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Result Content Idea Research
1 What Moving House Can Do for Your Happiness
2 Sheltering in a collapsed place
3 The best jobs you can get with a social sciences degree
4 Searching: Students of color advocate for cultural spaces as they claim their place at UW
5 GeoInspirations: Alastair Bonnett
6 The Freedom To Stay And Flee
7 Richardson: A pandemic and the safety of a special place
9 [Seoul travels] Returning home to the streets of Seoul and empathizing with Odysseus
10 Why everyone thinks their city is best -- a look at place attachment
11 Naiyer Masud, a curator of the unsaid: Remembering t..award-winning writer, his dream-like and elusive style
12 Of topophilia, topophobia and topotechnophobia | E&T Magazine
13 A place by the sea: A show celebrates Matancherry, Kochi’s historical neighbourhood
14 UW Archives presents documents on 50th anniversary of 1969 Black Student Strike
15 The Terrestrial Hydrologic Cycle
16 Escape rooms are very big business
18 Domestication and domination go together
19 Dominic Inouye on Jane's Walk MKE: Third places, the power of ten, and 28 in 28
20 China's Cities Are Making Migrant Workers Profoundly Lonely
21 Early American culture prof explores why pets matter
22 Disney's new hope: why Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is the future of entertainment, capitalism, and possibly life itself
23 Expanding Learning Experiences with Virtual Guest Experts
24 Indonesian football: a matter of life and death – Indonesia at Melbourne
25 Nick Megoran – The Conversation
26 Roadmap for advanced aqueous batteries: From design of materials to applications
27 Officer charged with money laundering financed Lamborghini through police credit union
28 An Immersive Exhibition by Lynn Marie Kirby Comes to Manresa...
29 Why Katrina couldn't 'wipe the slate clean' in New Orleans
30 The Good and the Bad of Escaping to Virtual Reality
31 Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh digitally features 20 carefully selected films from the island
32 U.S. officials take over Chinese consulate in Houston
33 Pokémon Go: the app that leads you places other apps don't
34 COVID-19 pandemic (2019-20)
35 Surrealism in 15th century China
36 18 Days of Winter Term
37 Regeneration of pulpo-dentinal–like complex by a group of unique multipotent CD24a+ stem cells
38 Montgomery County and Frederick County homes sales
39 Evolution and epidemic spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Brazil
40 A review of COVID‐19 vaccines and major considerations for diabetic patients
41 Faultlines, black holes and glaciers: mapping uncharted territories
42 KMT disputes Chen Chu's Control Yuan nomination
43 High‐Throughput Metagenomics for Identification of Pathogens in the Clinical Settings
44 A major problem: Students of color feel unwelcome on campus and in the classroom
45 Managing Close Contacts of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in Metropolitan Areas in China: A Community-Driven Preparedness Strategy
46 Symbiocene emotions
47 Where can we say 'Yes' to oil and gas?
48 Ko Wen-je refuses to apologize for 'fat' comments
49 Taipei panned for failing to bank on birth of panda cub
50 India's position in South Asia
51 10 Asian American contributions that need more recognition
52 A New Photography Zine Explores Concepts of Home
53 RTE Brainstorm: Here are 9 reasons why geography matters
54 February 7, 2020 Arts Etc
55 China, Malaysia and the weird world of panda diplomacy
56 Fairfax County home sales
57 Let's get lost
58 Dallas Invents: 138 Patents Granted for Week of Feb. 18
59 Form N-PX RBC FUNDS TRUST For: Jun 30
60 The penniless exiles of Soho
61 National Merit Scholarships: List of Bay Area semifinalists for 2020 award
62 Book Excerpt: Understanding video games as culture
63 Panda Diplomacy: The World’s Cutest Ambassadors
64 Binding energy of solvated electrons and retrieval of true UV photoelectron spectra of liquids
65 Fortnite Battle Royale: The Kotaku Review
66 Clockophagy is a novel selective autophagy process favoring ferroptosis
67 Large polarons in lead halide perovskites
68 Faces to watch: Six of local TV's up-and-coming stars
69 Montgomery County and Frederick County home sales
70 Geographer. Humanitarian. Felon?
71 Lead halide perovskites: Crystal-liquid duality, phonon glass electron crystals, and large polaron formation
72 Discovering Taiwan / Studio TING
73 announces spring 2017 graduates
74 National Merit Scholarships 2018 semifinalists named
75 Hundreds of Bay Area students named National Merit Scholars semifinalists; see the list
76 Deubiquitinase MYSM1 Is Essential for Normal Bone Formation and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation
77 More than 1400 Students Earn Spots on Spring Dean's List
78 A C9ORF72/SMCR8-containing complex regulates ULK1 and plays a dual role in autophagy
79 Legislators urge probe of foundation
80 GRHL2-miR-200-ZEB1 maintains the epithelial status of ovarian cancer through transcriptional regulation and histone modification
81 Foods for a Chinese New Year feast
82 Sun Art Retail : Annual Report 2019
83 Evidence mounting against Han Kuo-yu: media reports
84 Legal Aid Foundation budget passed
85 Mesenchymal stem cells promote colorectal cancer progression through AMPK/mTOR-mediated NF-κB activation
86 Visiting Shanghai? Insiders share tips
87 This Unique Festival In Manipur Is Trying To Reclaim A Lost Ethnic Identity
88 See if your child is a semifinalist for the National Merit Scholarship Program
89 What is the true cost of a panda?
90 Legislature names those leading its eight committees
91 September 6, 2019–Arts Etc.
92 Area Honor Rolls | Community News |
93 Area Honor Roll students | Community News |
94 After KOing karate black belt in Vietnam, Canadian Wing Chun artist targets Chinese MMA fighter
95 WPI grads encouraged to be disruptors
97 The Multiple DSF-family QS Signals are Synthesized from Carbohydrate and Branched-chain Amino Acids via the FAS Elongation Cycle
98 Arkansas State Announces 2016 Spring Graduation List
99 Area Honor Roll | Community News |
100 Guilford County Schools, High School, A Honor Roll, fourth quarter