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Result Content Idea Research
1 Gadget Roundup: Award-winning tech and products from the A' Design Awards 2020
2 This water bottle and pillbox hybrid was designed to restore young cancer patients' confidence!
3 Medical innovations that will revolutionize the future of your healthcare: part 3
4 This Porsche 411 concept reimagines the classic 911 with autonomous driving and futuristic design
5 Airbus unveils three hydrogen-powered zero-emission aircrafts to be operational by 2035!
6 Earphones that magnetically hang like a necklace for the ultimate tech-fashion statement
7 Braun's aesthetics come to life in this chair design!
8 This DIY tiny wooden cabin comes with a Scandinavian aesthetic and a flatpack design!
9 The Bugatti Next-57 Concept looks like a glorious Chariot from a steampunk future!
10 Furniture designed with hidden details that put your IKEA furniture to shame: part 5
11 This self-driving pod can be used to transport either humans or carry cargo
12 This foldable laptop can be carried around like a clutch for the ultimate tech-fashion statement
13 Attention sneakerheads – Adidas Originals and LEGO have linked up!
14 This wooden cabin uses plexiglass to give you uninterrupted views!
15 These electric buses can plug into each other to transfer battery-power
16 Pininfarina co-created high-end simulators to relive the rush of racing in the era of classic cars!
17 These cinema-seats were designed to isolate movie-goers in a post COVID world
18 The LG Wing presents a 'radically sensible' evolutionary step in the future of smartphones…
19 This family of lights works in tandem to set the mood for your home!
20 Apple's first floating retail store in the world is opening in Singapore!
21 The new Apple Watch Series 6 – There's nothing really new about it, and Apple knows that too…
22 This Pilates equipment is a sight for sore eyes and a fight against sore muscles!
23 The world's first 'foldable smartwatch' comes with a 4-inch wraparound OLED display
24 SpaceX rocket inspired pen stands on your desk like a mini replica of the Falcon 9 rocket!
25 This tiny smart thermometer delivers accurate contactless body temperature readings in under a second
26 This one universal cable was designed to Fast charge all your gadgets
27 The Razer Naga Pro mouse comes with swappable shortcut-modules that let you easily customize it!
28 Yanko Design is hiring Editors!
29 We dare Bugatti to resurrect its prewar design language
30 8 don'ts for your industrial design portfolio!
31 Iconic Logo's come to life in these architectural designs!
32 Living Room designs that inspire your home decoration trends!
33 This thermometer focuses on the emotional connect with the product through its interactive UI
34 This desk design's attention to detail makes it perfect for organization addicts!
35 Keyboard Designs that improve ergonomics in your workplace!
36 The best doghouse for your best-boy!
37 The MESH seating combines colorful furniture design with brutalism
38 This Spaghetti-inspired spoon brilliantly re-imagines the pasta shape with functionality!
39 Furniture designs from the A' Design Award that are so good, they're impossible to resist!
40 Your plants and you will totally love these planter designs!
41 These self-bonding charging cables were designed to NEVER get entangled…
42 Public seating with a functional twist!
43 Creative storage solutions designed to declutter your life: Part 2
44 This work from home office is the best investment for 2020!
45 Timeless or Trendy: How to choose the right design direction for your consumers
46 This 4-in-1 handbag makes morning routines faster!
47 Award-winning designs from the A' Design Awards 2020 that give us hope of a better world
48 This spaghetti container delivers the right pasta portion for a party of 1, 2, or 4!
49 Is this the new Google Pixel 5?
50 Architectural design renders that give us a glimpse into the future of humanity: Part 2
51 This Montblanc-inspired motorcycle is the most luxurious crossover ever!
52 This handheld UV-C sanitizer doubles as a wireless charger to keep your electronics charged and 99.9% germ-free
53 Apple-inspired designs to fulfill every tech lovers dream!
54 Drummer or guitarist? You can be both with Drumstring!
55 Google Pixel Smartwatch, it's finally your time to shine
56 This electric tiny camper is a houseboat and trike designed to travel on land and water!
57 Why Do So Many Self-Driving Vehicles Look 'Cute'?
58 Student-friendly furniture designs that make your room insta worthy!
59 Motorola Solutions need a Senior Industrial Designer!
60 Products designed to help procrastinators work better from home!
61 Essential Design needs an Industrial Designer!
62 Smartphone camera accessories designed to upgrade your photography to a professional level!
63 This stool was designed to break traditional uses of rattan in furniture design
64 World's first transparent FDA registered, N99+ smart mask with UV-C sterilizing that shows-off your smile
65 This packaging design knows the heart of every cheese (lover!)
66 Home workout designs to exercise without a fitness instructor and stay healthy!
67 This zen lounger is the furniture you need for WFH days and weekend Netflix binge!
68 Architectural designs that focus on humans and nature alike: Part 3
69 This e-bike changes the fundamental visual template of motorcycle design
70 This custom keyboard brings Photoshop's toolbar to life!
71 Gravity sketch launches collaborative tool to let remote teams design together in virtual reality
72 A portable wireless lamp that does the job of 5 in 1
73 What if the iPhone's camera module was a detachable, GoPro-style fully functional device?
74 Aviointeriors proposes plastic barrier to allow safe flying
75 These modular and touch-enabled magnetic lights lets you easily customize your modern home interior!
76 This flexible laptop could completely revolutionize the computer category
77 An inclusive speaker design that lets the blind see through music
78 This Bugatti-inspired espresso machine is here to supercharge your day with caffeine!
79 A Designer's Three Opportunities for Impact
80 This futuristic Alexa shaped planter that lets you grow plants without any soil!
81 This transformative furniture lets you lounge on your desk during WFH
82 This stool was designed for nomadic millennials who shift apartments
83 This Teenage Engineering-inspired smartphone fits an entire synthesizer into its body!
84 Sony's wearable, pocket-sized air conditioner is finally available for sale!
85 This inclusively designed electric mobility vehicle is Tony Stark's hoverboard
86 Camping product designs that convert your camping life to glamping!
87 Space Architecture designed to be a home to the future humans living on Mars!
88 This conceptual rollable tv solves the one issue with other rollable TVs
89 When the vintage Volvo 240 merged with a winter family cabin…
90 Portable sanitizer bottle comes with a UV chamber to store/disinfect your face mask
91 This beetle-inspired table spreads its wings to double its tabletop surface!
92 How a Japanese Designer is using traditional crafts to change our perception of disposable product designs
93 Students design a $300 ventilator for the pandemic's medical equipment shortage
94 Your Amazon Echo Dot gets more force with these baby Yoda ears!
95 This modular keyboard design slides to double productivity!
96 Microsoft Surface Book 4 concept bridges the gap between the laptop and the 2019 iPad Pro
97 A minimal black iron loft adds a modern element to this Japanese town
98 This conceptual Dyson racecar is a 3D mashup of its most famous products!
99 Apple's new iPhone 12 concept shatters barriers with an Apple watch-inspired secondary display!
100 Inspired by a Black Hole, this speaker's design makes you 'gravitate' towards it!