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1 David Clement and Yael Ossowski: Pa. can and should legalize cannabis, but do it right
2 We Need the Gig Economy Now More Than Ever – InsideSources
3 New Jersey Ranked One of the Worst State in the Union for Vaping Regulations
4 Americans Need to Divorce Health Insurance From Our Jobs
5 Beware Those Coming After Your Delivery Apps – InsideSources
6 COVID-19 Gives Us the Opportunity for Legal Reform – InsideSources
7 Opinion: Responsible businesses need COVID-19 liability shields
8 Netflix Series Reveal Injustice and Junk Science Are Plaguing Courts
9 The Social Media 'Deplatforming Purge' Will Only Make the Internet a Seedier Place
10 A vaping flavour ban sets back public health
11 Are Timeshares the Ultimate Vacation Racket? – InsideSources
12 Opinion: Beware Those Coming After Your Delivery Apps
13 Consumer advocacy group critical of California vaping regulations
14 The Green Rush Is Already Here, and We Need Smart Cannabis Policy to Direct It
15 Nicotine Is Not Your Enemy – InsideSources
16 Have We Reached Peak Lawsuit? – InsideSources
17 After another big lawsuit bites the dust, can we admit it’s time for legal reform?
18 End North Carolina’s archaic monopoly on liquor sales
19 Health after COVID-19: spend more but spend smarter
20 Is it time for the EU to take on more health responsibilities?
21 How Europe can avoid a mental health pandemic
22 Don't change the system that brought an NC brewery boom
23 Why Europe needs a Health Union
24 'Vital' schools reopen as soon as possible, EU disease prevention chief tells MEPs
25 'Just as bad as we feared, maybe worse,' say smoking opponents about Juul
26 Vestager hopes that European summer tourism season can be salvaged
27 AMR: new business model for antibiotics development urgently needed
28 Wearing masks could pose health hazard, says head of EU agency
29 Effectively addressing the urgent need for better mental health
30 How Walt Disney Cashes In on Corporate Welfare
31 EU to create strategic stockpile of medical equipment in fight against Coronavirus
32 Fighting against cancer: why Europe needs a new Deal
33 Harm reduction for tobacco addicts – plain packaging doesn’t work
34 Belgium escalates coronavirus response
35 Eyesore Marijuana Packaging Isn't Healthy For Canadians Or Competition
36 All.Can puts patients at the heart of cancer policy
37 Biden selects California Sen. Harris as running mate
38 URA, Citizens Bank donate $15000 to help black businesses damaged by protest violence
39 Couple drew guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's home
40 On steps of Lincoln Memorial, families, activists decry 'two systems of justice' for Black, white Americans
41 Former Southern Cal and NFL linebacker David Lewis dies at 65
42 Lawyer: Plea offer tried to link Breonna Taylor to drug ring
43 Sandy Hook families: Gun-maker trying to wipe out lawsuit
44 Fred Willard, scene-stealing, comedic improv-style actor, dies at 86
45 Tuberville beats Sessions, wins Alabama Senate GOP primary
46 Joe Biden, lawmakers warn of foreign interference in election
47 Biden campaign announces $280 million ad buy through fall
48 Trump administration moves to block Chinese airlines from U.S.
49 Wisconsin governor orders masks statewide amid virus surge
50 Civil rights icon John Lewis lauded as hero at Georgia Capitol
51 Medical Devices Made of Substances: an EU opportunity
52 Senate secretary declines to release possible Reade report
53 No room for complacency
54 Fired Atlanta officers file suit against mayor, police chief
55 Chaos, scrambling in the U.S. oil patch as prices plummet
56 Turbulence, warnings came before Pakistan plane crash that killed 97
57 Cigarettes and plain packaging – new dataset says it works
58 Voting delays, long lines bring chaos to Georgia primaries
59 Interior Dept. watchdog eyes violent clearing of protesters near White House
60 Woman, 5-year-old boy drown at Houston home of ex-MLB player Carl Crawford
61 Favre repaying $1.1 M for no-show speeches, auditor says
62 Europe's health systems in need of a disruptive rethink
63 #VaccinesWork
64 Time for an EU focus on mental health and suicide
65 Health care jobs are a mounting casualty of coronavirus crisis
66 'Iron Kingdom' Reminds Me Why I'm Proud Of My Prussian Roots
67 Italian hikers rescued in Alaska after visiting infamous 'Into the Wild' bus
68 Clash Of The Sinclairs: A Story Of American Socialism And Fascism
69 Former Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton indicted, accused of beating daughter, 14
70 Zoe Caldwell, a 4-time Tony Award winner, dies at 86
71 Violence escalates in Beirut as protesters clash with police
72 8 Highlights From CSP's CBD & Convenience Retail Forum
73 International Women's Day: Seizing the momentum behind gender equality
74 MEPs hail new work-life balance and gender equality rules
75 Steve Gleason receives the Congressional Gold Medal for his ALS work
76 EU cancer research: A firm foundation
77 European week of sport: Promoting physical activity is a win-win for Europe
78 Sydney is choked by hazardous haze from Australia's bush fires
79 Time to consign TB to the history books
80 The Failed Promise Of Transparency In The Age Of Trudeau
81 Penn State adds a recruit for 2020, loses one for 2021
82 Do credit unions still warrant a tax exemption?
83 World No Tobacco day: Renewed calls for plain packaging
84 We're Watching the FDA's Hearing on CBD So You Don't Have To
85 Is the anti-Trump suburban revolt escalating? Watch Virginia
86 EU Dog & Cat Alliance calls on the EU to tackle the illegal trade of cats and dogs in Europe
87 Alcohol must be 'top public health priority'
88 Health inequalities require EU-wide response