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1 Medical Community's Success Against COVID-19 Hinges on Trust
2 Roundup of Recent Gallup Data on Vaccines
3 Vaccine challenges | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
4 ‘Non-Non Non! ‘- France leads the world in Covid-19 vaccine scepticism
5 Are Anti-Vaxxers Causing More Harm Than Good?
6 The Most Important Health-Care Tool Is Trust by Jeremy Farrar
7 Mapping global trends in vaccine confidence and investigating barriers to vaccine uptake: a large-scale retrospective temporal modelling study
8 These are the countries that trust scientists the most—and the least
9 What does it take for Australia to win in a post-COVID world?
10 Trust in Science Essential in Battle Against COVID-19
11 UK groups get £12m funding for COVID-19 monitoring software
12 New research links voter turnout to the strength of local journalism
13 Sanger Institute & COG-UK receive £12.2M for COVID-19 genomic surveillance system
14 What past epidemics tell us about public trust in science – and scientists
15 The world's now scrambling for dry ice. It's just one headache in getting coronavirus vaccines where they need to go
16 Sanger Institute and COG-UK get £12.2M funding to build genomic surveillance system for COVID-19
17 3M Survey Reports Decline In Science Skepticism For First Time In 3 Years
18 Wellcome Sanger Institute and COG-UK receive £12.2M UK Government investment for COVID-19 real-time genomic surveillance system
19 Survey shows crisis of confidence in vaccines in parts of Europe
20 Why the most important tool in healthcare is trust
21 People trust scientists, but there are troubling trends, says landmark survey
22 Why vaccine rumours stick—and getting them unstuck
23 Trust in Government Lacking on COVID-19's Frontlines
24 People trust scientists, says landmark survey, but there are troubling trends
25 Will COVID-19 renew or diminish trust in science? | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
26 Do You Trust Science?
27 Brazilians volunteer for vaccine trials to counter growing skepticism
28 Mapping public health responses with attitude networks: the emergence of opinion‐based groups in the UK's early COVID‐19 response phase
29 India's COVID-19 Lockdown Depends on Trust in Institutions
30 Why trust in doctors isn't enough to change people's minds: The case of HPV vaccination in Japan
31 How Much Does the World Trust Journalists?
32 COVID-score: A tool to evaluate public perception of countries' response to the pandemic
33 Why Covid-19 vaccines offer cause for hope and concern
34 Wellcome Trust pledges more billions to science and healthcare research
35 How Does the World Feel About Science and Health?
36 Public trust in scientists 'will decline in wake of Covid-19'
37 'Foreign disinformation' social media campaigns linked to falling vaccination rates
38 Is There an Outbreak of Doubt About Vaccines in the US?
39 Giving vaccines a shot?
40 It’s Not Just Anti-Vaxxers Who Worry About Vaccines
41 New Virtual Reality Tool, Domestic Cats are SARS-CoV-2 Carriers, Combination Therapy Advances: COVID-19 Updates
42 Ipsos : What We Know About Vaccine Hesitancy in South Africa
43 Cambridge University's Covid-19 genome sequencing consortium receives funding to expand capacity to prep for second wave
44 Boris Johnson meets Bill Gates to discuss plans to prevent future pandemics
45 Could a global 'observatory' of blood help stop the next pandemic?
46 Pre-Pandemic, Most Russians Unhappy With Healthcare
47 Vaccines are safe. But huge numbers of people around the world say they wouldn't take a Covid jab
48 Do you trust science? These five factors play a big role
49 Revenge of the Experts: Will Covid-19 Diminish Trust in Science and Scientists?
50 Pediatric Vaccine Market To Garner US$ 98,859.3 Million By 2027 | CAGR: 14.4%: Coherent Market Insights
51 Fewer in US Continue to See Vaccines as Important
52 Decoding the issues impacting COVID19 vaccine compliance
53 Here's why Africa needs to invest in home-grown science
54 West China Hospital's Covid-19 vaccine candidate enters mid-stage human trial
55 Have We Entered the Age of the Immoronic?
56 Public perception of scientists as trustworthy experts is likely to be negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis
57 Lessons from Rwanda on how trust can help repair a broken health system
58 Vaccine messaging faces unprecedented test with COVID-19 – success of a vaccine hinges on it
59 Issues in ensuring COVID-19 vaccine compliance (By Derek Yach, MBChB, MPH, Foundation for a Smoke-Free World)
60 Majority of Pinoys choose religion over science: study
61 Before Pandemic, Outbreaks Least of Worries in Western Europe
62 Nearly half of Canadians are concerned about vaccine safety. Here's why.
63 November 23rd: Coronavirus News Updates
64 Anti-vaxxers seize virus moment to spread fake news
65 Anti-vax sentiment is on the rise in Asia. Could it hit efforts to fight coronavirus?
66 Art therapy: This is how the arts can sharpen mental health research
67 Is It Time to Retire Global Unemployment?
68 Global crisis of confidence in vaccines a health threat
69 There's Another Insidious Side Effect of This Pandemic
70 With Covid-19, Vaccine Messaging Faces an Unprecedented Test
71 Brazil’s Bolsonaro Meets His Fauci
72 Daily briefing: Boaty McBoatface's big breakthrough
73 Questions & Answers: Global Vaccination Summit
74 How social media companies are tackling anti-vaccination misinformation
75 On the trail of an oral cancer treatment
76 Drexel Flips Anti-Vaxxer Legislation Model
77 EU science spending must not fall victim to the post-Covid cull
78 Going viral: how to boost the spread of coronavirus science on social media
79 To secure investment, science must tell its story better
80 South Africans still fear a Covid-19 vaccine, survey shows
81 Fear of vaccines are causing a rise in measles deaths in Europe
82 Attitudes towards vaccination vary significantly across Europe
83 Global pledges to speed up action on superbugs | Wellcome
84 Consumers demand facts around smoke-free alternatives: Philip Morris
85 Anti-vaxxers seize Covid-19 to spread fake news
86 Developing countries trust vaccines more: UK survey
87 COVID-19 tracker: Regeneron's antibody cocktail hit by safety concerns; Novo's Rybelsus emerging from pandemic slump
88 Verne Global secures $27m funding
89 7 things manifesto writers should know about science | Wellcome
90 Measuring universal health coverage based on an index of effective coverage of health services in 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019
91 Vaccine Finance and Epidemic Risk – IMF F&D
92 A welcoming space for joined-up thinking
93 Vaccine opinions, space-station science and Hong Kong protests
94 Coronavirus "infodemic" threatens world's health institutions
95 Global health
96 Wellcome joins £52 million global drive on antibiotic resistance | Wellcome
97 A growing lack of trust in authority poses a serious danger to our health
98 Disease Outbreaks Are Increasing. A Drexel Study Shows that Legislators are Taking Action
99 The US lacks the willpower needed to fully defeat COVID-19
100 The deadly urgency of now | The Strategist