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1 The Undying Half-Life of Yiddish
2 The remarkable Yiddish language and me
3 When Yiddish was the major Jewish language
4 Yiddish Limerick: Thanksgiving | The Jewish News
5 Yiddish Vinkl for November 27
6 Hundreds without masks packed a Hasidic wedding in Brooklyn. The organizers face a $15,000 fine.
7 Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s zeyde was noted Yiddish writer
8 A deep-dive into the issue of gender in Yiddish literature
9 Language warning: This album is in Scottish and Yiddish – Slipped Disc
10 Yiddish Garners Support in Israeli Legislature
11 As popularity of Yiddish skyrockets, Knesset launches Yiddish initiative in Israel
12 Yiddisher Black cantors from 100 years ago rediscovered thanks to rare recording
13 Mandy Patinkin Sings 'God Bless America' in Yiddish for Election Day
14 Yiddish Vinkl for November 20
15 Yiddish culture barely touched upon in ‘The New Jewish Canon’
16 Kino Lorber's THE JEWISH SOUL: CLASSICS OF YIDDISH CINEMA Set for Release Next Week
17 YAAANA offers courses on Yiddish language, songs
18 Doug Emhoff is about to take his own place in history
19 A new box set of Yiddish films arrives
20 Why government aides did not stop huge, maskless Jewish wedding in Brooklyn
21 Yiddish poet Moyshe Kulbak's work explored
22 Driving Rural Georgia
23 The Tish and the Thanksgiving Table » Mosaic
24 Forgotten voices: Meet three University historians who are changing our understanding of past
25 Tony Blinken: guided by a story of Holocaust rescue, and an advocate for Israel’s Iron Dome
26 Too many decades too late
27 2020 Ann Arbor Jewish Book Festival Goes Virtual — Detroit Jewish News
28 Guest columnist Shirley Vernick: These are a few of my favorite things: The Amherst public libraries
29 Yiddish: Celebration of life, language of remembrance
30 Why did Stalin vote for a Jewish state?
31 VAYETZEI: Why Leah's ability to give thanks should be our model for today
32 Book Review: Casey and Mr. McGraw by Joseph Durso
33 Rabbi Herschel Feigelstock, 98, Devoted Montreal Educator For 75 Years
34 State orders KJ synagogue to cancel big wedding unless masks, distancing rules are met
35 The secret gathering of Chabad rabbis: An inside look
36 Rant & Rave: Reader happy to see smiles from group again
37 Alumna publishes examination of Yiddish language use on TV
38 Six Harvard Seniors Tapped — Virtually — for Rhodes Scholarship | News
39 Harvard student originally from Noorvik awarded Rhodes Scholarship
40 9 reasons to be grateful for Present Music's Thanksgiving concert online
41 Seth Rogen on Learning to Speak Yiddish for 'An American Pickle'
42 Yiddish is a connection to our past | The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle
43 Thousands to Complete All 39 Volumes of Rebbe's Edited Talks Over Eight Years
44 November 24 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases
45 Hackney Council wins award for its work with Charedi community during Covid crisis
46 High Country: In honor of the High Holidays, learn Yiddish words for modern times in 'Schmegoogle'
47 Yiddish is alive, well and virtual | Opinion
48 These 10 Yiddish words will get you through quarantine
49 Ian Finkel, ‘World’s Greatest Xylophonist,’ Dies at 72
50 $15K fine for NYC synagogue with 7,000 person capacity after massive secret wedding
51 Translating Harry Potter Into Yiddish Isn’t Totally Meshugge
52 Lomir Redn Yiddish!
53 CU Program in Jewish Studies Offers Webinar on Klezmer Music as Jewish Dialogue and Jewish Discourse
54 VIDEO: Learn some fun Yiddish phrases about Rosh Hashanah
55 Mama’s language: The survival and revival of Yiddish in the 21st Century
56 A Language With Chutzpah: Yiddish And American Culture : 1A
57 Forverts launches Yiddish Word of the Day video series
58 WATCH: A Belarusian protest song in Yiddish
59 The Inside Story of How 'Harry Potter' Was Translated Into Yiddish
60 Yiddish classic gets electronic redo in retro video
61 American English's Love Affair with the Yiddish Word "Meh"
62 Etsy Vendor Makes a Yiddish Face Mask Intended to Say 'NYC Strong' – But It Actually Says 'NYC Crotch'
63 Mississippi in Yiddish
64 NYC Synagogue Fined $15K for 7,000 Person Capacity After Massive Secret Wedding
65 The Old in the New: Introducing “How Yiddish Changed America and How America Changed Yiddish”
66 What’s happening in the arts world
67 For young translator of sold-out ‘Harry Potter,’ Yiddish is truly his mamaloshen
68 4 replies on “Is There a New Yiddish Contemporary Visual Art?”
69 Using this Yiddish word is an art that anyone can master – J.
70 “We Shall Overcome” sung in Yiddish – The Forward
71 Translating Black Lives Matter into Yiddish
72 SNEAK PEEK: Preview IDW’s Gross Exaggeration TPB
73 Present Music Moves Thanksgiving Online
74 Election night: Get up-to-the-minute Twitter updates in Yiddish
75 Hawaiian, Gaelic, Yiddish: so you want to learn an endangered language on Duolingo?
76 Once Upon a Time, There Was a Thriving Yiddish Children's Literature
77 NYC has at most 5 Yiddish-speaking contact tracers despite COVID spike among the Orthodox
78 This inspiring NHL draft pick isn’t Jewish, but he has a Yiddish name
79 Yiddish psychedelic rock band Forshpil brings electric guitar to the shtetl
80 The Feminine Ending: On Women's Writing in Yiddish, Now Available in English
81 Learning to Love Yiddish
82 Listen to the first chapter of Harry Potter in Yiddish
83 Our Mamaloshen: Yiddish | The Jewish News
84 Yiddish word of the day: terms of endearment
85 Symphony, San Diego Rep give socially distanced performances
86 The Yiddish song that kicked off the Swing Era is due for a comeback
87 'Umbrella Academy' Yiddish isn't anti-Semitic for one historical reason
88 ‘Unorthodox’ Star Shira Haas Brings Yiddish, Hassidic Judaism and Contemporary German Culture to Netflix
89 Yiddish Meets English in Funny Dictionary 'Schmegoogle'
90 A Yiddish horror is coming
91 Yiddish take on pandemic | IJN
92 Kamala Harris' Yiddish nickname shows how close she is with her Jewish family
93 Yiddish-Speaking Black Pastor Dies
94 7 things people say about Yiddish that drive me crazy
95 Yiddish Vinkl for July 10
96 Netflix's 'Unorthodox' Is Yiddish, feminist and just what we need now
97 Stephen Schaefer’s Hollywood & Mine
98 Neal Milner: Yiddish 'Fiddler' Is A Balm For Our Troubled Times
99 How this iconic Yiddish song became an anthem for Black Americans
100 Kosher Diva debuts new ‘Mizrahified’ version of hit mammeloshen song