000 A Year
96 H-1B Specialty Occupation Under Attack Again by DHS and New Increases to Prevailing Wage Levels by the DOL
97 Lawsuits Aim to Block H-1B Rule Changes and Sharp Wage Increases
98 A How-To Guide for Strengthening State and Local Prevailing Wage Laws
99 DHS Proposes Shift to Wage-Based H-1B Selection Process
100 Colleges sue over new rules on eligibility, wages for H-1B visa holders