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Result Content Idea Research
1 The Weimar Republic and Democratic America
2 Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat mirrors the lie that fueled the Nazi rise
3 COMMENTARY: Contriving the stab-in-the-back myth | Opinion
4 Bret Stephens column: Trump contrives his stab-in-the-back myth
5 Stephens: Trump contrives his stab-in-the-back myth
6 Gold's big question: Can the bull market outlive a pandemic?
7 Trump: America's Hitler?
8 Mark Primack | Tides turn and fears swell over local political cartoon
9 Bauhaus Campus 2021. Architecture Competition for Students
10 Juneyao Air Takes Delivery Of Its First A321neo
11 Food for Thought presentation to focus on Chanukah
12 Reckoning with American Democracy's Enemies Within by Katharina Pistor
13 Merkel ally Jens Spahn under fire for refusing to reveal price of villa
14 A New Movie on Moholy-Nagy, Inspiring Artist and Teacher
15 Coronavirus: Can Germany's infection protection law be compared to the Nazis' 'Enabling Act?'
16 Dan Simpson: Where does America go from here?
17 Herb Rothschild Jr.: Lessons from the rise of 1930s fascism
18 Sharon Gillerman, a gifted scholar of German Jewish history, dies at 60
19 Hyperinflation and Rent Controls
20 Democracy in distress?
21 The American Experiment Is Alive and Well
22 Here's why it's dangerously wrong to suggest we don't need our own currency
23 What Trump gets wrong about antifa
24 Constructing reasons to believe election was rigged (Letters)
25 Review: How the Weimar Republic paved the way to its own ruin
26 The History of Democracy: Exploring the Weimar Republic's Fall from a Modern U.S. Perspective
27 Worse Than 'Weimar'!
28 Is Trump's No Concession Endgame a "Stab-in-the-Back" Gambit Which Helped Bring the Nazis to Power?
29 Jude Murdoch and Steven Hail argue modern monetary theory offers desperately needed clear thinking and fresh ideas for our society and our democracy
30 Blu-ray: Waxworks (1924) review
31 Busy bars and banyas in Belarus – where Covid is largely ignored
32 Artwork celebrates Beethoven's 250th birth anniversary
33 German Kids Went Back in School. Missouri Parents Whose Kids Are Still at Home Fear a Lost Year
34 How The Weimar Hyperinflation Really Went Down
35 Corporate capital and Trump's coup: Will business elites take a stand?
36 Agent Sonya
37 From the bookshelf: 'The gravediggers: The last winter of the Weimar Republic'
38 Spanish flu inspired Norwegian artist
39 Yes, Pete Evans, symbols can be very dangerous
40 Warnings about Weimar Germany could turn into self-fulfilling prophecies
41 There are worrying echoes of Weimar coming from eastern Germany
42 Health ministers and house prices: the cautionary tale of Jens Spahn
43 Love letter from Buchenwald
44 Are there any parallels between U.S. and Weimar Republic?
45 'Weimar America'? The Trump Show Is No Cabaret
46 Come to the cabaret
47 Domenique Dumont: People On Sunday
48 What Weimar Germany Teaches Us about Universal Basic Income | Zilvinas Silenas
49 Is America About to Suffer Its Weimar Moment?
50 Bundestag MPs turn on AfD after parliamentary provocation
51 10 reasons why the Supreme Court is looking like a court of ‘trivial pursuits’
52 When normal economic rules don't apply, a magic money tree could start to make sense
53 Is Germany in Danger of Repeating its Nazi Past?
54 After WWI, Hundreds of Politicians Were Murdered in Germany
55 The Ghost of Weimar Germany Is Only a Ghost
56 What the Weimar Republic Can Teach Us About Modern Democracy
57 TV tonight: the return of murder and mayhem in Weimar Germany
58 Remembering Dr. Sharon Gillerman
59 YOURSAY | No parachute for Malaysian helicopter money
60 Which psychics' predictions for 2020 came true?
61 Waiting for Fascism
62 Weimar, 1919: Birth of Germany's first democracy
63 Weimar Triangle – Meeting between Jean-Yves Le Drian and his German and Polish counterparts (15 Oct. 20)
64 The greatest 'if only' of modern history... that the Weimar Republic had succeeded
65 Three on the Third Reich: High-Speed History
66 Trump's 'antifa' accusations spark debate in Germany, the movement's birthplace
67 The political landscapes of Brexit Britain and Weimar Germany are scarily similar
68 Weimar: a city of poets and thinkers
69 The Real v. the Liberal Fantasy Obama Presidency: Two Excerpts from Hollow Resistance: Obama, Trump, and the Politics of Appeasement
70 The Last Operetta of the Weimar Republic Returns to Berlin
71 New exhibit reconsiders the Weimar Republic, 100 years later
72 Joint statement by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Weimar Triangle (France, Germany and Poland)
73 OPINION: When Money Dies, Part One
74 L.A. Phil embraces Weimar Republic art. Trump protesters do too
75 What's the endgame for government and central bank stimulus?
76 How Hitler Transformed a Democracy Into a Tyranny
77 Fiscal austerity and the rise of the Nazis | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
78 What was the Weimar Republic? | Euronews Answers
79 Democracy Digest: Poland and Hungary Refuse to Back Down over EU Veto | Reporting Democracy
80 Germany’s schools try to stay open as another round of coronavirus lockdowns takes effect
81 Could Brexit lead to a revival of the Weimar Triangle?
82 Candace Owens vs. Harry Styles: Proof that masculinity IS under attack — and black voices only matter if they’re left-wing
83 1933 May Be Closer than We Think
84 A low point in German-Polish relations
85 L.A. Phil 'Weimar Republic' festival looks at flourishing of art
86 New light on the dark interwar years
87 Germany marks 100 years since Weimar Constitution
88 Still 'strong support' for EU's principles and leadership on global issues, says EU-wide poll
89 Classical Weimar
90 Erich Fromm and the Revolution of Hope
91 How German Students Have Been Back At School Since Spring, While Missourians Are Just Returning
92 Gender Identity in Weimar Germany
93 Did Hitler Defund and Eliminate Police Departments?
94 Why Donald Trump isn't Hitler – he poses a new threat
95 Germans Unnerved by Political Turmoil That Echoes Nazi Era
96 A Chance to Revisit the Music, Art, and Theater of the Weimar Era
97 Germany from A to Z: Weimar
98 Seduced by Respectability
99 The Unromantic Truths of Weimar Germany
100 A Sobering Look at How Quickly Hitler Transformed Germany