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1 What Pennsylvania Employers Need to Know About Whistleblower Protections | The Legal Intelligencer
2 OSHA Hosts Stakeholder Call to Discuss Whistleblower Protection Program
3 DHS Union Asks for Removal of 'Illegal Gag Order' Asking Employees to Report on Colleagues
4 The COVID-19 Crisis Has Shown We Need Stronger Whistleblower Protections
5 Trump's VA Is Trying to Scare Off Whistleblowers During the Pandemic
6 How the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive affects France's Loi Sapin 2
7 How to prepare for the Swedish whistleblower protection law
8 PRESS STATEMENT: Government Accountability Project Condemns Whistleblower Retaliation in Texas Attorney General Office
9 Workers Fired, Penalized for Reporting COVID Safety Violations
10 Rick Bright's Resignation Shows We're Failing Whistleblowers
11 Vineland police captain takes retaliation complaint into state court
12 International Whistleblower Advocacy Groups File Public Comment with Latvian Government
13 CSX pays $95K in back wages to whistleblower employee
14 Leading Whistleblower Attorney: “Congress Should Pass Stronger Whistleblower Protections”
15 Missouri Whistleblower Retaliation Case Awards $4.5Mil
16 EU Whistleblower Directive: 2021 deadline looms for thousands of companies
17 Veteran sergeant sues DC Police, claiming retaliation for reporting improper tactics
18 The Controversial History Of Whistleblowers And Those Who Are Speaking Out
19 Bosnian Tax Authority Demotes Whistleblower Who Reported Corruption
20 OSHA Hosts Public Meeting on Whistleblower Program
21 State agriculture official disputes allegations about cat, dog breeder inspection program
22 Howard Stephen Jeremy Wilkinson
23 Ex-Fraser city manager files whistleblower lawsuit
24 POLITICS: Ex-EPA aide's suit claims retaliation over Pruitt scandals
25 Whistleblower Cheat Sheet: Trump Faces A New Wave
26 Biloxi Public Schools denies allegations in federal lawsuit filed by former employee
27 Yes on Prop 24 Campaign Announces Endorsement from Data Privacy Advocate and Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower, Brittany Kaiser
28 Whistleblowing in the European Union and Turkey
29 A federal employee’s guide to Trump and Biden’s 2020 campaign platforms
30 Beijing Reveals New Health Emergency Whistleblower Protections
31 Danske Bank Whistleblower Wins Allard Prize for International Integrity
32 SEC doubles previous record with $114M whistleblower award
33 SEC Whistleblower Who Turned Down $8.25 Million Award is “Going Broke”
34 OSHA Coronavirus Whistleblower Protection
35 Japan Amends Whistleblower Protection Act
36 PA House District 104: Sue Helm (R) vs. Patty Smith (D)
37 Senators Introduce COVID-19 Whistleblower Protection Act
38 Whistleblower Emir Mesic reported Corruption and received a Disciplinary Report
39 SEC Amends Whistleblower Rules | Michael Volkov
40 Whistleblowers Fired from Attorney General's Office
41 Whistleblower Has Outstanding Texas Warrants Since 2017
42 Whistleblower Protection: Actions Needed to Strengthen Selected Intelligence Community Offices of Inspector General Programs
43 What You Should Know About Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment Fraud And False Claims Act
44 L'Oreal Gets Win In Ex-Patent Atty's Whistleblower Suit
45 Advocacy Groups Press Congress to Support Pandemic Whistleblower Protection Legislation
46 Helping whistleblower laws deliver the protection…
47 COVID-19 Whistleblower Act Protects Pandemic Appropriations
48 COVID-19 Whistleblower Protection Bill Introduced Into Congress | Proskauer
49 A vital chance for whistleblower protection
50 SEC enhances its whistleblower program to further incentivize tips
51 Despite laws, federal whistleblowers still face problems
52 The State of Whistleblower Protections and Ideas for Reform
53 After Years of Denial, UK Lawmakers Finally Acknowledge Whistleblower Protection Weaknesses
54 World Whistleblowing Day: In 2020, there can be no excuse for leaving…
55 Virginia Whistleblower Protection Law Enacted
56 The U.S. government can’t sue someone just for making Melania Trump look bad
57 Whistleblower Protection Agency, Judge Clash Over Which Feds to Protect From Reprisal
58 Key Changes to Japan's Whistleblower Protection Act Require Stronger Compliance
59 Unsafe and Unsound: How Citizens Suffer under the UK’s Outdated Whistleblower Protection System
60 VA's Whistleblower Protection Office Again Faces Allegations of Retaliation, Intimidation
61 Workplace Whistleblower Protections Inch Forward Amid Pandemic
62 Whistleblower protection, explained
63 Cleanup Firm Can’t Duck Whistleblower Case Involving Irradiated Shipyard
64 Virginia Whistleblower Protection and Expanded Anti-Discrimination Statutes Near Implementation
65 Air Force chaplain discriminated against for preaching from the Bible
66 Virginia Enacts Comprehensive Whistleblower Protection | Jackson Lewis PC
67 Liberty University finance probe issues call for whistleblowers
68 NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia
69 Experts: Trump Not Legally Prohibited From Publicly Identifying Whistleblower
70 Protecting Whistleblowers Against Retaliation
71 Employment Tribunals And Employee Relations
72 VA Steps Forward in Whistleblower Protection
73 Boost in Whistleblower Protections Proposed
74 Protection of whistleblowers vital during COVID-19…
75 The Coronavirus Crisis & Whistleblowing Qui Tam
76 Whistleblowing
77 SEC Amends its Whistleblower Program Rules
78 Whitmer vetoes bill that would expand whistleblower protections for state employees
79 Lawmakers Look to Further Strengthen Whistleblower Protections
80 DATA 2020 Senate Bill For Privacy Whistleblower Protections
81 Whistleblower Protection Program: OSHA to host public meeting
82 Whistleblower Protections across Europe
83 House bill calls for increased federal whistleblower protections
84 International Anti-Corruption and Whistleblower Protection Webinar Announced
85 Swalwell introduces federal whistleblower protection law | News | |
86 Amendment to Whistleblower Protection Act
87 US Whistleblowers First Got Government Protection in 1777
88 Will the EU miss its chance to properly protect whistleblowers?
89 Whistleblowers 101: Why keep their identifies secret?
90 Employees concerned about Colorado workplace safety in line to get whistleblower protection
91 COVID-19: The Largest Attack on Whistleblowers in the World
92 How Trump took credit for the 2014 VA Choice Act, denying Obama's, McCain's contributions
93 Office Created to Protect Whistleblowers and Discipline Senior Execs Is Doing Little of Either
94 Swalwell Introduces Bill To Strengthen Whistleblower Protection | Dublin
95 Does your national (draft) legislation on…
96 Virginia Enacts New Whistleblower Law For Private Employers
97 Congress Introduces COVID-19 Whistleblower Protection Act
98 Illinois Guidance Underscores Whistleblower Protections as Employees Head Back to the Workplace During COVID-19
99 The Department of Justice in 2021 and Beyond: A Forecast
100 Protecting Nonprofit Whistleblowers