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Result Content Idea Research
1 Labeling the Houthi rebels as terrorists would prolong Yemen’s war, not end it
2 How Sewing Face Masks is Helping Displaced Women in Yemen
3 Ending the Yemen war is both a strategic and humanitarian imperative
4 Yemen: in a country stalked by disease, Covid barely registers
5 Even if famine isn't declared, Yemen has a massive hunger problem
6 Five Years In, Saudi Arabia Is Signaling It Wants Out of Yemen
7 'Act urgently' to stave off catastrophic famine in Yemen: Guterres
8 U.N. Gets OK to Aid Crippled Yemen Tanker After Months of Waiting
9 United Nations: Looming Famine in Yemen Comparable to 1980s Africa
10 Two Keralites among 20 seamen held captive by Houthi rebels in Yemen
11 North Yemen fighting forces thousands to flee since January
12 ‘Countdown to catastrophe’ in Yemen as UN again warns of famine
13 Secretary-General's statement on Yemen
14 Saudis seek buffer zone with Yemen in return for ceasefire
15 Yemen Situation Report, 11 Nov 2020
16 Trump Plans to Designate Houthis as Terrorist Group
17 'Welcome to Yemen': Former al-Qaeda haven builds beach resort in hope of attracting tourists despite civil war
18 Unidentified gunmen kill security officer in Yemen's Aden
19 Yemen: Stricken oil tanker must be inspected to avoid environmental catastrophe, UN expert urges
20 Houthis seize over 300 aid containers in Yemen
21 Yemen: Houthis to release 301 prisoners
22 Humanitarian community reunites to tackle the deterioration of Yemen crisis
23 Saudi Arabia intensifies moves to end war in Yemen | | AW
24 On Arms Sales to Dictators and the Yemen War, Progressives See a Way In With Biden
25 Al-Houthi: Missile That Targeted Saudi Aramco 100% Yemeni-Made
26 Saudi project empowers 500 orphans in Yemen
27 Yemen's Houthi rebels confirm approval for UN mission to evaluate, repair rusting oil tanker in Red Sea
28 US keeps 'all options' open for Yemen's Houthis
29 Yemen: Jailed Journalists Face Abuse, Death Penalty
30 Yemen-Houthi prisoner swap imminent: UN envoy
31 Yemen File: Iran May Be Increasingly Seeking To Promote Al Houthi Relations To Threaten Regional Rivals
32 Woman who came to Mumbai from Yemen for medical treatment stuck in the city after lockdown
33 Oil tanker damaged by mine near Yemen
34 Yemen Crisis Response Plan 2020
35 Yemen
36 The Next President Should Get Us Out of Yemen
37 ‘Relationship reassessed’: Joe Biden and Saudi Arabia relations
38 Yemen: Child Casualties Skyrocket in Hodeidah and Taiz as World Leaders set to Meet
39 Saudi-Led Coalition Destroys Five Mines Laid by Yemen's Houthis in Red Sea
40 Yemen's War Tests Oman's Neutrality: Focusing on the Saudi Footprint in al-Mahra
41 Yemen for exchange of business teams
42 To avoid another Yemen, the Red Sea needs fresh governance
43 Yemen's oldest cities at risk of complete collapse
44 '5 civilians killed in western Yemen'
45 Yemen Protection Brief, October 2020
46 14 Indian nationals detained in Yemen`s capital Sana`a for long finally set free
47 Yemen's Southern Transitional Council: Israel's next Arab ally?
48 Joe Biden Said He's Against the Yemen War. He Needs To End It on Day One.
49 Saudi aid agency continues health projects in Yemen
50 Team Lead
51 Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, 26 November 2020
52 Yemen: COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Monthly Report (October 2020)
53 WHO Yemen Situation Report, October 2020
54 Renewal of School, Renewal of Hope
55 Portrait highlights plight of Yemen children
56 Malnourished children starve as pandemic worsens Yemen's humanitarian crisis
57 Bengal sailor held in Yemen hotel since February
58 WFP Yemen Country Brief, October 2020
59 The Yemen Civil War Arms Bonanza
60 IOM Yemen Quarterly Update
61 Yemeni separatists accused of human rights violations
62 Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, 12 November 2020
63 Saudi Arabia renews consular works at Yemen's embassy
64 The 'unheard voices' of Liverpool's Yemeni community that risked being lost forever
65 Yemen’s Ansarullah: Iran Reserves Right to Retaliate Killing of Top Scientist
66 13 dead in south Yemen clashes: military sources
67 WFP Yemen Situation Report #10, October 2020
68 Emirates Red Crescent mobile clinic attacked in Taizz Governorate [EN/AR]
69 Yemen's villages increasingly urbanised as residents desert besieged cities
70 Yemen: Monthly Situation Report (October 2020)
71 Yemen aid worries, Ethiopia war appeal, and a viral victory in Congo: The Cheat Sheet
72 Yemen: Access Constraints as of 25 November 2020
73 Yemen rebels to allow UN repair mission on decaying oil tanker to proceed
74 Yemen and COVID-19: The pandemic exacts its devastating toll
75 IOM Yemen COVID-19 Response Update (1
76 Yemen: Enough of war
77 Yemen: More is needed to break the cycle of impunity
78 Yemen: Crisis reaches new low, top UN officials tell Security Council
79 Yemen was facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Then the coronavirus hit
80 Yemen
81 Yemen’s civilians: Besieged on all sides
82 U.S. Rationale for Military Aid to Saudis in Yemen War Is Fraying
83 Yemen’s disaster becomes “cataclysmic”
84 War and COVID-19 in Yemen
85 Following the separatist takeover of Yemen’s Aden, no end is in sight
86 Yemen’s war is escalating again
87 Yemen's Triple Emergency
88 Maths tutor takes on 'run to Yemen' challenge for Bolton charity
89 War Crime Risk Grows for U.S. Over Saudi Strikes in Yemen
90 Saudi Arabia wants out of Yemen
91 'The hardest part is when we lose a child'
92 Yemen: Fighting, funding, and food
93 Yemen Activists Want to Preserve Country's Beauty Beyond War
94 Coronavirus Slams Broken, Embattled Yemen
95 The international approach to the Yemen War: Time for a change?
96 Yemen: Free 'Disappeared' Civilians
97 African Migrants in Yemen Scapegoated for Coronavirus Outbreak
98 Waiting to declare famine 'will be too late for Yemenis on brink of starvation'
99 U.N. report calls for alleged war crimes in Yemen to be referred to International Criminal Court
100 Yemen Cease-Fire Is, at Best, First Step on Long Road to Peace