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Result Content Idea Research
1 German Historians on Frontlines of Politics
2 Sixty-five years of the Bundeswehr: German president appeals for militarism, rearmament and war
3 Germany: Investigation launched over allegations author defamed Wehrmacht
4 How Germany remembers the world wars
5 FG 42 Rifle: Hitler's Super Rifle the Allies Feared
6 Historian Jens-Christian Wagner accused of defaming Nazi Germany's soldiers
7 The Wehrmacht and the Holocaust on the battlefield
8 German parliament says “Ja” to Polish war memorial
9 “Sniper machine gun” of the Wehrmacht paratroopers (PHOTOS)
10 Nuremberg Trials 75 Years On: Who Was Tried and How
11 'Almost half defected to the partisans' |
12 'I have had, in my life, whole squadrons of guardian angels looking after me. There's no other way.'
13 How the Battle of the Bulge changed the tide of World War II
14 Why the German Army is still avoiding its Nazi past
15 Richard Wadani, deserter from the Wehrmacht who joined the Allied forces – obituary
16 The Asgaard security firm: Neo-Nazi networks in German army and police
17 Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations
18 Podcast: Jean-Claude Juncker: a political panorama
19 Mass grave of WWII German paratroopers found in field
20 Nuremberg Trials remembered 75 years on
21 A Flawed Premise
22 Nazi documents stashed in armchair take author on trail of ‘ordinary’ SS officer
23 German far-right plot rekindles debate on Nazi-era Wehrmacht
24 Bundeswehr apologises for posting Nazi-era Wehrmacht uniform on Instagram
25 When Senator Joe McCarthy Defended Nazis | History
26 America’s Military Should Confront Its Past, Not Bury It
27 British-Canadian D-Day Veteran Who Took Surrender of Wehrmacht Giant Dead at 97
28 Nazi officer's sons trace clues in wartime letter in search of his fate
29 Bundeswehr apologizes for 'retro'' Nazi uniform on Instagram
30 How Methamphetamine Became a Key Part of Nazi Military Strategy
31 Werwolf
32 Book Review: 'Rusted Metal: A Guide To Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Music In the Pacific Northwest (1970
33 The World Needs American Idealism Again
34 Storm over 'pride in WW2 soldiers' remarks in Germany
35 Why did France lose to Germany in 1940?
36 The German military and its troubled traditions
37 Hitler's Canon: Meet the Largest Artillery Piece Ever Built
38 Itter Castle: The Strangest Battle of World War II
39 Battle of France: Wehrmacht advances through the Ardennes
40 Russian Jews who became Wehrmacht generals
41 The German Wehrmacht Returns |
42 Seventy-five years since the end of World War II in Europe
43 Inside the Drug Use That Fueled Nazi Germany
44 Poland refuse to sign off German ambassador over father’s Nazi links
45 Wehrmacht had 'policy of starvation' in Leningrad
46 Respected British magazine publishes defense of Nazi German troops
47 Even as Germany Confronts Its Past, Holocaust Memory Debated
48 Soviets drank vodka, Nazis used meth: How choice of drugs turned World War II outcome
49 Approaching D-Day's 75th anniversary, former German soldier Paul Golz fears for Europe
50 Hitler's Commando Order led to 300 secret agent and soldier deaths, SAS papers reveal
51 A Detailed Look At Brad Pitt's WWII Motorcycle | HotCars
52 The Austrian castle where Nazis lost to German-US force
53 Saint-Exupéry And The Little Prince: The Jewish Connection
54 Anna Seghers, a Writer Who Defended the Wretched of the Earth
55 May 8, 1945: Total defeat or day of liberation?
56 Games Have Always Tried to Whitewash Nazis as Just 'German Soldiers'
57 Opinion: May 1945 — The start of a cold peace
58 Russian volunteers search for fallen World War II soldiers
59 Russia Considers 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory Shared Responsibility to History and our Future
60 Digital Blitzkrieg: US Media Praises Wehrmacht’s Tactics, Says Experience Applicable to Future Wars
61 There Are No Nostalgic Nazi Memorials
62 Book review: Dutch Girl, Audrey Hepburn's biography
63 German army instills new traditions to move away from troubled history
64 The last guard: The AK men who still carried their weapons after the Uprising's end
65 When did Adolf Hitler visit the USSR?
66 A June 22 Hitler Had Not Bargained for
67 The SS Officer’s Armchair by Daniel Lee
68 ‘Retreat From Moscow’ Review: Repelling the Winter Invaders
69 From Wehrmacht executioner to college diversity icon: An Ohio professor's secret past
70 German defense chief bids to rid army of Nazi Wehrmacht links
71 The other side of D-Day
72 Bundeswehrmacht: The German Army’s Dirty Secret
73 German POW asks: 'Why did America give their young men for us?'
74 Nazis Dosed Soldiers with Performance-Boosting 'Superdrug'
75 How former Nazi official Reinhard Gehlen erected a state within a state in post-war Germany
76 World War II: 75 years on, a son finds his father
77 Spectator publishes article calling Nazis heroes of D-Day
78 Not Even The Elite Panzer Lehr Division Could Save Nazi Germany's Final Stand In Europe
79 “My SS Uniform Is Just My Heritage”
80 German military historian Sönke Neitzel evokes the traditions of Hitler's Wehrmacht
81 German army needs to remove WW2-era names: defense minister
82 How Did the Nazis Really Lose World War II?
83 Germany searches all army barracks for Nazi material
84 Angry public reactions after Veterans Affairs video mixes up Canadian and German soldiers — soldiers who were actually Wehrmacht
85 Ford and the Führer
86 'Daddy was a man of honor,' daughter of Nazi SS officer insists
87 The mysterious German fad for posing with a polar bear imitator
88 Why did over a million Soviets fight for Germany during World War II?
89 Wehrmacht Graffiti – Copenhagen, Denmark
90 German far-right plot rekindles debate on Nazi-era Wehrmacht
91 Which Country Was Instrumental in Winning World War II?
92 How volunteers near Berlin help excavate World War II mass graves
93 US metal band Wehrmacht distances itself from Bulgarian official's fake T-shirt
94 Show sheds light on Austria's Wehrmacht deserters
95 Facing Up to the Past, German-Style
96 Hitler's Aborted Last Stand: WWII's Unexpected Ending
97 Germany finds arms, explosives cache at special forces soldier's home
98 Austria unveils World War Two deserters' memorial
99 How German soldiers marched through Moscow during WWII
100 Forgotten Fact: Nazi Germany Used Cavalry in World War II