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1 Whitney Blair Wyckoff
2 How to Learn Data Science: A U.S. News Guide
3 Patent and Trademark CIO wants IT staffers to pick their product teams
4 US News & World Report Reveals the 2020 Best Jobs
5 Dentists rank No. 2 in US News & World Report's Best Jobs report
6 In Famine, Peanut Butter-Based Food Rides To The Rescue
7 The 25 best jobs of 2020
8 Dentist moves to No. 2 spot on best jobs list, per US News & World Report
9 The No. 1 Job That Pays More Than $100,000–and Has Minimal Stress
10 US News & World Report Shows Software Developer is the Best Job in America for 2020
11 Alaska Farmer Turns Icy Patch Of Tundra Into A Breadbasket
12 Why Some Canadian Maple Syrup Producers Are Defying Their 'Cartel'
13 From Raucous To Ritzy: A Brief History Of Christmas Tea
14 'We're lucky someone wasn't killed': A look at the patent office's Christmas outage
15 Patent and Trademark Office looks to stabilize critical IT apps
16 Patent office releases new open data portal
17 5 Big Health Issues On Campus : Shots
18 Why Vegetables Get Freakish In The Land Of The Midnight Sun
19 Winning Words With Friends: It's All About Strategy
20 Around The World In 8 Hospital Meals | 88.5 WFDD
21 Jackson State: A Tragedy Widely Forgotten
22 USPTO selects contracting executive for CIO
23 Probiotics May Help Soothe The Stomach : Shots
24 New innovation center aims to unleash invention, trademark data
25 Despite Deeper Understanding Of Mental Illness, Stigma Lingers
26 FDA deputy CIO: Security vital to IT strategic plan
27 Why One Walgreens Can't Fill Prescriptions : Shots
28 Patent office launches international application tracking tool
29 The First Woman In Congress: A Crusader For Peace
30 For Teens, Too Much Sugar Can Be A Heartbreaker
31 Maria Shriver Says Women At The Center Of The Alzheimer's Epidemic
32 GAO to FEMA: Clean up your act on IT management
33 No Water In Calif. School Cafeterias? One Man Says There Should Be A Law
34 'When bees swarm, it's good news' — for the bees, anyway
35 Mouth-To-Mouth In CPR Might Be Overrated : Shots
36 Patent examiner committed at least 730 hours of time, attendance fraud – IG
37 DEET Is No Tasty Treat For Bugs : Shots
38 The 25 Best Jobs That Don't Require a Bachelor's Degree | Best Jobs | US News
39 How Long Does A Pumpkin Last? : The Salt
40 Kids With Mental Health Issues Make Less Money As Adults
41 Why Stores Sell Halloween Stuff Before Labor Day
42 What You Eat Shapes The Germs In Your Guts
43 US News Best Jobs that Pay More Than $100K | Careers | US News
44 FWS plans to digitize its employee performance tracking system
45 FDA's Kass-Hout sees tech opportunities in personalized medicine
46 Epilepsy Blamed For Chopin's Dark Hallucinations : Shots
47 Mental Health Groups Ask White House To Reverse Suicide Letter Policy
48 Can You Trust Preteens To Babysit? Maybe : Shots
49 Most Who Start With HPV Vaccine Don't Finish
50 What's In Your Painkiller? Study Finds Most Are Clueless
51 Patent office releases new beta version of public website
52 Reports Of Grocery Bag Bacteria May Be Overblown
53 No Cure For Morning Sickness Just Yet : Shots
54 Interior falls short in logical access control standards — report
55 Celiac Disease Strikes Some Late In Life : Shots
56 Nine Tips To Travel Cheap (But Not Stupid)
57 Husbands Who Earn Less Than Wives Are More Likely To Cheat
58 Poor Kids' Nutrition Could Tie Obesity, Cavities : Shots
59 FDA issues draft guidance for software updates in medical devices
60 Only One Person Voted Against the United States Entering World War II
61 Raising Vegetarian Kids? Here Are Some Pointers
62 National Archives' Facebook-like platform for workers goes mobile
63 After midterms, tech groups have high hopes for patent overhaul
64 FDA issues recs on when a medical device update requires a recall
65 Coming Off Antidepressants Can Be Tricky Business
66 What's your sign? Patent office releases icons to illustrate intellectual property
67 Best places to work: Top 10 federal subagencies
68 'Hive' computing could help FDA assess next-gen sequencing data
69 GSA digital government guru Gwynne Kostin receives yearlong fellowship
70 Tech groups laud Lee's nomination to lead patent office
71 Customs drones spent 80 percent of time in border, coastal areas
72 Websites That Encourage Eating Disorders Grow More Sophisticated
73 Patent Office, China establish electronic exchange for application priority docs
74 Sweetgreen's website and app crashed during the lunch rush, and customers freaked out
75 Best places to work: Top 10 midsized federal agencies
76 Photo History: The Fashions Of Women Of Color : The Picture Show
77 Nervous About Alzheimer's? Coffee May Help
78 Measuring A Country's Health By Its Height
79 High-Tech Holograms: 3-D With No Glasses Required
80 DC's Top 50 Women in Tech 2015
81 Why 'Supertasters' Can't Get Enough Salt
82 What Is a Stipend and How Do They Work?
83 FedScoop unveils its list of D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Technology for 2016
84 Kids Seeing More Fast Food Ads Despite Industry Pledge
85 5700-plus Huskers named to fall Deans' List
86 Train The Brain: Using Neurofeedback To Treat ADHD
87 From the Executive Director
88 Surgery For Sinus Misery: Better, But Still No Cure
89 Some Baby Formulas May Cause Faster Weight Gain
90 Should Oiled Birds Be Cleaned?
91 Video Games Boost Brain Power, Multitasking Skills
92 Florida Fails to Make Top 50 on High Salary City List | 1290 WJNO | Florida News
93 Falcon 9: A Future Space Taxi?
94 Trump says Canada wants to reopen borders after travel ban extended
95 Nearly 7500 Huskers named to spring Deans' List
96 Southeastern Louisiana University announces Fall 2019 honors lists | Mid City
97 The 10000 NJ Teachers Who Make $99K Or More In 2019
98 Scream Queen: An Entomologist Dispels the Myths in Insect Horror Flicks
99 The 10000 NJ Teachers Who Make $98K Or More In 2018
100 Plainfield School District 202 Releases High School Honor Roll