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1 On its 20th birthday, Wikipedia might be the safest place online
2 Wikipedia at 20: last gasp of an internet vision, or a beacon to a better future?
3 Wikipedia
4 What Is the Weirdest Wikipedia Wormhole You’ve Fallen Into?
5 Welcome to Wikipedia Day at The Ringer
6 Fact check: As Wikipedia turns 20, how credible is it?
7 As a mob attacked the Capitol, Wikipedia struggled to find the right words
8 Wikipedia at 20: The internet’s go-to reference site, by the numbers
9 How One Instagram Account Finds the Weirdest Stuff on Wikipedia
10 "So Glad You Exist": Elon Musk's Birthday Wish For Wikipedia
11 Infographic: English, Cebuano, the most common languages on Wikipedia
12 The other tech giant
13 Wikipedia's Biggest Challenge Awaits in 2021
14 #TECH: Wikipedia turns 20
15 20 years on, Wikipedia wants more diversity among contributors
16 Wikipedia-WHO collaborate to clear clouds of public mistrust on health coverage
17 22 facts you never knew about Wikipedia
18 Community Voices: St. Petersburg and Wikipedia
19 Why It's Important To Have POC And Women Scientists On Wikipedia : Short Wave
20 Wikipedia at 20: Why it often overlooks stories of women in history
21 Happy 20th Birthday, Wikipedia
22 Improving the Wikipedia gender gap with Women of VISE begins Jan. 18
23 Online encyclopedias
24 A rich-world Wikipeak
25 Read this: An oral history of Wikipedia's rise to public knowledge dominance
26 World in Progress: Wikipedia's past, present and future
27 Boston Public Library Makes Historical Images Available For Use In Wikipedia
28 Wikipedia at 20: Did you know Will Ferrell was once not killed in a paragliding incident?
29 Why Wikipedia wants you to curate content on Rwanda
30 #ThrowBackToday: Wikipedia celebrates two decades of existence with a virtual party and you are all invited!
31 Wikipedia turns 20 | Covid-19 to US Presidential Election: What people read the most on Wikipedia in 2020
32 Wikipedia about to celebrate 20th anniversary
33 Wikipedia has transformed knowledge – so why is it still looked down on?
34 COVID-19, presidential election top Wikipedia's most-read articles in 2020
35 Wikipedia 20 Years On: Intellectual Snobbery vs the Right to Know
36 Wikipedia is 20 Today
37 I’m Too Scared to Watch Horror Films. So My Editor Made Me Review Their Wiki Pages.
38 Twenty Years After It Went Online, Which Are the Most Popular Languages on Wikipedia?
39 Love For Hindi Language Turns Rajasthan Carpenter Into Wikipedia Editor, Curator
40 Hunters and busybodies: Researchers use Wikipedia to measure different types of curiosity
41 How A 22-YO Carpenter Became a Hindi Wikipedia Reviewer, With Over 57,000 Edits
42 Pakistan threatens Google, Wikipedia over 'sacrilegious content'
43 Wish you a happy 20th, Wiki bhai!
44 Virtual Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon
45 Pakistan regulatory body issues notices to Google, Wikipedia for 'disseminating sacrilegious content'
46 Bigg Boss Tamil 4 winner, runner-up info leaked on Wikipedia page, Gives Fillip to Rumours of Aari Winning Trophy
47 The Economist: Wikipedia is 20, and its reputation has never been higher | KyivPost
48 Once a school dropout, Rajasthan carpenter turns into Wikipedia's Hindi content editor and curator
49 What is Wikipedia? Here's what you should know
50 The ascent of Wikipedia
51 Wikipedia and W.H.O. Join to Combat Covid-19 Misinformation
52 Wikipedia, “Jeopardy!,” and the Fate of the Fact
53 The most-read Wikipedia page on each day of 2020
54 Wikimedia is writing new policies to fight Wikipedia harassment
55 Wikipedia: This new look is our first desktop redesign in 10 years
56 Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet
57 Wikipedia is better prepared for Election Day than Facebook or Twitter
58 How Sept. 11 made Wikipedia what it is today.
59 Wikipedia buttons up key pages ahead of U.S. election
60 Covid-19 is one of Wikipedia’s biggest challenges ever. Here’s how the site is handling it.
61 Twitter Wants to Use Wikipedia to Help Determine Who Gets a Blue Checkmark
62 Facebook tests Wikipedia-powered information panels, similar to Google, in its search results
63 Wikipedia page for Biden’s new Covid czar scrubbed of politically damaging material
64 Explained: Why is Wikipedia seeking donations from its users?
65 How to create a Wikipedia page for a person, place, company, or any notable topic
66 WHO and Wikipedia Partner to Prevent Spread of False Information About COVID-19
67 The Guardians Of Wikipedia's Climate Page
68 Going wacky for Wikipedia | News, Sports, Jobs
69 Scholars reflect on Wikipedia's 20 years of crowdsourced knowledge
70 Wikipedia edits have massive impact on tourism, say economists
71 How Wikipedia Became a Battleground for Racial Justice
72 The rise of Wikipedia as a source of medical information
73 What We Know And Can Agree On: Wikipedia At 20
74 What Happens to Scots Wikipedia Now?
75 Wikipedia probe exposes an Israeli stealth PR firm that worked for scammers
76 The Wikipedia Battle Over the Tragic Death of a Bollywood Star
77 Can a Virtual Edit-a-Thon make Wikipedia More Inclusive?
78 Opinion | To Learn the Truth, Read My Wikipedia Entry on Sichuan Peppers
79 Future Historians Will Rely on Wikipedia’s COVID-19 Coverage
80 How to contribute climate change information to Wikipedia
81 Who’s been editing the Ripple CEO’s Wikipedia page?
82 Wikipedia prepares for election day misinformation
83 Wikipedia now has more than 6 million articles in English
84 Local edit-a-thon events aim to inject diversity into Wikipedia entries
85 Facebook Adds Wikipedia Knowledge Boxes in Search Results
86 Automated system can rewrite outdated sentences in Wikipedia articles
87 Wikipedian-in-residence discusses information activism on Wikipedia with online talk
88 Wikipedia's Plan to Resist Election Day Misinformation
89 A vicious culture war is tearing through Wikipedia
90 The Wikipedia War That Shows How Ugly This Election Will Be
91 The Senate Race That Could be Pivotal for America—and Wikipedia
92 Wikipedia's disinformation task force braces for a high-stakes election
93 There’s a War Going On Over Kamala Harris’s Wikipedia Page, With Unflattering Elements Vanishing
94 Shock an aw: US teenager wrote huge slice of Scots Wikipedia
95 How Wikipedia’s volunteer army combats misinformation in the 'post-truth' era
96 Wikipedia Updates Radio Infoboxes
97 The Lawfare Podcast: Ryan Merkley on Why Wikipedia Works
98 Wannabe Wired: Learning to love Wikipedia | Columnists |
99 World in Progress: 20 years of Wikipedia | World| Breaking news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 13.01.2021
100 Centre orders Wikipedia to take down map incorrectly showing Aksai Chin as part of China