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1 Yair Netanyahu: Israel's 'crown prince' leads fight to protect father
2 Israeli Wexner fellows sue Yair Netanyahu over tweet that calls them 'cult of pedophiles'
3 In DC for peace deal, Netanyahu’s son tweets in support of Duma killer
4 Woman sues Yair Netanyahu for insinuating she had an affair with Benny Gantz
5 Yair Netanyahu sued for NIS 1 million by Wexner fellows
6 Yair Netanyahu criticised for sharing crowdfunder for convicted Jewish terrorist
7 Access to Asi River turned into left-right battleground in Israel
8 Bibi lawyers: Police probed Netanyahu before A-G approved
9 The anti-Netanyahu protesters can’t rely on the ultra-Orthodox
10 Former Israeli prime minister launches blistering attack on Netanyahu
11 Yair Netanyahu apologizes to Channel 12 anchorwoman for slanderous tweets
12 Durga meme row and other reasons why Israeli PM’s son Yair Netanyahu is always in the news
13 Netanyahu lands in D.C. for UAE, Bahrain deals as Israel braces for 3-week lockdown
14 Netanyahu's Son Fundraises for Convincted Murderer of Palestinian Dawabsheh Family
15 The Israel-U.A.E. Deal May Boost Both Economies, but It’s Also Another Netanyahu Ploy
16 Yair Netanyahu calls for return of a ‘free, democratic and Christian’ Europe
17 Yair Netanyahu: My father is amused by the ‘aliens’ protesting against him
18 Court slaps Yair Netanyahu with restraining order
19 Yair Netanyahu called to court over ‘threatening’ tweet against protest leaders
20 Yair Netanyahu: Clear Tel Aviv of minorities
21 Yair Netanyahu’s grip on Likud
22 Yair Netanyahu takes center stage — on social media and in corruption sagas
23 Yair Netanyahu must stop the insults
24 As Knesset dissolution approaches, Netanyahu's propaganda machine breaks own record
25 Yair Netanyahu fails to pay court-imposed penalty in libel case
26 GPO endorses controversial Yair Netanyahu tweet
27 Holding still-secret UAE, Bahrain deals, PM says they’ll be ‘huge turning point’
28 Yair Netanyahu in trouble after calling on people to stalk protesters
29 Why Israel’s Netanyahu Will Weather Protests and Another COVID-19 Lockdown
30 Who polices the police’s police: What the press is saying on September 8
31 Yair Netanyahu, Twitter buddy and hero of Germany's nationalist right
32 Yair Netanyahu tweets leftists will die of coronavirus following protest
33 Yair Netanyahu shares details on broken kitchen appliances in PM's house
34 Netanyahu asks Lapid to delay hearing because of corona situation
35 Streaming rights: How a beautiful kibbutz waterway became ground zero for Israel's culture wars
36 Yair Netanyahu is now a far-right German politician's poster boy
37 Netanyahu's son Yair ordered to pay damages to journalist in libel suit
38 Alabama mayor deleted a tweet thanking Yair Netanyahu for masks donation
39 Protesters sue Yair Netanyahu for half a million NIS after Nazi comparison
40 N12, Dana Weiss sue Yair Netanyahu for libel
41 Official tells Knesset: No case of COVID can be traced to demonstration
42 Israel: Netanyahu's son wants minorities out of Tel Aviv
43 Yair Netanyahu becomes poster boy for a German far-right politician
44 The Israeli Donald Trump Jr. comes to New York
45 Yair Netanyahu to pay NIS 250K to journalist following court ruling
46 Yair Netanyahu, EU engage in Twitter spat
47 Netanyahu is influenced by his son
48 Yair Netanyahu says Nazi director could learn a lot from Israeli media
49 Yair Netanyahu to Mandelblit: Investigate the death threats against me
50 The supporter closest to home: Yair Netanyahu’s most incendiary tweets
51 Yair Netanyahu’s driver to pay out for taping him disparaging women
52 State witness Hefetz sues Yair Netanyahu for NIS 500,000 for breach of privacy
53 Yair Netanyahu petitions for cancellation of $72,000 libel verdict
54 Prominent Likud activist arrested for threats against Netanyahu prosecutor
55 Who could replace Benjamin Netanyahu after the next election?
56 PM’s son in legal quarrel after tweet leads followers to harass young woman
57 Many candidates vie for position of Netanyahu's chief rival
58 Yair Netanyahu slams Gantz, wants ‘killers of babies’ in government
59 The political value of Donald Trump Jr., Yair Netanyahu and other reckless sons
60 A 'vicious, vile media lynch': Yair Netanyahu slams the mainstream Israeli press
61 Yair Netanyahu perfectly portrays the role of a high school bully
62 Yair Netanyahu, Son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Sees Backlash After Saying He Hopes Leftists Will Die of Coronavirus
63 Television news anchor calls Yair Netanyahu a ‘wise child’
64 Yair Netanyahu mocks Tel Aviv mayor over sign: Wacky, hypocrite
65 Yair Netanyahu hopes UK diplomats 'kicked out' for using term 'occupied'
66 Yair Netanyahu says receives daily death threats, will not enter politics
67 Meretz MK demands debate in accords with UAE
68 Netanyahu’s son says former MK Stav Shaffir should become a Muslim
69 Yair Netanyahu calls to boycott firms that advertise on Israel’s top TV channels
70 Prominent Journalist to Sue Netanyahu's Son for Posting Sexist and Offensive Tweets About Her
71 Benjamin Netanyahu’s not-so-secret weapon: his son Yair, the Israeli leader’s defender in chief
72 Likud's Gideon Sa'ar considers suing Yair Netanyahu over rape allegations
73 Yair Netanyahu, son of Israeli leader, calls Trump a ‘real rock star’ and compares him to King Cyrus
74 Protester who threatened Yair Netanyahu released from police custody
75 Why the Netanyahus are embracing 'Christian Europe'
76 Israel exported only oranges until Netanyahu came, son Yair boasts in attack on Israeli media
77 Election poll after UAE-Bahrain deal: Netanyahu loses seat as far-right alliance surges
78 No date set for cabinet vote on UAE peace
79 Netanyahu files police complaint over decapitation threat to him and family
80 'Rabble-Rouser' Yair Netanyahu's 'Racist' Obama Tweet Slammed by US Jewish Leader Abe Foxman
81 Yuval Noah Harari warns against 'coronavirus dictatorship' in Israel – Netanyahu's son calls him 'stupid'
82 Netanyahu's son banned temporarily from Facebook over 'hate speech'
83 Sa’ar asks to see Yair Netanyahu’s police testimony after reported ‘rape’ claim
84 Lapid: Despite UAE, Bahrain deals, Netanyahu won’t talk peace with Palestinians
85 Netanyahu said to promise prayers will be safeguarded under any holiday lockdown
86 Facebook temporarily bans Yair Netanyahu after posting he 'prefers' Israel without Muslims
87 Yair Netanyahu’s gaffes
88 Rabin’s grandson slams recent clash with PIJ; Yair Netanyahu slams Rabin
89 Benjamin Netanyahu's son Yair has a racist Twitter meltdown
90 Yair Netanyahu: a scandalous man
91 Safed man indicted for threatening to assassinate Netanyahu
92 Netanyahu focus of Israeli protests against 'the king'
93 Yair Netanyahu says his father is a ‘weak man who does foolish things’
94 Aliens Are Protesting in Israel. They Still Can’t Beat Bibi.
95 Yair Netanyahu’s very Trumpy tour of Washington
96 Israeli opposition leader says Netanyahu will not talk to Palestinians
97 In probe transcripts, PM’s son accuses Likud rival of rape, ex-aide of murder
98 PM’s son speaks at event hosted by Hungarian accused of Holocaust distortion
99 Netanyahu flees Israeli lockdown for White House signing ceremony
100 Likud rival Sa’ar meets Netanyahu a day after sparring with PM’s son online