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1 Chinese leader Xi Jinping congratulates Biden on winning election
2 How Xi Jinping Blew It
3 China's Xi Jinping is pushing for a global Covid QR code. He may struggle to convince the world
4 Xi Jinping’s Strength Is China’s Weakness
5 Xi calls for Germany, Europe to ‘remain open to Chinese companies’
6 Full Text: Remarks by Chinese President Xi Jinping at 15th G20 Leaders' Summit
7 China's Xi Jinping warns against protectionism in apparent swipe at US
8 Crackdowns Everywhere Show Xi Strengthening Party Grip on China
9 China Says It Remains Open to the World, but Wants to Dictate Terms
10 Xi Jinping proposes global QR code system to help free up travel
11 As the West Stumbles, ‘Helmsman’ Xi Pushes an Ambitious Plan for China
12 Xi Jinping Rumors Of Leadership Swap In China Reset
13 China’s President Xi Jinping Personally Scuttled Jack Ma’s Ant IPO
14 House where Xi slept in Iowa now tells sad tale
15 “Helmsman” Xi Jinping primed to rule at least until the early 2030s
16 China's 2060 Climate Pledge: Inside Xi Jinping's Secret Plan to End Emissions
17 Full Text: Remarks by Chinese President Xi Jinping at 12th BRICS Summit
18 Chinese President Xi Jinping attends 7th national census through electronic devices
19 Xi Jinping's dystopian world is a danger to democracy
20 Xi’s muscular approach in Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong will backfire
21 Chinese President Xi opens up to more trade deals and imports
22 Xi Jinping calls on working class to spearhead China's modernization
23 Xi Jinping: A champion of open world economy
24 Fewsmith Quoted in NYT Discussing Xi Jinping | The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies
25 Xi talks the talk on conservation, fails to walk the walk in Antarctica
26 ‘Toxic Politics’ Review: Can Xi Jinping Clean House?
27 Xi tells Russia, Asian partners to oppose interference by ‘external forces’
28 Why Biden Needs to Work With China on Climate Change
29 Xi Jinping inspects east China's Jiangsu Province
30 As world drifts away from China, Xi Jinping’s CPC works overtime to tell citizens all is well
31 Biden Needs to Keep an Eye on Jobs — in China
32 Xi Jinping says China can no longer rely on previous model of depending on global exports
33 Xi Jinping’s ‘carbon neutrality’ bombshell leaves China in a climate conundrum
34 Derailing of Jack Ma’s Ant IPO Shows Xi Jinping’s in Charge
35 China's Xi Jinping stays silent on Donald Trump's defeat, but appears to be preparing for a President Biden
36 Xi Jinping Attends the 27th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting and Delivers a Keynote Speech
37 Analysis: Biden's old friend Xi is not the man he once was
38 View: Xi Jinping’s strength is China’s Weakness
39 Xi Jinping's China may one day lead the world — but it will never be loved
40 Xi Jinping speeds China's ascent
41 Xi Jinping Delivers a Keynote Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Third China International Import Expo
42 Xi Jinping congratulates Aung San Suu Kyi on election victory
43 PM Narendra Modi, President Xi Jinping to join Brics summit today
44 A Strong but Frustrated China Poses a Special Kind of Danger
45 Xi Jinping challenges Joe Biden with move to snuff out Hong Kong dissent
46 No comment: Some world leaders silent on Biden win
47 Xi says it's 'ill advised to hurt the interests of others' as Australia braces for $6 billion hit
48 US election: China congratulates Biden after long silence
49 Xi Jinping says SCO member states should resolve disputes, differences through dialogue
50 Xi Jinping's key quotes at APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting: Openness, vaccine and digital economy
51 PM Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet thrice in November for 3 different summits
52 What the reaction to Chinese President Xi Jinping coughing during a speech says about East Asia right now
53 US lawmakers want to stop calling Xi Jinping a President. But will he care?
54 China's secret takeover of Britain exposed: Beijing's stealth plot to control 115 UK firms
55 Dreams of a Red Emperor: The relentless rise of Xi Jinping
56 Chinese President Xi Jinping tells troops to focus on 'preparing for war'
57 China's Xi Jinping delivers thinly-veiled swipe at US during Korean War anniversary speech
58 China's Xi Jinping facing widespread opposition in his own party, insider claims
59 In China’s Coronavirus Crisis, Xi Sees a Chance to Strengthen His Rule
60 Why China’s Xi Jinping is the world’s most dangerous man
61 Ren Zhiqiang, Critic Of China's President, Gets 18 Years In Prison
62 Xi Jinping may revive Mao title of 'Chairman' to harden hold on China
63 China's President Xi Jinping reiterates his support for multilateral cooperation
64 China Releases Detained Professor Who Criticized Xi Jinping, Friends Say
65 A Singing Xi Jinping Look-Alike Battles the Censors in China
66 In China, Xi Jinping's Latest Purge Reflects Climate of Fear
67 Beijing Portrays President Xi Jinping as Hero of Coronavirus Fight
68 Xi Jinping sets stage to resurrect ‘chairman’ title created by Mao
69 Beyond Hong Kong, an Emboldened Xi Jinping Pushes the Boundaries
70 A lion or a porcupine? Insecurity drives China’s Xi to take on the world.
71 China’s Xi Jinping Pledges Stronger Domestic Market, Global Ties as Strife With West Brews
72 China officials run for cover as Xi Jinping prepares another brutal purge
73 Opinion: Xi Jinping — A modern-day tyrant in the old mold
74 Xi Jinping Is Not Stalin
75 Xi Jinping visits Wuhan, in major show of confidence as China turns corner on coronavirus
76 Why is Xi Jinping pitting China against the world?
77 Xi Jinping Won the Coronavirus Crisis
78 Xi Jinping wants China's private companies to fight alongside the Communist Party
79 Chinese President Xi Jinping's Philosophy on Risk Management
80 China's President Xi says Xinjiang policies 'completely correct' amid growing international criticism
81 Analysis: Xi Jinping pays homage to father with Shenzhen visit
82 China will become carbon neutral by 2060, Xi Jinping says
83 Xi Jinping Is a 'Good Emperor,' says Eric Li
84 Ending poverty in 2020 was going to be Xi's crowning achievement. Coronavirus might have ruined it
85 China says Xi Jinping is directing its Wuhan coronavirus response, but he's nowhere to be seen
86 Xi Jinping sends shock waves with his 2035 manifesto
87 The fallout from coronavirus will only make China's Xi Jinping more powerful
88 Coronavirus: China's Xi Jinping faces his biggest challenge
89 Chinese Law Professor Who Criticized Xi Jinping to Fight Charge and Dismissal
90 In China, Prominent Article Reasserts President Xi Jinping's Boring Ideas and Absolute Power
91 Xi marks WWII victory anniversary, slams those who ‘vilify Communist Party’
92 President Xi’s long game: World is dealing with a leader who believes he will shape a Chinese Century
93 Behind Xi Jinping's Steely Façade, a Leadership Crisis Is Smoldering in China
94 Xi Jinping says Marxist political economy the bedrock for nation’s growth
95 Xi Thinks Tiananmen Was Worth It
96 Xi Jinping’s new economic strategy for China: ‘Dual circulation’ or doublespeak?
97 Xi Jinping wishes Trump and first lady 'fast recovery'
98 US officials now call Xi ‘general secretary’, not ‘president’ – but why?
99 Xi Jinping shifts focus to ‘affluent society’ goal, but says Covid-19 threat remains
100 Chinese academic who criticized leader Xi Jinping allegedly fired from top university