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1 NavCoin presents xNAV, its new privacy token based on the Boneh-Lynn-Shacham Confidential Transactions (blsCT) protocol
2 "Cosmic Lighthouses" Could Help Astronauts Navigate Space
3 X-ray navigation considered for possible CubeSat mission
4 Pulsar-based spacecraft navigation system one step closer to reality
5 OxTS board set ready for system integrators
6 X-ray pulsars plot the way for deep-space GPS – Physics World
7 Revolutionary X-Ray navigation system to be used on CubeSat mission
8 How to navigate deep space by pulsar
9 Ohio Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon First to Offer State of the Art Implant Technology
10 Long March 11 launches pioneering X-ray pulsar navigation spacecraft
11 OxTS Launches Lightweight xNAV550 GNSS/INS
12 Long March 11 launches 6 satellites
13 X-ray pulsar navigation: the deep space solution?
14 Adrian Day: Huge Value Gap Presents Buying Opportunity
15 Here’s why Goldman Sachs just upgraded BHP (ASX:BHP) shares to a buy rating
16 Future Of NASA's Aging Deep Space Network Lies In X-Rays And Lasers
17 NASA Orion sensors and systems make Deep Space a reality
18 Blum-Nico Oral Surgery Associates Is The First Oral Surgery Practice In South Florida Using 3D Real-Time Guided Surgery Technology To Place Dental Implants
19 A Wild New NASA Experiment Will Test Communicating With Deep Space Using X-Rays
20 Buying Umbrellas When It's Sunny Out: Hedging Market Risk Via Optimal Puts On SPY
21 What If GPS Stood for “Galactic Positioning System”?
22 High tech 'cow bell' brings revolution to cattle movement
23 Which BDCs Are Attracting Institutional Investors In 2016?
24 Strong or soft, Chiquis Rivera confesses how she likes it
25 Devastated Miley Cyrus, fatal news would make her need Liam
26 Bow Wow Shoots His Shot With Singer DaniLeigh After He Vows To Never Marry — See Message
27 Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra Share Sexy Hot Tub Videos On Romantic Vacation For 5-Year Anniversary
28 With a book, Demi Rose flies the imagination of Instagram
29 Rosario Dawson Confirms She’s Moving to NJ For Cory Booker After 4 Mos. Apart
30 Suzy Cortez denounces strong threats she has received in her building
31 Netflix presents the premieres that will arrive in September
32 Olivia Culpo Rocks A Sexy White Bikini & Makes Out With BF Christian McCaffrey — New Pic
33 Kelly Asbury, goodbye to the director of hit films like Shrek 2, The Little Mermaid and Toy Story
34 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Director Promises "Full Arc" Story in PS5 Spin-Off
35 UFC stunner Paige VanZant earns more money from Instagram than fighting
36 Get a closer look at Becky Lynch’s engagement ring
37 Aeko Brown, 11 Mos., Gets Oreos All Over His Face After ‘Stealing’ Dad Chris’ Snack — Cute Pic