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Result Content Idea Research
1 WordPress Sites Attacked in Their Millions
2 Millions of WordPress sites are being probed and attacked with recent plugin bug
3 Attacks Target Critical Flaw in WordPress File Manager Plugin
4 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins
5 WordPress security: Zero-day flaw in File Manager plugin actively exploited
6 WordPress Websites Attacked via File Manager Plugin Vulnerability
7 Stubborn WooCommerce Plugin Bugs Gets Third Patch
8 A hacker group tried to hijack 900,000 WordPress sites over the last week
9 Vulnerability in WordPress email marketing plugin patched
10 Elementor Pro Critical Vulnerability
11 Thousands of websites at risk from critical WordPress plugin vulnerability
12 Attack targeted database credentials on 1.3 million WordPress sites
13 Nearly a million WordPress sites targeted in extensive attacks
14 Newsletter WordPress Plugin Opens Door to Site Takeover
15 WP Engine removes a popular plugin from their disallowed list
16 WordPress Plugin Bug Opens 100K Websites to Compromise
17 A Critical Flaw Is Affecting Thousands of WordPress Sites
18 Free SEO Tool from Wordfence
19 Patch this popular WordPress plugin now to avoid site hijacking
20 Critical vulnerability found in WordPress plugin; patch available
21 Hackers exploit zero-day in WordPress plugin to create rogue admin accounts
22 Large-scale attack tries to steal configuration files from WordPress sites
23 XSS plugin vulnerabilities plague WordPress users
24 Divi WordPress Theme Vulnerability
25 Advertising Plugin for WordPress Threatens Full Site Takeovers
26 WordPress plugins hacked for fake admin accounts
27 The “Best” WordPress Malware Scanner Is Not What You Think
28 wpDiscuz WordPress plugin: Critical vulnerability found and patched
29 Two WordPress Plugin Bugs Expose Over One Million Sites
30 Critical WordPress Plugin Bug Can Lock Admins Out of Websites
31 An inside look at WP-VCD, today's largest WordPress hacking operation
32 This WordPress SEO plugin might leave your website vulnerable to attack
33 Wordfence Blocks WordPress Attacks with New Firewall and Real-Time Threat Defense Feed
34 Wordfence Security Plugin (Premium) Worth the Money?
35 Hackers are actively exploiting zero-days in several WordPress plugins
36 Malvertising Attackers Target 900,000 WordPress Sites | Avast
37 Flaw in WordPress plugin allowed unauthorized admin access, backdoors
38 WordPress sites hit by malvertising
39 All in One SEO Pack Vulnerability
40 Google WordPress Plugin Bug Allowed Access To Google Search Console
41 Researchers find serious flaws in WordPress plugins used on 400k sites
42 Hackers Target Over A Million WordPress Sites To Steal Credentials
43 All in One SEO Pack Plugin Patches XSS Vulnerability
44 WordPress Page Builder Plugin Bugs Threaten 1 Million Sites with Full Takeover
45 Critical Flaws in WordPress Quiz Plugin Allow Site Takeover
46 WordPress Rich Review plugin vulnerable to malvertising
47 The Only WordPress Malware Removal Plugin that You Will Ever Need
48 Hackers tried to steal database logins from 1.3M WordPress sites
49 1.3 Million WordPress Websites Targeted by Attackers Looking for Old Vulnerabilities
50 WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent plugin patched
51 Don’t get locked out of your own website – update this WordPress plugin now!
52 WordPress Admins Infect Their Sites With WP-VCD via Pirated Plugins
53 Attackers tried to grab WordPress configuration files from over a million sites
54 WordPress Popup Builder Contains Serious Vulnerabilities
55 200K sites with buggy WordPress plugin exposed to wipe attacks
56 Ninja Forms WordPress bug exposed over a million users to XSS attacks, website hijacking
57 Google Patches Critical Vulnerability in Site Kit Plugin
58 Cookie-nabbing app could have served users side helping of XSS
59 Bugs In Two Related WordPress Plugins Together Risked 1M+ Websites
60 Quiz And Master Survey WP Plugin Vulnerabilities Allowed Site Takeover
61 200K WordPress Sites Exposed to Takeover Attacks by Plugin Bug
62 Elementor Named 2020 King of WordPress Challenge
63 Active Attacks Target Popular Duplicator WordPress Plugin
64 Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin Vulnerability
65 WP Database Reset Plugin Had Some 'Easily Exploitable' Bugs
66 CSRF Vulnerability In Ninja Forms Risked Over 1 Million WordPress Sites
67 Ninja Forms Plugin Vulnerability
68 Page Builder WordPress Plugin Bugs Could Allow Complete Site Takeover
69 200K WordPress Sites Vulnerable to Plugin Flaw
70 Hackers exploit a zero-day vulnerability in a WordPress plugin
71 WordPress Plugin Bugs Let Hackers Wipe or Takeover Your Site
72 Hackers Exploit Recent WordPress Plugin Bugs for Malvertising
73 Hidden code gives plugin developers admin access to WordPress sites
74 Bug in WordPress plugin can let hackers wipe up to 200,000 sites
75 Hidden WordPress 5.5 Feature Blocks Rogue Plugins
76 The International WordPress Community and WordCamps Amid COVID-19
77 Plugin flaw puts over 200,000 WordPress sites at risk of attack
78 WordPress WooCommerce sites targeted by card swiper attacks
79 Millions of WordPress accounts targeted in major cyberattack
80 Malicious plugin installed backdoor on 200000 WordPress websites
81 Critical Vulnerability in Rank Math SEO Plugin
82 WordPress admins: Security should not just be an add-on
83 Massive botnet chews through 20,000 WordPress sites
84 Vulnerability In Official Facebook Chat Plugin Allowed Attackers to Chat With Site Visitors
85 This WordPress plugin could allow hackers to wipe your website
86 Attackers are exploiting vulnerable WP plugins to backdoor sites
87 Researchers: WP-VCD malware is No. 1 in WordPress infections since August
88 Infected WordPress Sites Are Attacking Other WordPress Sites
89 Vulnerability In GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin Could Risk 700K Websites
90 WordPress plugin bug lets hackers create rogue admin accounts
91 WordPress GDPR compliance plugin hacked
92 Patched WordPress plugin still susceptible to attacks | The Daily Swig
93 Critical WordPress Plugin Bug Lets Hackers Turn Users Into Admins
94 Thousands of WordPress Sites Exposed by Yellow Pencil Plugin Flaw
95 Flaws in 2 famous WordPress plugins put millions of sites at risk
96 5 Best Security Plugins for your WordPress Website 2019
97 Wordpress Plugin Patched After Zero Day Discovered
98 Web Host Vulnerability Discovered at iPage, FatCow, PowWeb, and NetFirm
99 Critical XSS vulnerability patched in WordPress plugin GDPR Cookie Consent
100 WordPress plugin Convert Plus contains critical vulnerability