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Result Content Idea Research
1 How to easily deploy LAN-accessible pods to a Kubernetes cluster
2 Terrascan Cloud Security Gets Kubernetes Support -- ADTmag
3 Using OPA to safeguard Kubernetes
4 Cloud Native Computing Foundation Releases Schedule for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020 Virtual
5 Chef Infra 16 Released with Resource Partials and YAML Support
6 What is YAML?
7 Chef Infra 16 adds YAML recipe support
8 AWS Chalice Now Supports YAML Templates
9 Scalable Cloud Environment for Distributed Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow
10 Tools for Handling Resource Orchestration in Your DevOps Pipeline
11 YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language)
12 Scanning a REST API for Vulnerabilities
13 How to Leverage YAML to Integrate Veracode Solutions Into CI/CD Pipelines
14 How to create a Kubernetes ReplicaSet
15 How to use cron with Kubernetes to schedule tasks
16 How to deploy Terraform code in an Azure DevOps pipeline
17 How to create a bridge network on Linux with Netplan
18 How to patch a running Kubernetes pod
19 Learn YAML through a personal example
20 How to deploy a multi-container pod to a Kubernetes cluster
21 Azure Container Instances (ACI) under the hood | Azure Friday
22 How containers can lift your DevOps game
23 AWS open sources cloud development kit to make Kubernetes easier to use
24 How to scale a deployment within a Kubernetes cluster
25 Pulumi Expands Kubernetes Support in Configuration Platform
26 With A Return On Equity Of 8.2%, Has AM Locales Property SOCIMI, S.A.’s (BME:YAML) Management Done Well?
27 Tutorial – Getting Started with NoSQLBench
28 Easily Track Where Your Work Item Has Been Deployed With The New Deployments Control
29 A closer look at Microsoft Azure Arc
30 Azure Arc
31 How to create automations in Home Assistant that supercharge your smart home
32 What's the Difference Between JSON, XML, and YAML?
33 Chef Infra 16 Empowers Experts and Simplifies Adoption for New Users
34 Red Hat's Quarkus Tools for VS Code promise a lot less bother, and an awful lot of hover
35 4 Ways Kubernetes Could Be Improved
36 Chef pulls Infra 16 from the oven, flexes muscle at ARM users
37 Kubernetes Security – A Useful Bash One-Liner
38 How to create a Kubernetes security policy
39 Google devs unveil Kubernetes management framework
40 Managing secrets deployment in Kubernetes using Sealed Secrets
41 How to protect and manage Azure Pipelines secrets with Key Vault
42 How to limit CPU ranges in a Kubernetes pod
43 Accurics updates open source Terrascan to help orgs detect and fix risks in Kubernetes
44 Tutorial: Deploy PostgreSQL on Kubernetes Running the OpenEBS Storage Engine
45 Effx raises $3.9M for its DevOps monitoring platform
46 Still not good with K8s API? Grafana fires up Tanka for help
47 YAML B There: GitHub Actions gets re-worked workflow editor
48 Using Jenkins Configuration as Code
49 10 Best Practices Worth Implementing to Adopt Kubernetes
50 Jump-starting your serverless development environment
51 Home Automation Made Easy: Combine Home Assistant, ESPHome and MySensors
52 Pulumi brings support for more languages to its infrastructure-as-code platform
53 Custom Kubernetes Controls with Open Policy Agent (OPA) – Part 2
54 Ah Push it, push it good: Pulumi tries to please cloud natives with shiny open source projects
55 IBM's OpenAPI Comment Parser helps devs document APIs
56 Configure Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to use Active Directory
57 Project Helidon Tutorial: Building Microservices with Oracle's Lightweight Java Framework
58 How to Use Nexus Repository and Helm for CI/CD
59 Data Serialization Comparison: JSON, YAML, BSON, MessagePack
60 How to build and deploy a containerized app to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
61 Learning About Structure-Aware Fuzzing and Finding JSON Bugs to Boot
62 Field Notes: Using Infrastructure as Code to Manage Your AWS Networking Environment
63 Black Hat 2020: Threagile toolkit enables code-driven threat modeling
64 Introducing launch configurations support for SAM debugging in the AWS Toolkit for VS Code
65 Tutorial: Install and Configure OpenEBS on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
66 Implementing Horizontal Pod Autoscaling in Kubernetes [Tutorial]
67 Microsoft launches new open-source projects around Kubernetes and microservices
68 Graphtage: A New Semantic Diffing Tool
69 Tutorial: Install and Configure Portworx on a Bare-Metal Kubernetes Cluster
70 Laravel Shift Blueprint
71 How to write an Ansible playbook
72 Kubernetes Without Scale: Setting up a Personal Cluster, Part 2
73 PingCap wraps Chaos Mesh around Kubernetes • DEVCLASS
74 Compare Paramiko, Netmiko and NAPALM network automation
75 Ansible role patterns and anti-patterns by Lee Garrett, its Debian maintainer
76 Infrastructure-as-code templates are the source of many cloud infrastructure weaknesses
77 Run Blazor-based .NET Web applications on AWS Serverless
78 Top Six Resources To Learn Pylearn2 For Researchers
79 Using YAML in Spring Boot to Configure Logback
80 An Introduction to Kubernetes Network Policies for Security People
81 D2iQ hurries into the CI/CD space, presents Dispatch • DEVCLASS
82 Compare AWS CDK vs. CloudFormation, and the state of IaC on AWS
83 How a domain-specific language affects configuration management
84 Simplify Kubernetes in AWS with the Amazon EKS Service, Part 3: Dashboard and Components
85 GitLab rewrites Epics, tweaks group attributes and parent-child pipelines • DEVCLASS
86 Alcide Releases sKan: A Developer & DevOps Command Line Tool to Scan Kubernetes Deployment Files, Helm Charts and Kustomized Deployments for Security Hardening and Best Practices
87 Infrastructure-as-code upstart boosts Kubernetes deployment
88 Dekorate: Generating Kubernetes and OpenShift Manifests for Java Projects
89 JFrog Makes Free Repository Available for Helm Charts
90 LLVM Has Documented the PDB Format, Complete with PDB to YAML Conversion
91 11 top open-source API testing tools: What your team needs to know
92 How Heptio plans to automate away Kubernetes setup pains
93 NeuVector's security policy as code for Kubernetes workloads built for DevOps and DevSecOps teams
94 Kubectl commands and best practices for new Kubernetes users
95 Ansible: Introduction to this open-source automation platform
96 Docker Releases Plugin for Simplified Deployments into AWS ECS and Fargate
97 How Internet Object aims to be the minimalist post-JSON data serialization format
98 Building and testing polyglot applications using AWS CodeBuild
99 Use Pulumi and Azure DevOps to deploy infrastructure as code
100 How to build a Docker Compose file