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1 Petition seeks removal of Juneau statue honoring Alaska-purchase driver William H. Seward
2 Why the William Henry Seward statues should be removed
3 Life is a gift, life is limited | Faith |
4 Petition seeks removal of statue of William Seward
5 Consider the words of Lincoln; we have a lot to be thankful for (Your Letters)
6 Polarizing Petition: Hundreds call for statue's removal
7 President Lincoln was asked for ‘a few appropriate remarks’; he delivered the Gettysburg Address
8 Now they're coming for statue of William Seward
9 Opinion: Preserve our history, don't tear it down
10 Biden is right: Let's listen to each other in a spirit of healing
11 Local man involved in Alaska purchase
12 Online petition seeks to have statue of William Seward removed
13 Texas History Minute Bridges: Tradition of setting special day for giving thanks predates Pilgrims
14 Auchampaugh: Lafayette's visit and William H. Seward in 1825
15 10 Resolute Facts About William Seward
16 Coeur d'Alene Press
17 Auburn’s William Seward also dreamed of Greenland (Commentary)
18 Seward House in Auburn announces reopening plans
19 We must put aside party politics, polarization to heal America
20 Seward's Folly: The Conspiracy Theory That Has Plagued New York City's William Seward Statue for More Than a Century
21 Remote learning extended for 35 schools
22 Seward’s 83-Year Folly: New York City Finally Is Filling a Work Order
23 Opinion: Call to remove Seward statue is consistent with views of Southeast Alaska Natives.
24 Marian J. Larson | Seward Independent
25 Seward statue: Preserve our history, don't tear it down
26 Work order on Seward statue to be filled after 83 years
27 Meet 'Mr. Seward': Auburnian subject of new one-man show at museum
28 Brettle: Three crisis-leadership lessons from Abraham Lincoln
29 Oldest Steel Warship Afloat: USS Olympia Has Survived Just About Everything
30 The slave and the diplomat
31 Pets, Pets, Pets
32 Finally, Fanny: Author publishes first known biography of William H. Seward's youngest child
33 Greene History Notes: Origins of Thanksgiving | Columnists
34 National Day of Prayer
35 How the Disastrous Trent Affair Nearly Caused Britain to Help the Confederacy
36 William Henry Seward 1801-1872 By June Allen
37 William H. Seward Statue to visit Seward | Seward Independent
38 Auburn historic sites react to inclusion in 'Harriet'
39 The Alaska purchase is just one reason Seward is among the most important men in US history
40 Abolitionist "Wide Awakes" Were Woke Before "Woke"
41 Lincoln's Secretary of State's Jerusalem Visit
42 Alaska purchase was just part of Seward's legacy
43 Dueling petitions want Seward statue to stay
44 Father of Alaska was ‘Uncle of Washington state’
45 Insightful new look at 'Seward's Folly'
46 Auchampaugh: The full story of William Seward's most famous defendant
47 At Auburn's Seward House a new exhibit details the attempted assassination of William Seward
48 Love the movie 'Lincoln'? Read more about Abe, Seward
49 Seward House Museum receives $10K preservation grant
50 Seward descendant takes first step to challenge removal of Cole painting from Seward House
51 'Smiling village': Sherwood Inn plaque reveals William Henry Seward's love for Skaneateles
52 A collection of images from Orenda Springs Experiential Learning Center in Marcellus, NY
53 Peek Through Time: Jackson County footnotes part of William H. Seward history
54 'Once is not enough': Seward House hosts haunted history tours in Auburn
55 Narrow escape for Lincoln's secretary of state | Local News
56 Honor and history: Two Auburnians, two different projects at Fort Hill Cemetery
57 1859: Tubman's first home
58 The myth—and memorabilia—of Seward's Folly
59 Opinion: The necessity of history
60 You decide: New Seward museum exhibit throws visitors into unsolved mystery
61 This Week Then: Washington Territory and the Civil War
62 'Best experience ever': Auburn historical sites team up for summer camp
63 History and theater: Auburn native to perform historic play on Fanny Seward at APT
64 Travel Channel to feature Seward House, story of attack on William Seward in show on Sunday
65 140th anniversary of Seward's death commemorated in graveside ceremony
66 Efforts underway in Alaska to remove statues of colonialists
67 Seward was one of Alaska's First 'Tourists By DAVE KIFFER
68 At the first national Thanksgiving, the Civil War raged
69 'Lincoln's' Seward: A conversation with David Strathairn about portraying Auburn's favorite son
70 Read Thousands of Abraham Lincoln's Newly Transcribed Letters Online
71 Political conventions are assuredly not what they used to be
72 Five years later, agreement reached to allow sale of valuable Seward House Museum painting
73 Seward statue arriving soon
74 $360000 Grant Helps Put One of the Nation's Most Important 19th Century Archives Online
75 This Is How America and China are Weaponizing the Coronavirus
76 Seward House loaning painting to Alaska, showcasing history of its purchase on 150th anniversary
77 Laura C. Dunster
78 Auburn's Seward House to host international food event based on William H. Seward's travels
79 'She is very loved': Auburn school aide greeted by car parade on her birthday
80 Auburn's Seward House gets go-ahead to sell controversial painting
81 April 14, 1865: President Lincoln is shot by an assassin in Washington
82 Tubman, Seward statues to be dedicated in Schenectady
83 Lincoln assassination: The other murder attempt
84 Seward House painting 'Portage Falls on the Genesee' to finally be sold
85 Letter, 6/21: Strife comes from man's greed
86 The Making of the Radical Republicans
87 This Day In History, May 18th, 2020
88 3 crisis-leadership lessons from Abraham Lincoln
89 City of Auburn building permits: Nov. 22, 2020
90 Statue unveiled
91 NYC Statue Will Finally Get Upgrade 83 Years After It Was Initially Requested
92 'All the stories we can tell': Seward House celebrates 200 years with anniversary exhibit
93 Hands-on history: Kids will learn about Case, Seward, Tubman at Auburn camp
94 Oh, for a return to the days when the Grand Old Party was actually grand
95 The future of a pristine peninsula (now Seward Park) through the eyes of the city
96 Bankruptcy Watch
97 Echoes Of 1863: How Lincoln Transformed Thanksgiving, And Why It's Relevant Today
98 Mr. Seward's Little Bell
99 Seward Family Digital Archive project tops $1 million in grant money
100 Attorney details role Seward descendant played in agreement to sell historic painting