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1 The Witches Is Worth Watching For Anne Hathaway's Performance
2 How to be a witch without stealing other people's cultures
3 Unexplained death: the link between poor healthcare and Indian witch-hunts
4 The Witches (2020): 5 Things It Changed From The Original Novel (& 5 Things It Kept The Same)
5 ‘I became convinced I was channelling powers’: my life as a teenage witch
6 Weekender | The origins of the modern-day “witch": Why we should celebrate witches this Halloween
7 Abracadabra, "The Witches" Doesn't Need to Exist
8 Warner Bros. Apologizes After ‘The Witches’ Sparks Backlash From People With Disabilities
9 Witch hunts, old and new | Opinion
10 Halloween isn't about candy and costumes for modern-day pagans – witches mark Halloween with reflections on death as well as magic
11 How Hollywood Has Failed Black Witches, According to Real Black Witches
12 Real Witches On How They’re Celebrating Halloween
13 The Vogue Guide To Being A Modern Witch
14 My Aunt is a Witch Review: A Less Than Magical Adventure
15 Anne Hathaway is a witch whose spells only succeed in causing offence
16 Beverly Beckham: Christmas traditions are in the eyes of the beholder
17 Black Phillip Was A Real-Life Nightmare For The Witch Director
18 'The Witches' conjures potent message
19 Reimagining of 'The Witches' brings a forgettable charm
20 Covid-19 and Halloween: Lockdown means witches' coven 'can't meet'
21 Scary Is How You Act, Not Look, Disability Advocates Tell Filmmakers
22 Fact check: There is no evidence to support claims that Lady Gaga is a witch
23 'The Witches' ending explained: Why Roald Dahl would approve
24 The Witches comes under fire for irresponsible character design
25 Commentary: Witches, warlocks and a warning for the wayward
26 ‘The Witches,’ film set in Alabama, slammed by disability community
27 What’s a ‘witch hunt,’ anyway? The Salem Witch Museum has your answers
28 The Modern Witch's Guide to Magickal Self-Care
29 Witches of America: A portrait of witchcraft that becomes a spiritual quest
30 A good deed from the wicked witch?
31 His Dark Materials: How the Witches Gain Their Powers | CBR
32 Lost the magic? Warner Bros struggles with Depp fallout and Witches criticism
33 The ending of The Witch explained
34 Inside Anne Hathaway's Wickedly Awesome Wardrobe for The Witches
35 WandaVision will finally clarify the story behind Scarlet Witch's 'ill-defined' powers, Kevin Feige promises
36 #NotAWitch calls out 'The Witches' movie for portrayal of disability
37 Beyond the Trivia-Witch Hunts
38 'Poltergeist,' 'Session 9', 'The Witches' and More Leaving Netflix in the Final Days of 2020
39 The mystery behind the Witches Circle in Grimsby
40 Kristin Chenoweth’s show at the Kimmel Center show got postponed in March. Now Broadway’s Glinda is back, in ‘
41 People Are Saying The Witches Remake Is Better Than The Original
42 Witch Pix, a Salem Favorite, on Surviving the City’s Weirdest Halloween Yet
43 Demon's Souls: How to Rescue Yuria the Witch
44 The 20 Best Witches in TV and Movie History
45 My Aunt is a Witch, and my word it's a looker, launching today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Vita and Switch
46 Coven of Paddle-Boarding 'Witches' Cruises Around Santa Barbara Harbor for Halloween
47 Warner Bros. Apologizes to People With Disabilities Amid 'Witches' Backlash
48 Meet the Witches Who Are Hexing Trump's Re-Election
49 Burn the Witch Was Offered an Anime Way Sooner Than We Thought
50 This Day In Horror History: Salem Witch Hunt Movie THE CRUCIBLE Opens In 1996
51 His Dark Materials: Mrs. Coulter Uses Father MacPhail to Start a War
52 Ghana Pentecostals Come to the Defense of Accused...
53 Scarlet Witch's powers "ill-defined" in MCU, admits Kevin Feige
54 Oh Sees' John Dwyer Announces New Album 'Witch Egg'
55 'Erased from history': Meet the lawyer fighting to exonerate Scotland's forgotten witches
56 Sea Witch Costume Contests winners announced
57 Burn the Witch Was Made After Shueisha Requested More Bleach Content
58 Shudder's gory 'The Pale Door' trailer splices witches with western outlaws
59 This Exhibit About Witch Hunting Is Not About Donald Trump (But It’s Still Politically Spellbinding)
60 Anne Hathaway opens up on being a mum in lockdown
61 'The Witches' fails to convey the fun and horror of other adaptations
62 Lee Jong Suk In Talks To Make Special Appearance In “The Witch” Sequel Following Military Discharge
63 Wandering Witch: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Watching Journey Of Elaina
64 World Witches Take Off! TV Anime Reveals OP / ED Theme Song Performers
65 Don't Listen Ending, Explained | Netflix Plot Synopsis
66 How Doctor Strange 2 Production Schedule Makes Scarlet Witch Better
67 Up to 50% Won't Respond to Contact Tracing Calls in DFW: NBC 5 Investigates
68 WandaVision Explores Real Origins Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers
69 What's Brewing With ‘The Witches'
70 LGBTQ+ Witch Books, Queer Witch Books
71 Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch To Play A Major Role in X-MEN
72 WandaVision May Explore Avengers’ Scarlet Witch Powers
73 Anne Hathaway Reveals Her True Feelings About Extreme Makeup For ‘The Witches'
74 5 Superpowers Scarlet Witch Has Over Doctor Strange (& 5 She Doesn't)
75 Police Log: 'Fair' Arrest, Frightening 'Witch' & Puppy Fraud
76 Witch marks discovered in Stoke Mandeville?
77 JOHN HUMPHRYS: Witch hunts must NEVER be allowed to stop the presses
78 Bad Hair: The Witches & Their Mythology Explained | Screen Rant
79 If you loved A Discovery Of Witches, here is watchlist of other fantasy drama series
80 Budding Atlanta actor stars in "The Witches" | News |
81 Couple shocked to discover 'witches den' with animal skulls under their stairs
82 Witch Bottle By Tom Fletcher: An atmospheric horror tale
83 Pagan & Shinto News: Witch Holds Queer 'marriage-a-thon' In Response To Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation
84 Why Witchcraft Is on the Rise
85 Strike Witches: Road To Berlin Episode 9: Sanya’s Team Is Attacked!
86 X-Men Confirm: Scarlet Witch Was Invited To Krakoa | Screen Rant
87 Milan Singh to play snake witch in SAB TV'S Aladdin
88 Bleach Creator Was Very Involved with Burn The Witch's Anime Production
89 'The Originals': Fans Want a Witch-Centered Spinoff
90 Sia, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Sheridan, and the one line of defence that has no place in 2020.
91 Kenyans: Stop Burning Witches, Witchcraft is Superstition
92 REVIEW: NEW Witch's Cauldron Lemon Cake Truly Is Enchanting at The Three Broomsticks in Universal Studios Japan
93 Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: 10 Facts You Don't Know About The Spellman Family
94 Curious Kids: are witches and wizards real?
95 A24 Sat Real Witches Down to Discuss ‘The Witch,’ and They Love Its Liberating Ending
96 Melissa Joan Hart Still Has These Props From Sabrina The Teenage Witch
97 Watch: A missing girl and a wayward witch in ŻiguŻajg
98 ‘Strike Witches: Road to Berlin’ Episode 8: The Festival Saturn’s coming
99 The Craft Inspired Witchcraft On and Off Screen. Here's How | Time
100 Why Blair Witch 2 Was Doomed to Fail According to Director Joe Berlinger