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Result Content Idea Research
1 Microsoft replaces WinRT APIs with OpenXR for HoloLens 2 and Windows Mixed Reality
2 Microsoft Begins Testing Next Month’s Patch Tuesday Update – KB4586853 Is Out for Beta & Release Preview Channels
3 Microsoft takes a major step toward .NET unification with .NET 5.0 release
4 Rust/WinRT Brings Microsoft Closer to Adopting Rust Internally
5 Chrome will finally support Windows 10’s best network feature to save data
6 Microsoft explains why the Modern Disk Management page in Windows 10 Settings is better
7 Microsoft shifting the Windows Mixed Reality platform to OpenXR
8 Microsoft Announces Rust/WinRT on GitHub
9 Microsoft will remove built-in WinRT support in .NET 5.0
10 .NET 5 Ready For Action
11 Rust/WinRT for Windows 10 now in Public Preview
12 Tech : Build 19042.662 Comes to Beta and Release Preview Channels
13 Microsoft toolkit eases the agony of WinRT C++ development
14 Microsoft’s Project Reunion bridges Win32 and UWP divide, again
15 WinRT: An Object Orientated Replacement for Win32
16 What's new in Microsoft .NET 5
17 Microsoft’s Project Reunion: Win32 and UWP unite
18 Windows 10: What Microsoft's Project Reunion means for your applications
19 Microsoft BUILD: Project Reunion May Solve Unique Windows Issue
20 news digest: Redis Enterprise 6.0, Facebook open sources Blender chatbot, and Rust/WinRT Public Preview
21 Microsoft C++/WinRT
22 Microsoft updates its 'Project Reunion' unified Windows platform with WinUI 3 Preview 2
23 Windows 10 WinRT API Pack lets developers add WinRT features to WPF and WinForms
24 Microsoft clarifies 'Project Reunion' plan to fix Windows 8-era Win32/UWP mess
25 Windows 10’s next update improves Google Chrome
26 Windows 10 developers: Microsoft's Project Reunion just gained this new tool
27 .NET 5 Now 2 Steps Away from Feature Complete
28 Has your Win10 Search box gone black? Does Search even work?
29 Microsoft's new Windows 10 Universal App Platform: A 'superset of WinRT'
30 OpenSilver
31 Microsoft Drags Its Feet On C++ for .NET Core
32 Microsoft's Project Reunion Attempts to Unify Win32 and UWP Apps
33 Microsoft's GitHub account breached by threat actors Shiny Hunters
34 Here's the one Microsoft Windows 8 slide that everyone wants to redo
35 ONNX runtime tries hand at WinML, changes compatibility pattern
36 Threading in the Windows Runtime: Part 2
37 Threading in the Windows Runtime: Part 1
38 Evidence Microsoft may be working to port the UWP runtime to Android
39 Windows Dev Center
40 Microsoft Explains the Future of the Windows 10 App Platform
41 Microsoft Throws in the Towel on UWP, Elevates Win32
42 Microsoft is fixing Chrome’s notifications behaviour on Windows 10
43 Getting Started With WinRT JavaScript
44 Microsoft wants to close the UWP, Win32 divide with 'Windows Apps'
45 Design Details of the Windows Runtime
46 Microsoft seeks more programming language support for Windows 8
47 Microsoft makes it easier to modernize old desktop apps on Windows
48 Microsoft release Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17125
49 Wine-Staging 5.20 Released With ESYNC Support Re-Enabled
50 Programming language Rust: 5 years on from v1.0, here's the good and the bad news
51 Microsoft Gives Up On UWP
52 Microsoft working on new File Explorer for Windows 10 & Windows 10X
53 Windows 10 update will fix this annoying Chrome issue
54 Microsoft Open Sources Calc
55 Windows UI Goes Mainstream
56 C++ is Coming to .NET Core for Windows
57 MIDL3 with Larry Osterman | #ifdef WINDOWS | Channel 9
58 .NET Core 3
59 Adding 3D Printing Support to WinRT and Desktop Applications
60 Modernizing Desktop Apps Part 1 | Visual Studio Toolbox | Channel 9
61 JustDecompile with C#5 and WinRT Support
62 Bugs continue to haunt Win10 version 1909
63 ANTS Performance Profiler 8: Web request, Async code, WinRT
64 Hacker claims to have breached Microsoft's GitHub private repos
65 Microsoft Warns Major Windows 10 Update Breaks Mixed Reality Gaming
66 Sudden slow folders and explorer
67 Rust 1.46.0 Released
68 Tim Sweeney claims that Microsoft will remove Win32, destroy Steam
69 Xbox UWP app is being replaced with React Native
70 How to run normal x86 Windows apps on your Windows RT tablet
71 Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform is not dead, but it has evolved over the years
72 Win32/Wacapew.C!ml cannot remove
73 The Story of Read-Only Collection Interfaces in .NET
74 Microsoft adds native support for security and surveillance cameras in Windows 10
75 Lenovo gives up on Windows 10X, show off ThinkPad X1 Fold with Windows 10
76 Windows 10 + PWAs: A Progress Report
77 Programming language Rust: Mozilla job cuts have hit us badly but here's how we'll survive
78 Just what is Windows RT, anyway? (FAQ)
79 Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17035 now available
80 How do I understand runtime environments?
81 Microsoft To Shut UWP Ad Platform
82 Windows 10 to support Discovery, Pairing, etc, for Network Cameras
83 How to convert legacy Windows apps to Windows 10
84 GPD Pocket 2 Max mini-laptop isn't exactly pocket sized
85 What Is Windows RT, and How Is It Different from Windows 8?
86 i believe i am the victim of adware/spyware or some other form of malware
87 Windows 10 Suggestion Box
88 Microsoft Pushing VBScript A Little Closer To the Edge
89 A New Microsoft Logo
90 Microsoft Productivity Tools Get New Updates, Integrations
91 Microsoft Ships 5th Previews of .NET 5, Entity Framework Core 5
92 Windows-Based ARM Laptops Are Repeating Intel's Clover Trail Mistake
93 Microsoft: Here are the four editions of Windows 8
94 Forms, WPF and UI Go Open Source
95 WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets the latest navigation and UI features from WhatsApp beta
96 Using JavaScript Frameworks inside C# with ChakraBridge
97 Microsoft splits Windows 8 into Windows 8 (x86) and Windows RT (ARM)
98 How can I remove unwanted apps from Windows 10?
99 Microsoft can't make up its mind, rebrands Universal applications as Windows apps
100 Windows 8 on ARM kills the Windows software ecosystem