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1 Apple’s Safari browser blocks CNAME cloaking in Big Sur privacy boost
2 Yeah, Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro is powerful, but it’s the battery life that will blow you away
3 Has Chromium Already Won the Browser War? | by Vivek Vaishya | The Startup | Nov, 2020
4 Apple Update Fixes WebKit Flaws in iOS, Safari
5 The PS5 does have a web browser, but you can't really access it
6 Playwright 1.0 Release Automates Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit-Based Browsers
7 Minor controversy erupts over chained iOS exploit that harvests researchers’ crash dumps
8 No, Safari isn't switching from WebKit to Chromium FFS
9 WebKit’s new anti-tracking policy puts privacy on a par with security
10 Apple's New WebKit Policy Takes a Hard Line for User Privacy
11 An NHS Christmas Carol opens festive season in Barnstaple Queen's Theatre
12 Mac malware spreads through Xcode projects, abuses WebKit, Data Vault vulnerabilities
13 Apple iOS 13.4 offers fixes for 30 vulnerabilities
14 Apple WebKit team shares ‘Tracking Prevention Policy’ detailing anti-tracking Safari features
15 Apple WebKit engineers unveil proposal to make SMS one-time passcodes more secure
16 The browser wars are back, but it’s different this time
17 Apple shares tentative goals for WebKit 2020
18 Tracking prevention in Safari WebKit levels up
19 Apple Blocks 15 W3C Standards In Safari
20 Google Chrome Breaks Up With Apple's WebKit
21 Over A Billion Malicious Ad Impressions Exploit WebKit Flaw to Target Apple Users
22 Apple’s WebKit outlines cross-site tracking crackdown, will block advertisers who try to bypass privacy rules
23 WebKit upgrade improves memory usage
24 Apple WebKit bugs on iOS and macOS allowed 1B scam popup ads on websites
25 iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will let you set default email and browser apps
26 WebKit provides advice on how web developers can build with power efficiency in mind
27 Why France might ban discrimination towards accents
28 What the hell is WebKit anyway? An all-purpose guide
29 Another UXSS bug found in Safari WebKit
30 WebKit flaw crashes iPhones when malicious page opened in browsers, HTML-rendering apps
31 Project Zero discloses UXSS in Safari WebKit
32 Webkit zero-day exploit besieges Mac and iOS users with malvertising redirects
33 Apple will remove app that made it easy to play Stadia on iOS
34 Apple's Webkit to launch new privacy feature for ad tracking
35 New Safari clipboard API includes additional browser security, privacy mechanisms
36 [Update: Apple response] Stadia was available through a custom iOS browser before Apple killed it
37 Why Mozilla Matters And Won’t Switch To WebKit
38 Apple wants to standardize the format of SMS OTPs (one-time passcodes)
39 How Safari and iMessage Have Made iPhones Less Secure
40 Safari 13.1 Released
41 Adobe's Web design work lands in WebKit browser
42 WebKit and why open standards matter
43 Mourinho buys Reguilon $650 ham after Spurs' win over Man City
44 WebKit Now Has Full Support for WebAssembly
45 WebKit Vulnerability Affects Latest Versions of Apple Safari
46 How to Browse the Internet on Apple Watch Through watchOS 5's WebKit Integration
47 Apple Might Finally Address This Long-Standing Antitrust Criticism
48 Apple’s WebKit joins the WebAssembly bandwagon
49 Secy RDD reviews progress on 14th FC works
50 The Best Web Browsers
51 The unforking of KDE’s KHTML and Webkit
52 AVIF, a next-gen image format for the web, will have to wait in line behind WebP
53 Safari Is Experimenting With An API That Could Limit Cookie Storage To Logged-In Users
54 WebKit, V8, and Edge Improve JavaScript Implementations
55 Here are the browsers iOS 14 now lets you set as default
56 Apple announces ‘WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy’ that considers web tracking as a security vulnerability
57 Apple engineers have a proposal to standardize two-factor authentication messages, and Google is on board
58 Google Has Already Removed 8.8M Lines Of WebKit Code From Blink
59 11 CSS secrets you need to know in 2020
60 Apple Moves Again To Suppress Trackers; China Could Force Shutdown Of TikTok US Operations
61 Watershed SHA1 collision just broke the WebKit repository, others may follow
62 Zero-day Safari browser flaw creates social engineering risk
63 Apple gets rid of 'Stadium App' that let users run Stadia on iOS devices
64 Argentina legend Maradona's passing will be mourned across South America
65 Apple declined to implement 16 Web APIs in Safari due to privacy concerns
66 Flotato is a wildly clever way to get web apps on your Mac
67 Apple Won’t Build Chromium-Based Safari Browser for Windows 10: WebKit Engineer Says It’s All Fake
68 New XCSSET malware accesses Mac via Xcode
69 It’s here: Google replaces WebKit version ID with Blink in latest Chrome build
70 Apple Bug Allows Code Execution on iPhone, iPad, iPod
71 Latest Safari update brings fixes for WebKit security flaws
72 iOS vulnerability exploited to spy on Uyghurs in China
73 Apple quietly slips WebRTC audio, video into Safari's WebKit spec
74 Opera releases Webkit-based Android browser
75 New WebKit policies in iOS 10 to allow autoplay of silent videos in Safari, pause those with audio
76 Apple killing off web passwords? Safari trials WebAuthn logins on macOS
77 Opera with WebKit for Android hands-on preview
78 Apple Releases New Policy Aimed at Preventing Online Web Tracking
79 Microsoft Edge uses WebKit engine on iOS and Blink engine on Android
80 The 2020 Browser Battle: Surfing With Speed
81 New Chrome for iOS is finally as fast and stable as Safari
82 iOS 14 is a chance for Apple to lower its walls
83 New version of Safari is out for macOS Catalina and Mojave
84 Opera shows off new WebKit-based 'Ice' mobile browser
85 Apple delivers March 2020 security updates for iDevices and software
86 Google Chrome for iOS to disable Payment Requests in March
87 Apple’s latest ITP updates: What marketers need to know
88 Get ready to log into websites with Face ID or Touch ID
89 W3C says WebKit's dominance is damaging the web
90 Apple Delivers Several Security Fixes With iOS and iPadOS 13.4
91 Google open-sources Chrome for iOS
92 Quebec to allow sports and extracurricular activities between class bubbles — even in areas with more cases
93 It ‘has a long way to go’: Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention lead on Chrome’s new approach to cookies
94 How to Enable the 14 Best Hidden Features of iOS 14
95 No, Apple isn’t rebuilding Safari on Google’s Chromium
96 watchOS 5: How to access the Internet from your wrist
97 Apple iPhone 5s might get iOS 12 according to WebKit test
98 Apple Announces the Safari Technology Preview
99 Safari 14: New privacy and security features
100 Microsoft Edge to Run On Google Chrome's Rendering Engine