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1 Companies Can Track Your Phone’s Movements to Target Ads
2 AI Ruined Chess. Now, It’s Making the Game Beautiful Again
3 How Does a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally-Sized Crowd Affect Covid? It's Complicated
4 Big Tech Companies Want to Help Get You Back in the Office
5 Esports Pros Have ‘Dream’ Jobs—but Game Publishers Have All the Power
6 Google Offers to Help Others With the Tricky Ethics of AI
7 A California Wildfire Nearly Destroyed the Historic Lick Observatory
8 Google Wants to Remix News Radio Just for You
9 Mathematical ‘Hocus-Pocus’ Saved Particle Physics
10 The 6 Best Laptop Stands (2020): Adjustable, Portable, and More
11 The iOS 14 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know
12 A Patient Dies After a Ransomware Attack Hits a Hospital
13 Geoengineering Is the Only Solution to Our Climate Calamities
14 The Progressive Case for a TikTok Sale
15 A Bluetooth Flaw Leaves Billions of Devices Vulnerable
16 What’s in Wildfire Smoke, and How Dangerous Is It?
17 Rocket Lab Could Beat NASA Back to Venus in the Search for ET
18 As Trump Squeezes China, Alipay’s Star Rises
19 Join Us for This Year's Virtual WIRED25 Celebration
20 19 Best Weekend Deals on Cameras, Apple Gear, and Games
21 YouTube’s Plot to Silence Conspiracy Theories
22 Want to Save the Whales? Eavesdrop on Their Calls
23 Watch Live: Apple's September 2020 Hardware Event
24 The 943-Dimensional Chess of a Trustworthy Covid-19 Vaccine
25 Apple Wants You to Smash That Subscribe Button
26 How to Deal With the Anxiety of Uncertainty
27 A Utah Company Claims It Invented Contact Tracing Tech
28 Governments Shouldn’t Choose the News in Your Feed
29 If You've Just Had Covid, Exercise Can Cause Serious Complications, Including Heart Disease
30 ‘Dune’ Is a Behemoth of a Book to Adapt
31 What’s Causing the Mass Bird Die-Off in the Southwest?
32 The Nintendo 3DS' Surprisingly Social Legacy
33 Hong Kong Is a Troubling Case Study in the Death of Democracy
34 There's No Better Time to Be an Amateur Radio Geek
35 What Happens If You Smash a Boat Into a Whale?
36 Why Wasn't Uber Charged in a Fatal Self-Driving Car Crash?
37 The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans (2020): Alternatives to the Big Carriers
38 Why Are 2 Million People Still Getting Netflix DVDs by Mail?
39 How to Watch WIRED25 2020
40 Anime Avatars Are Going Mainstream on Twitch
41 The International Playbook for Foiling Russian Interference
42 Qualcomm’s Founder On Why the US Doesn’t Have Its Own Huawei
43 Anduril’s New Drone Offers to Inject More AI Into Warfare
44 Hate Social Media? You’ll Love This Documentary
45 Netflix's 'Ratched' Is a Plea for Mental Health Care
46 WIRED25 Day 1: Be Empathetic to Each Other
47 Peloton Bike+ and Tread+: Price, Release Date, Details
48 Gravity, Gizmos, and a Grand Theory of Interstellar Travel
49 Should Google’s Ad Market Be Regulated Like the Stock Market?
50 A Ball of Bacteria Survived for 3 Years ... in Space!
51 Could a Tree Help Find a Decaying Corpse Nearby?
52 Kent State football players push for fall season
53 Shady Contracts, Raw Deals: Inside the Industry of Managing Video Game Stars
54 GoPro Hero 9 Black Review: Time to Upgrade | WIRED
55 Apple Accidentally Approved Malware to Run on MacOS
56 Scientists Found Phosphine on Venus—A Possible Hint of Life
57 Creepy ‘Geofence’ Finds Anyone Who Went Near a Crime Scene
58 5 Fall Camping Deals: Tents, Jackets, Fire Pits, and More
59 The End of the Universe Will Probably Be Fairly Disappointing
60 How 'Cuties' Got Caught in a Gamergate-Style Internet Clash
61 How to Escape From a Volcano Eruption
62 The 20-Year Hunt for the Man Behind the Love Bug Virus
63 A Saudi Prince's Attempt to Silence Critics on Twitter
64 Those Orange Bay Area Skies and the Science of Light
65 Director Nia DaCosta on the Real-World Horrors in 'Candyman'
66 Microsoft Surface Duo Review: Not Quite There | WIRED
67 The New Oculus Quest 2 Is the Best Way to VR—by Far
68 9 Fun Ways to Help Kids Learn While they Play at Home (2020)
69 Solar Panels Are Starting to Die, Leaving Behind Toxic Trash
70 A Tesla Employee Thwarted an Alleged Ransomware Plot
71 Oura Ring Review: Worth the Hype | WIRED
72 Police Want Your Smart Speaker—Here's Why
73 Police look for man suspected of threatening two women on University Drive
74 How We’ll Know the Election Wasn’t Rigged
75 The Biblical Flood That Will Drown California
76 The Blurred Lines and Closed Loops of Google Search
77 Traeger Ironwood 650 Review: Easy Grilling | WIRED
78 Julian Assange Lays Out His Case Against US Extradition
79 Neuralink Is Impressive Tech, Wrapped in Musk Hype
80 WIRED25: Netflix’s Reed Hastings on Broadening Your Horizons
81 How to Organize Your Browser Tabs
82 How to Use a Second Monitor With Your Laptop
83 Gen Z Has a Plan to Save the Election—Starting With the Polls
84 The Wayback Machine and Cloudflare Want to Backstop the Web
85 Science Journals Are Purging Racist, Sexist Work. Finally
86 Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’re Drunk-Walking
87 Google and Apple Change Tactics on Contact Tracing Tech
88 CBP Seized OnePlus Buds as ‘Counterfeit’ AirPods. Now It's Doubling Down
89 The Safest Ways to Log In to Your Computer
90 Human Embryo Gene Editing Gets a Road Map—Not a Green Light
91 How to Solve Bluetooth's Most Annoying Headphone Problems
92 A Florida Teen Allegedly Shut Down School With a DDoS Attack
93 How to Boost WhatsApp's Privacy and Better Protect Your Data
94 Antarctic Glaciers Are Growing Unstable Above and Below Water
95 How WeChat Censored the Coronavirus Pandemic
96 How to Leave Space and (Safely) Crash Back Down to Earth
97 How to Play Xbox and PC Games on Your Android Phone
98 A Dogfight Renews Concerns About AI's Lethal Potential
99 Feds Charge Chinese Hackers With Ripping Off Video Game Loot From 9 Companies
100 14 Best Weekend Deals: Computer Peripherals, Audio Gear, and More