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1 Microsoft, Google, Intel and Mozilla want to move WebAssembly beyond the browser
2 Grain: Your WebAssembly-First Programming Language
3 LibreOffice Merges Initial Support For Compiling To WebAssembly
4 Growing the Bytecode Alliance
5 Microsoft Joins Bytecode Alliance to Further Blazor-Backing WebAssembly Tech
6 Microsoft joins power-packed tech alliance to find new uses for WebAssembly
7 Fastly increases WebAssembly contributions to support secure-by-design software ecosystem
8 Chrome 91 Beta Brings Experimental WebTransport, WebAssembly SIMD By Default
9 WebAssembly organisation Bytecode Alliance welcomes Microsoft, Google and others
10 WebAssembly
11 Micorosoft joined the ByteCode Alliance last week
12 Mozilla's Pyodide becomes an independent and community-driven project
13 Extending the Envoy Proxy With WebAssembly
14 Daemon Engine 0.52 Beta Continues Advancing The id Tech 3 Open-Source Code In 2021
15 Server-side WebAssembly runtime reaches GA status
16 Get started with Blazor in .NET 5
17 Article: Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms: Choosing Your Next UI Framework
18 SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Kubewarden
19 The "Wasmer" WebAssembly Runtime is Generally Available
20 Bytecode Alliance Lays out Plans for WebAssembly on the Server-Side
21 Mozilla spins out Pyodide Python-in-the-browser project
22 Improving Webassembly and Its Tooling -- Q&A with Wasmtime's Nick Fitzgerald
23 Boosting WebAssembly Performance with SIMD and Multi-Threading
24 More Worries over the Security of Web Assembly
25 Break point: Kasten ransomware protection, IBM storage, Bytecode Alliance, GPUs in GKE, Facebook joins Rust Foundation • DEVCLASS
26 Wasmer 1.0 makes moves to push WebAssembly outside the browser, into the IoT space • DEVCLASS
27 WebAssembly Could Be the Key for Cloud Native Extensibility – The New Stack
28 Linux Foundation launches free WebAssembly course
29 Mozilla Makes Pyodide Community Project
30 LibreOffice team say they are working on a WebAssembly port
31 Essential Guide to Image Processing with WebAssembly
32 InfoQ V8 JavaScript Engine 9.0 Improves JavaScript to WebAssembly Performance The 9.0 release of the V8
33 Article: Server-Side Wasm
34 WebAssembly Binary Format Explained (Part 2)
35 How Developers Leverage WebAssembly For Powerful Browser Applications
36 Developers Continue New Push With LibreOffice In The Web Browser Via WebAssembly
37 Article: Deno Loves WebAssembly
38 Leads Industry Effort to Standardize WebAssembly Module Format, Extending the Power to Cloud-Native Technologies
39 Why Istio Will Become Service-Mesh Standard—and Why It Matters | eWEEK
40 Zoom on Web: WebAssembly SIMD, WebTransport, and WebCodecs
41 .NET 6 Gets Blazor WebView Controls for WPF, WinForms
42 Article: Level Up with WebAssembly
43 GraalVM 21.1 Released With Experimental Java 16 Support, Many Performance Improvements
44 WebAssembly Reference Types Implemented in wasmtime, Lets Wasm Modules Handle Complex Types
45 WebAssembly: Building a Secure-by-Default Ecosystem
46 Godot 3.3 Adds Web Editor
47 KubeCon EU: Envoy Looks to WebAssembly to Extend Microservices Monitoring – The New Stack
48 The Differences Between Blazor WebAssembly And Blazor Server
49 Build Your Own WebAssembly Compiler
50 Borrows OCI Spec to Bundle WebAssembly Modules – The New Stack
51 Blazor Finally Complete as WebAssembly Joins Server-Side Component
52 WebAssembly 1.0 and W3C core specification arrive
53 New Chrome Extension to Debug Compiled Wasm Code Stepping through C++ Source Files
54 CasperLabs Listing on AscendEX – Press release Bitcoin News
55 Wasmer 1.0 Released As The Universal WebAssembly Runtime Outside The Browser
56 AWS Previews Deployment Tool for .NET Web Apps, Blazor WebAssembly
57 WebAssembly in Action (Manning)
58 Markdown-Wasm, a Very Fast Markdown Parser Written in WebAssembly
59 Visual Studio 2019 for Mac v8.8 Adds Blazor WebAssembly Debugging
60 WebAssembly at Sentry
61 Microsoft will soon remove Flash Player from Windows 10 devices
62 WebAssembly Used to Extend Life of Flash Legacy Content
63 How Dfinity Could Make Ethereum More Censorship-Resistant
64 Blazor WebAssembly Gets Lazy Loading
65 My Take on Why Blazor WASM Beats Javascript as the Best Choice for API Integration
66 Server-Side Wasm: Today and Tomorrow
67 Intel, Mozilla, Red Hat, and Fastly partner to make WebAssembly a cross-platform runtime
68 Presentation: WebAssembly. Neither Web Nor Assembly, All Revolutionary
69 Creating a Progressive Web App with Blazor WebAssembly
70 WebAssembly primer: Get started with WebAssembly
71 8 new WebAssembly tools you should know
72 WebAssembly Extended with Hot Reloading, Remote Debugging and Uniform Hardware Access
73 Developers, 'Blazor' a new path to web app creation
74 Google rolled out the Chrome version 90 update: UI Enhancements and Security Improvements
75 19 thoughts on “C++ Compiler Targets The Web”
76 Krustlet: a kubelet Written in Rust to Run WebAssembly Workloads in Kubernetes
77 WebAssembly: JavaScript Done Right – EEJournal
78 Web programming languages: How WebAssembly will change the way you build web apps
79 A developer's introduction to WebAssembly
80 Blazor Gets Faster (Even Without AOT)
81 Creating High-Performance Web Apps with WebAssembly
82 Firefox Patches Critical Mystery Bug, Also Impacting Google Chrome
83 Ring language upgrade focuses on WebAssembly
84 Space-Efficient Full-Text Search with Rust and WebAssembly
85 Developer Decries WinForms-to-Blazor Performance Degradation
86 ML meets WebAssembly – TensorFlow.js now has a Wasm backend
87 3 Responses to “Is WebAssembly the Web GUI Future?”
88 How I Used Rust + Lunatic to Build a TelNet Chat Server With WebAssembly
89 WebAssembly Used by Java-to-Web Compiler CheerpJ 2.0 to Port Java Applications to Browsers
90 Recent Study Estimates That 50% of Websites Using WebAssembly Apply It for Malicious Purposes
91 Blazor WebAssembly Targets .NET 5 in Latest ASP.NET Core Update
92 Why is everyone going crazy over WebAssembly?
93 Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0: Build interactive web UIs using C#
94 Colin Eberhardt on What WebAssembly Is, and Plans for Version 2.0
95 Wasmer takes WebAssembly server-side
96 Microsoft Releases Blazor WebAssembly 3.2.0 RC
97 Successful Software Company Strategies for 2021 and Beyond
98 Article: WebAssembly and Blazor: A Decades Old Problem Solved
99 Google's V8 Engine Adds Support for WebAssembly SIMD
100 First .NET 6 Preview Introduces Blazor Desktop