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Result Content Idea Research
1 Continuing to fight for sovereignty
2 Israeli man indicted for shooting, injuring 2 Palestinians in West Bank brawl
3 Head of Shomron Regional Council tests positive for COVID-19
4 Right dismisses Netanyahu’s pledge to annex and not uproot settlements
5 Yossi Dagan to remain in quarantine after returning from France
6 Minister Akunis: I'll promote annexation and oppose a Palestinian state
7 Two injured in suspected terrorist attack reported in West Bank
8 Liberman: The Right must rid itself of Netanyahu if it wants annexation
9 Curfew or Lockdown? Coronavirus Cabinet Tries to Decide
10 Hotovely: Details of Trump sovereignty map have not been finalized
11 Settler chiefs say PM betrayed them, is ‘adopting rhetoric of extreme left’
12 Settler leader: Trump’s plan completes 2005 Samaria evacuations
13 Settler leader launches campaign to thwart ‘poisoned’ Trump peace plan
14 Health minister: Hard to see scenario that avoids nationwide lockdown
15 Clashes reported as 2,500 Israelis pray at Nablus holy site ahead of annexation
16 Settler leaders call on PM to ‘put US in its place,’ swiftly annex W. Bank land
17 Dagan: Likud support against phased annexation secured
18 2 settler leaders assail Netanyahu as annexation date arrives sans announcement
19 Israeli pitched covert pro-Trump plan while leading ‘nonpartisan’ iVote Israel
20 Settler leader Dagan fights to prevent evacuations, ensure sovereignty
21 Settler leader gets cold shoulder from EU foreign policy chief Borrell
22 Two top settler leaders accuse Trump of ‘scamming’ Israel with peace plan
23 Right slams halted annexation, settlers cry betrayal, as most pols laud UAE deal
24 Infiltration attempt near Itamar thwarted, Dagan calls to strike the PA
25 Israeli settler leaders to join Netanyahu in Washington for Trump talks
26 ‘No, thank you’: Yamina, settler leaders defy Trump plan’s Palestinian state
27 Netanyahu facing settlers' anger over UAE agreement
28 Agreement with UAE reveals Mossad chief's ambitions
29 Israel reports record virus death, infection tallies as lockdown options mulled
30 PM invites settler leaders to join him in DC for rollout of Trump peace plan
31 An occupation vacation
32 Bennett: Netanyahu missed a once-in-century opportunity to annex
33 Israeli settlers to file class action suit against UN
34 Building plan for West Bank enclave settlement delayed
35 Dissent on Palestinian State in Yehuda and Shomron
36 Palestinian arrested for Facebook threats to settler leader
37 Edelstein: I won’t let us create a Palestinian state on our territory
38 Dagan: A BDS organization is as fit to teach anti-racism as the KKK
39 Report: Palestinians damage Jewish heritage site in West Bank
40 Israeli settlers' 'foreign minister' trots the globe on diplomatic missions. Here's how much it's costing
41 ‘Don’t wait for Trump, rebuild 4 razed Samaria settlements’
42 Joseph's Tomb closed ahead of monthly visit due to coronavirus
43 Israeli teen badly wounded in rock-throwing attack
44 Right-wing MKs to congresspeople: 2-state solution ‘far more dangerous’ than BDS
45 Top Shomron Officials: We're With Gideon Saar
46 Trump's peace plan offers Israel an opportunity not to be missed
47 Settlers slam Netanyahu agreement to halt annexation in exchange for UAE relations
48 Netanyahu: US has kept me from annexing West Bank settlements
49 Netanyahu backtracks on vote to make West Bank annexation more difficult
50 Joseph's Tomb: 2,500 pray overnight for success of annexation plan
51 Netanyahu aide said to admit US in no mood for annexation, so PM won’t go ahead
52 'World gradually changing its perspective on Israel'
53 Dozens of UN envoys tour Samaria for first time
54 BDS activists hurl insults at delegation of settlers and Palestinians in Madrid
55 $227M Approved for Bypass Roads in Yehudah and Shomron
56 Settler leader condemns Netanyahu nixing annexation for UAE relations
57 Palestinian man dies of wounds month after West Bank clash with IDF
58 Netanyahu's great annexation escape?
59 Why Netanyahu is stalling on annexation
60 What happened that caused Netanyahu's annexation blunder?
61 Settler leader to US envoy: Visit West Bank before deciding its fate
62 Israeli school bus hit by piece of metal in West Bank
63 Blue and White Minister for Eventual Sovereignty in Yehudah and Shomron
64 Pro-Israel Event in Madrid Disrupted by Violent BDS Activists
65 100 people, including toddlers, in quarantine in small Samarian yishuv
66 US wants Gantz to agree to annexation this summer
67 Dagan to Netanyahu: Stop AIPAC's false claims Israel supports two-states
68 Israel organises tour for 23 UN envoys to West Bank settlements
69 Settler leader: McDonald's boycotts settlements, keep it out of airport
70 Palestinian teen shot dead in clashes with troops near Nablus
71 Israeli Settlers Interfere in Work of Border Demarcation Committee
72 Knesset bill filed to repeal 2005 Disengagement Law
73 Armed Palestinian Caught on Itamar Fence in Shomron
74 'Deal of the Century' may split Netanyahu from Israeli Right
75 At Trump’s Jewish ‘enclaves,’ fear of Palestinian encirclement, plans to expand
76 Former terrorist asks High Court to cut funds to Palestinian Authority
77 Netanyahu’s plan for West Bank annexation hit by delays
78 ‘Joshua’s altar site may be outside of Israel’s borders’
79 Gov't must learn: 'Shoot, don't talk' to accomplish annexation
80 Shomron Regional Council closes down all its preschools
81 Settlers target Likud in new campaign to force West Bank annexation vote
82 GWYNNE DYER: Netanyahu stalls | Regional-Perspectives | Opinion
83 BDS activists in Spain attack Israeli delegation of Arabs and Jews
84 Sovereignty Movement heads ask Yankelevich, Blue and White for support
85 Armed Carjacking Near Mevo Dotan
86 Number of businesses in Judea and Samaria doubles within decade
87 How settler leaders worked to reelect Netanyahu and what they want in return
88 Meet the Israelis Who Say the Annexation Debate is Really About Bible Prophecy
89 Jewish settlers in West Bank find legitimacy in Trump peace plan
90 Settlers: Sovereignty on the rocks unless right-wing coalition formed now
91 Following assault by settlers, Generals visit Yitzhar settlement
92 Likud Primaries Set for Dec. 26
93 Netanyahu to meet with settlement leaders who support Trump peace plan
94 Settler leader to AIPAC: Your support for two-states has ‘no basis in fact’
95 Settlers fighting to change Trump's map ahead of July annexation
96 3 settler leaders boycott PM meeting, saying ‘we’re being given the runaround’
97 Trump's plan pits settler ideologues against the pragmatists
98 'Trump's plan is the best deal the Right will ever get' US official says
99 Pro-BDS activists in Madrid assault joint delegation of Arabs, Jews from West Bank
100 Yossi Dagan wins election to head Samaria Regional Counci